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Marriage For One: Chapter 28


“You want me to fuck you?”

“I mean it’s not a necessity, but maybe to seal every—”

My gaze shifted back to her lips and I couldn’t help myself anymore.

We crashed into each other, and the moment our lips touched, she let out a long groan and slid her arms around my neck. I grabbed her hips and pulled her forward until my painfully hard erection was squeezed between our bodies.

In response, she arched her back and smiled against my lips.


Her eyes closed and, still smiling, she nodded. “This is a good marriage.”

“Anything you want, it’s yours,” I whispered then chased her mouth and tongue again. She tangled her fingers in my hair and let me taste her however I wanted. Letting go of her hips, I reached to the hem of her sweater and had to force myself to stop kissing her. Breathless, she let me, so, keeping my eyes on hers, I slowly peeled off her sweater and dropped it on the floor.

“It’s you I want,” she whispered. “Only you.”

Her gaze was intent on me as I looked down and let my eyes roam over her perfect breasts and flawless skin. She had a small birthmark right beneath her left shoulder toward her breast. I had missed it the first time I touched her like this. Not again. I’d learn every inch of her body until I could picture it perfectly when I closed my eyes. I touched her neck with my fingertips and let them slide down toward her heavy breasts. When I reached her lilac bra, I gripped the thin lace cups and pulled them down.

“Look at you,” I whispered.

Rose was breathing heavily, her nipples rising and falling, causing me to lose my mind. I glanced at her face and saw her eyes burning with anticipation. I let out a deep breath, feeling sheer relief now that she was truly mine. There were no lies, nothing standing between us.

I rested my forehead against hers so I could breathe for a moment. She cupped my cheek with her palm, letting me have that moment.

“I missed you,” I said hoarsely.

“I missed you,” she echoed.

I kissed her cheek then moved lower and brushed a hot kiss against the side of her throat. “You’re mine.”

She didn’t respond, but her body shivered at my words and her throat moved as she swallowed. I kept moving lower, tasting her skin with my lips until I reached her nipple. I closed my mouth over it and sucked, hard.

Her body stiffened and she gripped my shoulders at the same time she let out a groan. My hands gripping her waist, I moved to the other one, sucking and pulling.

Then her fingers touched my stubbled jaw and she eased my face away. “You love me. You really love me,” she gasped out, breathless. It was a quiet question.

“I love you, Rose,” I repeated in a firm voice, my fingers tweaking and pulling her nipples.

She bit her lip. “I love you too, Jack. I just wanted to hear it again.”

“Any time.” Still looking into her eyes, I reached behind her and undid her bra. Gently, I slid the straps off of her shoulders, holding her gaze the entire time. Then it was her turn and she was undoing my tie and letting it drop on the floor. Her fingers worked on the buttons of my shirt, every action painfully slow. It felt like it took her ages to finish when I just wanted to ravish her, but we’d have all the time in the world to do that.

“You’re mine, too,” she said. “You’re only mine.”

“We belong to each other, no one else, till we take our last breath.”


The declaration ringing in my ears, I had to force myself to stay still as she put her palms on my chest and brushed the shirt off, the feel of her fingertips burning my skin anywhere she touched.

My self-control vanished when she gently pulled me in for another kiss and let her hand roam down my chest, straight toward my cock. My hands started working on her jeans, unbuttoning, pushing, and pulling as my lips took over our kiss and deepened it.

Her hand reached the bulbous head of my cock in the confines of my pants and she stilled. I gripped her chin, kissed her harder. She palmed my length and let her hand slowly slide down then back up again. She was my undoing.

I only managed to withstand it for a few torturous drags then I pulled her off the counter in one move, swallowing her shriek and laughter with my mouth. I quickly got rid of her jeans and underwear then, grabbing her waist, I planted her naked ass back up there. Her eyes were still laughing when I glanced up from her body, which was all mine now.

“Kiss me, Jack. Kiss me.” Obeying her order, I roughly grabbed her cheeks with one hand, tilted her head, and pushed my tongue into her mouth. I could barely stand still as she insisted on taking off my pants with her hands, brushing mine off whenever I tried to help.

