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Need Your Number: Epilogue


Four years later

“Hadley Grace Miller, get a move on; we need to get to daddy’s game!” I yell to my three-year-old daughter as I wrestle one-year-old Hudson into his car seat.  He keeps squirming around, trying to get out.  Finally Hadley comes out to the Jeep, and I load help buckle her in, and go lock up the house.

The drive to the stadium is quick, which is nice because Hadley insisted on the Frozen soundtrack again.  We walk into the stadium and go up to the family box where we see my parents, Zane’s parents, Celisa, Charlie, and Lucy.  The kids and I are in our matching Miller jerseys with 27 painted on our cheeks, ready to cheer the Thunder to becoming back-to-back Stanley Cup champions!

Zane is going into his second Stanley cup championship.  He has worked so hard the past four years.  Seeing him on the ice will never stop giving me tingles.  I see him skate over in front of the box.  We all hold up our Airheads, hoping he will see them.  He puts up a heart to us and my whole body fills with warmth.  All these years later, we have the same game day routine.  I guess it works because Tampa is hoping to bring home the cup again! The kids being able to see their dad hit this momentous time in his career again is amazing.  They love the championship boat parade on the river that we get to be a part of!

Zane and I have been trying our best to juggle our work/life balance. Both of our careers have taken off.  It’s been a crazy but wonderful ride.  He has never lets the sport overshadow his kids.  There are missed events for sure, but he does his best to be present.  Even when he isn’t, he always calls in.  My business has expanded.  We have over 100 employees, allowing me to be a hands-off owner and a hands-on mom.  We have a new office in Portland, Oregon for our west coast teams.  Charlie, Celisa, and I all work from home very minimally.  It has been amazing to grow this business with them.

Our extended families have grown the past few years as well.  It hasn’t been easy for anyone; their relationships have had their ups and downs, but we are all here now.  All of us stand here, cheering for Tampa, for Zane, for our friends, spouses, and family members out there giving their all on the ice.

The team fights hard during the game, determined to beat Seattle for the cup.  Zane, Stuntz, Luke, and newly traded Rodriguez all take their positions on the ice.  My favorite Tampa University Penguins have reunited to compete for the Cup.  Our entire box is cheering and yelling the whole game as we watch the Tampa Thunder become Stanley Cup Champions for a second year in a row.  To see these men, who are all my family in one way or another, win the biggest game of their careers to date is emotional.

Two back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships and two kids later, and I still need his number.


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