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Mr. Sin: Chapter 73


“Sweetheart, you have a visitor.”

Vincent’s soft words wake me from my nap. I prefer to think of it as a nap and not the drug induced coma that it probably is.

I blink my eyes open. “Who is it?”

My voice is scratchy, and without me needing to ask, Vincent brings the straw from the water cup up to my lips. I take a sip, savoring the cool liquid.

Vincent clears his throat. “It’s Cheryl.”

His eyes search mine, looking for a reaction. I take a fortifying inhale and nod. I knew I’d have to face my boss sooner or later. And honestly, hopped up on intravenous painkillers is probably the best way to deal with this conversation. Vincent’s been extremely selective on who he’s allowing into my room, so he must agree.

“Let her in.” Vincent says loud enough for Eric to hear, who’s been sitting guard outside my door.

Vincent grips my hand as Cheryl steps into my room.

“Oh, Sasha.” It’s been a few days since everything went down, but it still looks like she might cry.

I give her a small smile. “Hi, Cheryl.”

She looks back and forth between Vincent and I. Her eyes lingering on our joined hands.

Turning to Vincent, I speak quietly. “You can step out for a bit.”

His eyebrow raises into that cocky look of his. “I’ll stay.”

If I had the energy, I’d flick him on the nose.

“Please, don’t make him go on my behalf.” Cheryl shakes her head. “I won’t stay long. I know you need to rest.”

With my free hand I gesture to an open chair. “You can sit if you’d like.”

She waves the offer away and clears her throat. “I’ve been so worried. I just had to come and see you for myself. When it happened…” Losing her stiff composure, Cheryl steps forward and drops into the empty chair. “The ambulance showed up before we knew anything was even wrong. And then… I saw you… on the stretcher.” Cheryl’s voice cracks. “My heart nearly stopped.”

I extend my hand and she takes it. “I’m okay. I promise.”

“I can see that.” Her mouth turns up into a hint of a smile. “Mr. Mazzanti here has been taking good care of you. I don’t know if he told you, but I’ve stopped by every day.”

I look to Vincent, and he just shrugs. “You needed to rest, baby.”

I cringe a little at him calling me baby in front of Cheryl.

She catches my reaction and chuckles.

“Oh, that cat has been out of the bag since the gala.” Cheryl tells me. “Well, I had a sneaking suspicion before then, but I have to commend you two on your ability to keep things professional.” When I blush, she adds, “At least in front of others.”

“I’m sorry.” I say and Vincent lets out a small growl. I squeeze his fingers before continuing. “I’m sorry for the deception, and for potentially putting the company’s reputation at risk. But I can’t say that I’m sorry about falling in love with the client. Even if he is the real-life Mr. Sin.”

Cheryl’s beams at me as she brushes a tear off her cheek. “Oh, you two. I just love love.” She lets out a big sigh before rising. “Okay, I’ll get out of your hair. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know. And of course, take as much time off as you need.”

“Thank you.”

When Cheryl pulls the door open, the sound of giggles float into the room.

Cheryl rolls her eyes. “Jessica is here, too. But I think she’s gotten herself thoroughly distracted by your bodyguard.”


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