As soon as she pushed it down, my cock bobbed up and down, my balls heavy.

“I want you inside me,” she gasped, breaking our kiss. “Now, Jack. Now.”

“Nothing else in the world is more important than you.”

I was being rougher than I would want to be with her if I had my head on straight, but if the grip of her fingers on my skin was any indication, she was right there with me. I spread her thighs open, pulled her to the edge of the counter, and guided my cock into her center, pushing in with one hard stroke.

Gripping my shoulder with one hand, she hugged me to herself with the other, her forehead resting against my shoulder.

“You okay?” I asked, having trouble staying still when her muscles flexed around my cock.

She nodded against my shoulder. “You don’t have to be gentle with me. I won’t break, Jack.”

“Is that what you want?”


I held her ass in my hands and gently pulled out, letting her feel every thick, hard inch. I thrust back in, grunting against her skin as she tried to catch her breath. She was so wet for me, incredibly tight and wet and all mine. Grabbing her calves, I wrapped them around my hips. Her chest was plastered against mine, her nipples hard against my skin. I pulled her hips closer, forcing her to have every inch of me inside her. I wasn’t willing to have even a millimeter separating us.

Licking her neck and earning a soft moan, I started to fuck her, hard and deep—harder than our first time. She held on to my shoulders, her nails marking my skin, her skin burning against mine.

“Jack,” she cried out, and her voice, the thickness, the sex in her voice pushed me over an invisible edge.

My hands trembling with what I felt for her, I tugged her face away from my neck and caught her lips. I had my cock inside her, my tongue inside her, my hand working her nipples. She shuddered in my arms as my thrusts quickened, pushing her over the edge.


“Let it go, Rose,” I ordered when she gasped yet again. “I want you to come all over my cock.” Her muscles tightened around me, and I slowed my pounding as her inner muscles worked. “That’s it, baby,” I whispered, nudging her into another kiss as she moaned and stiffened. I wanted everything she was willing to give me—her orgasms, her moans, her skin, her mouth. Everything she was willing to give, I wanted for my own.

When she stopped coming, I gave her mouth a break so she could catch her breath and gulp in air as I stilled deep inside her.

I kneaded her breasts with my hands, forcing myself to be gentle, but she covered my hand with her own and squeezed harder, which did nothing to help my self-control.

She tilted my head up. “Don’t hold yourself back. Fuck me.”

I snapped. “Put your hands on the counter. Arch your back.”

She did as I said and I pulled her hips right to the edge. With her hands back, I had all the access to her tits I could want.

I eased my cock out then pushed back in, my eyes down as I stared at where we were connected. My cock was covered in her juices.

Bending my head, I covered her nipple with my mouth and really started fucking her. The deeper I went in, the louder her moans got and the more she screamed my name. I stole another orgasm from her right before I lost the battle and mine hit me.

Breathing hard and still gripping both her thighs from the bottom, I let my head rest on her shoulder, somehow finding the energy to keep fucking her slowly. I wasn’t in a hurry to slip out of her heat, especially since I was still hard even after coming inside her.

“No condom.” I forced the words when I could speak again.

Her body tightened. “What?” she managed to croak out.

“We forgot the condom. We’re not using them anymore.”

“Is that so?” she asked, her voice amused, then her hands started to roam my back, causing my dick to twitch inside her.

Splaying my hand on the small of her back, I gave her a hard thrust, getting as deep as I could. Her breath hitched, her fingers biting into my skin.

“Fuck,” I muttered, the sensation of her heat and wetness around my cock pushing me closer to madness. “It’s been a long time since I haven’t used… I’m clean, baby.”

“I’m on the pill, and I’m clean, too.”

“I don’t want to stop yet,” I forced out through gritted teeth right before grazing the skin where her shoulder met her neck. All her shudders were egging me on.

She tightened her muscles around me, provoking a groan on my part.

“Take me to the couch,” she whispered into my ear.

I pushed my hands under her ass and she tightened her legs around me. I took in a deep breath, letting her light and fresh flowery smell surround me. The fact that I managed to walk and carry her into the living room after coming as hard as I had was a miracle. I squeezed her ass cheeks in my hands because I couldn’t help myself.

