Marcus: Chapter 34


Teagan didn’t come back to Myrtle Beach the day I left her in Charlotte. Or any other day for the following week.

I was mentally planning another trip to try and change her mind when I pull up at the clubhouse Thursday night, running late for our weekly meeting. My plans are put on hold when I spot a small, hunched figure next to one of the parked bikes.

Whoever decided to fuck with one of our bikes tonight is about to get a hurting thanks to the bottled-up emotions about to erupt from inside of me.

I climb off my bike and remove my helmet, surprised the asshole didn’t up and run when they heard me pull up.

My fists are already clenched when I start moving across the dark lot in their direction.

Then they stand up, and my feet stop moving.

“Teagan?” I say in shock as I take in her black hair and petite body that looks fucking edible in her black leather pants and…her leather cut with no tee underneath.

“Ah, hi,” she replies while wringing the water from the yellow towel in her hands.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

She runs the towel over the bike. “Washing everyone’s bikes fast before the meeting ends.”

“Why? You’re back to prospect?”

I see a flash of her teeth when she smiles. “Yes. Roman is my sponsor since he thought it would’ve been a conflict of interest for you. Washing all of the bikes is my punishment for disrespecting a member. Apparently, I shouldn’t have poured beer on him.”

“You’re cleaning all these bikes within an hour because of me?” I ask. “That’s fucking ridiculous.”

“No! I don’t want any special treatment,” she says. “If I’m going to do this, I want to be treated like any other prospect. I can handle it.”

“I know you can,” I agree. “So, you’re only back to prospect?”

“Guess we’ll have to see what happens, won’t we?” she replies with another smile as she glances at me quickly before she continues her scrubbing.

I let out the biggest sigh of relief of my life hearing that there’s still a chance for us. “Anything I can do to try and help convince you?” I ask her.

“No, but there’s something you can do to help punish me,” she replies with a grin.

God, yes. Just thinking about bending her over my lap or the back of my sofa again has my dick so fucking hard.

But first I need to know for sure. “Do you really like the spankings or were you pretending like the porno actresses?”

“Oh, I really like them. Don’t you remember how wet I would get? The harder the better. I think you could get me off with just your belt.”

“Jesus Christ,” I groan as I press the heel of my palm against the growing bulge in my pants. “Want to give it a try?”

“Maybe. We’ll see how your groveling goes,” Teagan replies.

“You want me, a Savage King, to grovel?”


“Here and now?”


I consider doing it for a second. But I’m not going to grovel in the parking lot of the Savage Kings clubhouse. There’s still some pride left in me. And it doesn’t sound like a dealbreaker. All we need is a little negotiating.

“How about later, out back, when you’re finished washing bikes and I can lick you while I’m on my knees begging for your forgiveness?”

Teagan laughs. “I think you have a deal, King Marcus.”

“Anything for my queen,” I tell her.

“Thank you for proving that I was wrong.”

“Wrong about what?” I ask.

“That I could love someone. That I…that someone could actually love me back.”

Going over to her, I give the top of her head a kiss and tell her, “You’re welcome, baby.”

Then, I hurry inside to get this meeting over with so the good times can roll.


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