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Puck One Night Stands: Epilogue


“CREW IS ON FIRE TONIGHT,” Luna says, briefly glancing up from her phone as the crowd roars as he scores again.

“He’s been playing so well,” I agree, happily watching my boyfriend move up and down the length of the ice, outskating his competition.

“He better be, given how much I pay him,” Nathan says on the other side of me.

I turn to my other boyfriend and smile. “You are such a fake grump. Even social media has caught on that you’re not as scary as you pretend to be.”

It’s true. Most of the Racketeer fans have been eating up Crew’s promised posts sharing bits and pieces of our lives together with the hashtag #cookieandco. We’ve gotten tons of support and now there are even signs at the games that read things like, “I want to be Dani,” and “why choose?” with photos of Crew, Nathan, and Michael.

I can’t believe I’m Dani most days and that I have these three amazing men in my life, loving me.

“I’m very scary,” Nathan protests, dressed casually in jeans and a Racketeers T-shirt. He would prefer to be in a suit, but Valerie and I are working on making him more approachable, more a part of the fan base. “Babies and dogs hate me.”

I don’t believe him. I kiss him softly. “Well, I don’t hate you. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he says, with a warm smile.

Michael shoots me a text from the bench.

I’ll come up for a minute when the period ends. Stay in the seats.

With a smile, I respond, then realize I have a text from my mother.

Jan from the Ladies Guild says her daughter says you have a boyfriend. Is he coming with you for Christmas?

Um…yeah, I need to figure out a way to tell my parents about my three boyfriends. So far I’m just glad they’re not hockey fans and aren’t on any social media. I show the text to Luna.

She grins at me. “Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad, here are my three boyfriends! You might want to mention that before you show up with a poinsettia and three men.”

“I’m not sure my parents are going to be thrilled about this. What about yours?” I bite my lip. I like Crew and Luna’s parents. I would be upset if they weren’t supportive of my very public relationship with the guys.

“Oh, they’re totally fine with it. In fact, prepare yourself for my mom to get wine drunk and make stocking stuffer and big package jokes to you all night.”

I laugh. “I can handle that.”

Nathan’s hand is on my knee but he doesn’t seem to be listening to Luna and I chat. He’s focused on the game. I know every W is one step closer to his ultimate dream and cementing his grandfather’s legacy.

Luna is back on her phone.

“What are you looking at anyway? You’re barely paying attention.”

“I’m trying to find three hot guys to have a hookup with. I want to be Dani too.”

That makes me blush and laugh. “If that’s what you want, I’m sure you can have it. Do you know how many guys in Chicago would jump at the chance to be with a girl like you?”

“I’ve been practicing abundance meditations every night and releasing my intentions to the universe so I’m reasonably confident. Plus, I’m cute and I make baked goods. Men should appreciate me.”

Alexei, the Racketeers defenseman, skates right up to the boards just then and taps the plexiglass, causing us both to jump, and Luna to finally look up from her phone.

He points his stick at her. “You’re my ride home tonight.”

Well, damn, that was fast. “The universe has delivered,” I say with a giggle.

“What?” she asks Alexei, sounding a little bewildered, but mostly intrigued. “I’m giving you a ride home? Um…sure, okay.” She shrugs. “Do you like chocolate chip pancakes?”

I snort. I guess she’s planning to stay overnight.

But he laughs and shakes his head, and points at her again.

A voice behind us says, “He means me.”

We turn and see a guy in his mid-twenties.

“I’m his best friend, and roommate, Cameron.” He lifts a brow. “But yes, we both like chocolate chip pancakes.”

“Oh, shit, sorry,” Luna gives him a weak smile. “Hi.” She turns back around. “Well, that’s embarrassing,” she mutters to me.

“Not as embarrassing as having your butt on the jumbotron,” I tell her. Then laugh. “And hey, there’s two right there. You only have to collect a third to be like me.”

She gives me a shut up look.

The buzzer ends the period.

Crew skates to the bench and then as the players all take the tunnel to the locker room, he leaves the line and leans in to give me a passionate kiss.

The crowd goes wild.

“You’re on the KissCam again,” Luna says. “Make it count.”

Michael appears behind Crew, who slides out of the way for the hot doc to give me his own searing kiss. I’m practically melting from the inside out I’m so happy.

Sure, there have been haters, but for the most part the fans have been amazing in their support, and it means everything to me—to us—that we can be ourselves in public.

“Your turn, Nate,” Crew tells him, clapping him on the shoulder.

“I really should outlaw the KissCam,” Nathan says dryly.

But then Sammy the Malamute appears behind the guys and holds his paw out for me. I think he means I should kiss him, which I’m not going to do, but it seems like positive PR to take the mascot’s outstretched hand and at least play to the crowd. I start to stand.

That’s all my grumpy billionaire needs to spur him into action.

“Absolutely not,” Nathan says, waving Sammy off. He turns to me. “You’re not going anywhere.” Then he kisses me, knowing full well we’re on the jumbotron.

I love it.

The crowd loves it.

Michael and Crew love it.

And I think Nathan secretly does too.

It’s confirmed when the next day the screen saver on his phone is this moment.

The four of us, all together, on the KissCam at the arena.

God, I love hockey.


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