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Meet Me in the Penalty Box: EPILOGUE


One year later

As I walked out to the parking lot, I found Harper waiting for me by the VIP entrance. Since she didn’t work for the team as their photographer anymore, she was able to come along to my games with me and watch them from the stands. It was a pretty amazing feeling when I scanned the crowds for her.

There was just something about having her here to watch rather than working her own job that made it have a different feel. It was like a special moment I was able to share with her, even if she wasn’t able to be at the team level anymore like she used to be.

Harper’s smile was bright when she spotted me and I couldn’t fight the grin that took over my lips as I walked up to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist with my lips instantly finding hers. Harper kissed me back and I breathed her in, feeling her soft lips against mine.

“You looked amazing tonight,” she said softly as I pulled away from her.

I wrapped my arm around the tops of her shoulders and pulled her flush against my side. “Not as amazing as you look every night.”

“You know you don’t have to try and charm me anymore,” she laughed quietly as we headed out into the parking lot through the VIP entrance. The air was warm outside and I removed my arm from Harper so she could take off her coat. I instantly smiled as I saw her with my jersey on.

It was what she normally wore when she came to my games, but fuck me. Seeing her with my name and number on her back did something to me. Something deep down inside that made me want to lock her away and never let anyone have access to her but me.

“I’m not trying to charm you, love. Just stating the obvious.” I grinned and winked as we reached my car. She pressed her back against the side of the car as I went to open the door, but I instantly abandoned it. Instead, I closed the space between us, entering her personal space within a fraction of a second.

I slid my hand along the side of her neck, cupping the back of her head before crashing my lips against hers. They were perfect and so fucking soft. She tasted like candy, and I wanted to live in this moment forever. Our bodies were flush against one another’s and I pressed her against the side of the car as I kissed her breathless.

I wanted the oxygen in her lungs. I wanted the blood in her veins.

I. Wanted. All. Of. Her.

“Fuck,” I murmured against her lips as I slowed our kiss. “There’s something about seeing you wearing my jersey that drives me fucking crazy. I want to see you wearing nothing but my jersey.”

Harper smirked against my mouth before nipping at my bottom lip. “How about I do one better and fuck you with it on instead?”

My tongue slid along the seam of her lips as I urged them open. Harper obeyed and I breathed her in once again. Our tongues tangled together in a rush and I couldn’t get enough of her. I knew I needed to get her home, but I was ready to fuck her up against the side of my car instead. Fuck it all.

I pulled away, once again leaving both of us breathless. “I need you, Harper. I want you riding my cock with my number on your back.”

Harper laughed softly and shook her head. “Not happening here,” she said quietly. “We’re standing in the middle of the parking lot, Nico.”

I angled my chin down to look at her. “Well, I’m not waiting until we get home and I’m not fucking you in my car.” I paused for a heartbeat before slowly taking a step back. I held my hand out to her. “Come with me.”

“You better not be taking me to the locker room again,” she said, her laughter floating around us as I led her back toward the building.

“Nope,” I said with a grin as I looked down at her and led her inside. “You have to be quiet, though.”

She pulled her lip in between her teeth and nodded. Everyone had already cleared out and I wasn’t sure where the security guards were, but I didn’t even care. Harper followed behind me until we were walking back through the locker room. She didn’t question me as I led her down the tunnel toward the ice.

I stopped when we reached the door by the bench and glanced around, but there was no one to be seen anywhere. Quietly opening it, I pulled Harper through with me and our feet slid across the ice as we began to shuffle across it. She attempted to stifle a giggle as we almost lost our balance and went down.

We made our way across the ice and I opened the next door, pulling Harper inside with me. I turned around to face her and she stared up at me with a curious look.

“Why’d you bring me to the penalty box?”

A smile touched my lips. “Do you remember the first game you photographed? It was the first time we saw each other since that night at the club.”

“Of course, I remember it. You ended up getting into a fight and got a penalty for it.”

I nodded and smiled as I backed up until the backs of my knees were hitting the bench. Releasing Harper, I reached for the waistband of my pants and shifted them down along with my boxers as I took a seat and pulled my cock out.

“I figured it was only fitting if we ended up in the penalty box together,” I murmured as I reached for her.

Harper pushed her own pants down to her ankles and left my jersey on as she closed the distance between us. She lifted her legs and straddled me on the bench. My cock was positioned against her and she slowly slid down the length of it until I filled her to the brim.

A moan escaped her and my hands gripped her hips as she began to move up and down. Her bright blue eyes glimmered as she stared down at me with a mischief dancing across her face.

“I will gladly meet you in the penalty box any day.”


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