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Ruthless Knight: Chapter 45


I’m obsessed with my wife.

I’m absolutely, utterly, fucking obsessed, and I don’t know how I could have ever looked at this woman and thought I could allow her to leave me.

I soul kiss her, and she kisses me back recklessly and as ruthlessly as I claim her lips.

We crash into the wall within moments, and I take a break from her lips to pin her arms above her head and stare at her perfect naked body in the moonlight.

We’re in Saint-Tropez again. We’ve been here for the last five days.

We flew out here the day after she came back to me. Since then, this has been us. Two people on an exotic island, lost in love and so wrapped up in each other, nothing outside exists or matters.

“I’m going to feast on you all night,” I promise like I’m taking an oath.

She giggles, and it’s a glorious sound. “Only if I can feast on you.”

“That’s a given. Me first, though.” I can’t help my selfishness when it comes to her or her delicious body. This woman was made for me.

I release her hands, wrap her leg around my waist, then plunge my cock deep, deep inside her pretty pussy.

She arches into my pumps, then allows me to own her with every thrust of my cock into her decadent body.

I own every part of her the way I always do in these moments where we join together, and we’re so close there is no distinction to where we begin or end.

There is only us.

Us, fucking like it’s the first time we’ve touched and the last time we ever will.

Us, fucking as if we’ve been given the last few minutes on earth to have each other.

Every moment I’m with her makes me realize I’d marry her all over again.

No contract, no empire at the end, no legacy to claim.

I’d marry her just because I love her.

I take her this way, against the wall of my island home until the sounds of her glorious orgasm echo from her lips and the walls of her pussy are squeezing my cock so hard I nearly blow my load. But I’m not done with her yet.

We head to the bed, and there we stay until morning, then we’re outside frolicking in the sea.

Soon, the days start blending and bleeding into each other and time passes along with it.

It’s funny how I was so consumed with my work at Grayson Inc. that I forgot how to live. Technically, I have no work to speak of, but I have so much that if I choose to never work again and live out the rest of my days on this island with my wife, we’d be okay for several lifetimes.

Here, there is no alarm clock waking me, no secretary telling me I have back-to-back meetings until God knows what hour, and I have no thoughts of actually getting to work. My only care is my wife wrapped in my arms or around my body.

I won’t lie and say that I don’t miss being part of my grandfather’s empire, but nothing beats this.

Nothing at all. I know I could have lost Aurora for good.

Another few days pass, and although I know we should head back to New York soon, I have no desire to do so. Neither does she.

Our family and friends have left us alone, and I purposely made sure I switched off everything to do with life in New York. We haven’t even seen my mom.

The weekend goes by, and we start Monday morning on the beach.

We’re just about to head into the sea when a car comes into view, rolling down the strip in the distance.

It’s not my mother’s car. It looks like a rental, but there’s only one man I know of who would set out to drive a classic Land Rover that looks like it could belong to Crocodile Dundee.

“Who is that?” Aurora asks, slipping into my arms.

“My grandfather.” I’m guessing, but I sound as certain as if I knew beforehand that he’d be coming to visit us.

We exchange a curious glance, and moments later, I’m proven right when the car pulls up outside the house and my grandfather jumps out, but I wonder what would bring him all this way to see me.

Unlike his usual office attire, he’s wearing a straw fedora with a loose short-sleeved shirt and shorts.

We look different, too. I’m wearing shorts, and Aurora is in her bikini. The two of us are so tanned from being out in the sun all day, we might look unrecognizable.

Grandfather smiles at us with adoration, his gaze taking in our lackadaisical appearance. “Mr. and Mrs. Grayson, I apologize for crashing in on your love nest.”

“You know you never have to apologize.” I smile back at him and hold out my hand to give his a firm handshake.

“Hi, Mr. Grayson.” Aurora leaves my side and gives my grandfather a quick hug.

“Please, dear, I think it’s time you called me Bradford.”

Aurora smiles. “Okay, Bradford. It’s really good to see you.”

