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Puck Me Secretly: Epilogue


“WELL, Dave, at the start of the season, Mark Ashford took a risk buying out Max Logan’s contract, and that gamble paid off when Max Logan scored the winning overtime goal in game 7.”

“Jim, this is the Vancouver Wolves’ first Stanley Cup in over a decade, but I don’t think it will be their last. That team is red hot, and we have heard that Rory and Mark Ashford are in contract discussions with three extremely talented players. They are remaining tight-lipped about it, but Mark promised that he’s creating a team that every other NHL team in the league will fear.”

“There is no doubt that Max Logan was the winning factor for that team. We have an unconfirmed report that Max has signed an eight-year, eighty-five-million-dollar contract to play as a Wolf.”

“Jim, in an extremely ironic twist, it was reported that Joseph Flanynk, Max’s old teammate, was sentenced today in Minnesota courts, to one count of rape. He brokered a different deal and was sentenced to twelve years in jail. It is reported that he will be eligible for parole in eight years.”

“Baxter fared even worse when he admitted guilt to mischief, kidnapping, uttering death threats and domestic abuse. I know his defense team is hoping that his guilty plea will lighten his sentence, but rumor has it that he could face up to nine years in prison.”

“It’s been a crazy hockey year, one of the craziest years we’ve seen in a long time.”

“I’m going to miss hockey.”

“Don’t worry Dave. In 3 short months, we get to start it all over again.”

“Amen to that.”


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