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Mr. Sin: Epilogue


“Mrs. Mazzanti!” A reporter calls out my name. “As the Director of Programs, how do you feel about Marie’s House nearing its one-year anniversary?”

The smile on my face is genuine as I reply. It’s easy to tell the truth when things are going so well. Marie’s House is functioning at full capacity and is fully funded for the next five years.

Turns out Vincent was serious when he said he didn’t want me to go work for some other rich asshole after my assignment at Mazzanti Enterprises. I should have put up a fight, maybe, but the opportunity to run Marie’s House was something I just couldn’t turn down. The chance to make a real difference in the lives of women and families looking for a fresh start, was a career change I didn’t know I needed.

Now I get to spend every day working with amazing people while feeling great about what I do. And I get to spend every night at home. With my family.

Family. The word still makes my heart melt.

Vincent and I flew to Vegas and got married exactly 6 months after our one-night stand. The ceremony was in a tiny no-name chapel and our only guests were Marie, Annie, Angelo and John.

I think John is still eating antacids every time he sees Vincent, but secretly they’re becoming friends.

“Alright, folks.” Vincent’s voice cuts through the noise of the press conference. “Forgive me while I steal away my beautiful wife.”

His warm palm presses into my lower back, guiding me away from the crowd.

“My hero.” I bat my lashes at him.

“You’re goddamn right, I am.” Vincent smirks down at me, those dark eyes locking on mine.

“What would I ever do without you?” I ask.

His hand slips around my waist and pulls me tight against his side. “Doesn’t matter, sweetheart. Because you’ll always have me.”


Following those two down the hall, I try to stop my eyes from rolling. They’re so stupidly in-love with each other it makes me want to gag.

Maybe it’s real. Anything is possible. But it’s not for me. Love, marriage, and a fucking baby carriage. Hard pass. Firm no.

Watching Vincent pull Sasha into his side, I’m tempted to call him out for turning into a giant pussy. But I know better. Having grown up together, I know from experience that even though I’m bigger, Vincent is ruthless.

My phone vibrates and I glance at the screen before answering. “Uncle Enzo. What’s up?”

His smoke-graveled voice rolls through the phone. “I have a job for you. There’s this girl-”


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