“And you. I hope you don’t mind if I steal your husband away for a few minutes.”

“Not at all.” She glances back at me with a spark of excitement in her eyes. I know she’s thinking his presence must mean something to do with the company. I’m thinking the same, but I’ve taught myself to never assume.

“Goddess, why don’t you put on that coffee you like? We’ll join you in a little while,” I tell her.

“Sure.” She nods and saunters away, glancing back at me before she disappears into the house.

“Knight Grayson, you’re a hard man to find when you want to get lost.” Grandfather gives me a once-over and shifts his weight from one foot to the other.

I search his eyes and study his face, taking note of the lightness in his expression. “Didn’t think anyone would be looking for me so soon.”

“Only someone with an offer that might tempt you back to New York. Then again, you and your wife look real homey out here. And I see the appeal of being the only two people on this island of yours.”

“We’re happy.” Although my tone reflects my positivity, I’m sure he can see he’s got my interest hooked like a fish to an irresistible bait.

“It’s wonderful to see you two together again and happy, but I’m hoping you’ll hear me out.”

“Of course, I will. Let’s go sit over here.” I cock my head toward the chairs across from us.

We walk over and sit, then he looks at me with that pride I’ve only ever seen when he conquers some asset or lands a deal.

“So, what’s this offer of yours?” I ask.

“Since you left, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to do, until the answer came to me.” He chuckles.

“What answer would that be?”

“That technically, you did exactly your part. You got Sunset Cove for me. That was all I asked of you.”

I straighten and contemplate what he’s saying. “Are you suggesting what I think you are?”

“Yes. Of course, it would have been good to fulfill the rest of the plan and sell Sunset Cove to Vladimir, but sometimes deals fall through. At least that’s the analysis I’ve told myself to make my decision fair.” He grins with that pride again. “Realistically, the bottom line is Grayson Inc. is my company. Regardless of whom I might upset, I can select whoever I want to take over from me. That is fair to me, and I want you. I have always wanted you to have a part in my empire, and I want you to create your own on the foundation of what we’ve already built.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. “You’re seriously picking me?”

“I am. I would be a fool to let you go when you’re the right man for the job. I also know what it means to you and what you almost lost in your pursuit to impress me. So, with that said, I would love if you took over the Park Avenue branch with immediate effect. Of course, you have whatever time you need to think about it, but the position is yours.”

I smile back at him. There is no need to think about anything. “I want it. Thanks so much for picking me. This is a huge surprise. A good one, of course.”

He gives me a hearty laugh. “I’m glad.”

“What about my father and Bastian?” I need to know if this is going to cause any backlash.

“I’ve spoken to both. Surprisingly, your father was in agreement with my decision, and Bastian didn’t try to refute. I figured there must have been something going on in the background for them to be so agreeable.” He raises a quizzical brow.

That something must clearly be the pictures and sex tape Jericho got on Bastian. Looks like my father must have decided to back out to give added assurance that I won’t spill all Bastian’s dirty secrets. Good. That was a wise choice.

“Let’s just say they shouldn’t be causing any problems anytime soon.”

“That’s always good. Of course, the CFO position is still there. The position will be down to Jericho or Bastian, but I’m not averse to finding another suitable match. Jericho has agreed to get married, so we’ll see what happens. I’m sure you two will talk about that, though. He’ll be happy to hear you’ve accepted my offer.”

“I’m sure he will. Thanks again, Grandfather.” I extend my hand.

“It is well deserved, son.” He gives me a firm handshake and nods earnestly. “Absolutely well deserved.”

My God, I got the girl and the empire.

I got them both, but it’s strange I never thought I’d be sitting here today thinking the two aren’t comparable.

The empire is a thing. Just another thing.

But love is forever.

I look toward the window, where I can see Aurora in the kitchen.

Every time I look at her, I see more than I have ever imagined.

I see love, light, and happiness.

I see everything I’ve ever wanted.

Always and forever, my girl.


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