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NERO: Epilogue Two


“This is, hands down, my favorite vacation we’ve been on,” I tell Nero as we look across at the sunset.

With my head on his shoulder, I can feel him chuckle. “Really, Mrs. Nero? The Grand Canyon is better than our honeymoon in Belize?”

I still get flutters whenever someone calls me that, Mrs. Nero. Especially when it’s him.

“Ornate beach vacations are so last year,” I joke. “This”—I extend my arm out—“this is true magic.”

One of the sun’s rays catches on my wedding band, sending a riot of reflections off the thick circle of rubies. And I think of the engraving inside. There’s no place like home.

Sliding off the bench, I lower myself to my knees in the grass in front of Nero.

“What are you doing?” He asks the question but his lids are lowered because he knows exactly what I’m doing.

Instead of answering, I press my palm over his rapidly hardening cock, the thin material of his athletic shorts hiding nothing.

“Park is still open, Baby. We might get caught.”

I bat my lashes up at him, tugging down the band of his shorts until I’m able to grip his cock and pull it free. “We should probably be quick then, huh?”

Nero’s jaw is working. He wants this. I know he does. But he does not want any of his men to see me with a dick in my mouth, even if it’s his.

And I know he’s going to say just that ––bring up the security detail that’s waiting just on the other side of the scruffy pines––so I stop his complaint by wrapping my lips around him.

“Jesus Christ,” Nero hisses, his hand snapping out to grip the base of my ponytail.

I smile and his hips jerk.

“You think a blow job at one of the seven wonders of the world will make this my favorite vacation too?”

I nod my head, taking him deeper with the movement.

“Fuck.” His cock pulses in my mouth. “Fuck, you’re totally right.”

Without warning me, Nero applies pressure to the back of my head. But I knew it was coming because I know what he likes, so I’d already relaxed my throat and released the tension on my neck.

When he presses down, I go all the way, taking him deep into my throat until my nose bumps against his abs.

“Shit!” He drags my head back up, his cock slipping free from my lips. “You okay––”

The expression on my face shows him just how okay I am.

“Goddamnit, I love you.” Nero uses his hold on my hair to haul me up, slamming his mouth against mine for a clit-tingling kiss. His grip tightens and my entire body lights up as he guides me back down. “Time for you to swallow this dick, Baby. Let me have that throat, and then when we get back to the hotel, I’ll fuck you til you pass out.”

“Promise?” I grin, licking up his length.

“I’d never lie to you,” Nero groans as he shoves my head back down, and I swallow him greedily while the sky explodes with color around us.


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