“Have you gained weight? I like these in my hands.”

She laughed and hit my shoulder.

My strength gone, I dropped onto the couch, causing Rose to slip off my cock. Some of my cum dripped out of her in a rush, sliding down her thighs and over my balls.

She groaned, holding my face in her palms as I kept palming her ass. I wouldn’t go to sleep before I bent her over on the bed or anywhere she wanted.

“We’re gonna mess up your couch,” she said against my lips, her tongue sneaking into my mouth.

“I’ll buy a new one.”

I kissed her and pushed my tongue into her mouth as she tilted her head to allow me to go deeper.

I held my cock near the base and broke our kiss. “We’re gonna do it nice and slow.”

She gave me a small smile. “What if I don’t want to do it nice and slow?”

“You want me to fuck you? You’re not sore?”

“I want to be sore.”

She held on to my shoulders and slowly lowered herself onto my thick length. I couldn’t take my eyes away as her pussy sucked me in. She was so hot and soaked. She rose on my cock, dropping down with a heavy moan, taking more and more of me with each drop.

“How are you still so hard?” she asked in a hoarse voice, her tits bouncing up and down as she kept moving on me. “And why do I want you to keep going?”

“I have no idea,” I answered as I gripped her waist, lifting her as I thrust up.

“Mmmm, I love this.”

I looked into her eyes. “How much is too much for you? Every night? I have to be honest, baby, I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to keep my hands off of you.”

She lifted herself up by grasping the back of the couch, and I pulled her back down on me, giving her every single inch. She rolled her hips and groaned.

“Every day sounds perfect to me. I don’t want you to hold back any part of you, and from where I’m standing, we have months to make up for. I’m still angry at you, don’t forget that, but yes, we better do it every day.”

“Yes.” She looked so beautiful lazily rising and falling on my cock. Her eyes were dilated, her cheeks flushed, lips red and swollen, panting in need. I could already see a small mark on her neck where I had gone a bit too far.

“Now fuck me, Jack.”

“Come here, baby.”

She came eagerly, and I gripped her waist tighter as she gave me her mouth and let me kiss her as hard as I wanted. I thrust up and she moaned against my lips. I did it again, harder, and swallowed up a groan. She broke our kiss on a gasp with the third thrust.

“How does that feel?”

Her eyes closed. “Thick.”

“Good. You’re so good at taking me, Rose.”

The only response I got was her whimper as I fucked her from underneath just like she had asked.

“I’m falling apart, Jack.”

I knew she was close when she started moaning my name and lost her grip on the back of the couch. I increased my pace and she came all over me for the third time that night, nothing but my name falling from her beautiful lips. I buried myself deep inside her as she twitched and shook against me, coming long and hard.

We didn’t move for a long time as we caught our breath. My hands roamed on her back as she trembled ever so slightly. When I could move, I cradled her in my arms and, without a word, took her up to the bathroom and put her straight under the hot water. As it plastered her hair all over her face, I pushed it all back. I couldn’t take my eyes and hands off of her. She watched my every move as I washed her hair and then every inch of her body. She returned the favor in silence, her hands moving across my chest as she bit her lip. When I had her attention, I kissed her softly, licking her lips and then playing with her tongue. She rose up on her toes and wrapped her arms around me as I hugged her waist and crushed her to myself.

I took pleasure in drying her off with a big towel and helping her get dressed in one of my white button-up shirts. We walked down the stairs hand in hand then she sat on the island as I cooked dinner while she chattered endlessly. I cooked her pasta because it was Monday and we had traditions in our marriage.

Our marriage.

I still couldn’t believe she had forgiven me without making me work for it more.

I kissed her a thousand times as she talked on and on. She wasn’t wearing anything but my shirt, and I wasn’t wearing anything but my black slacks.

“I’m so in love with you, Rose Hawthorne,” I said against her lips as she laughed at something I’d just said. “You’re the best part of my life.”

Her laughter died as she tilted her head and looked into my eyes. She smiled a beautiful smile. “And you are mine, Jack Hawthorne. All mine.”


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