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Seduced by the Secretaries: Story

I woke up just before the alarm went off, feeling a roughly equal mix of excitement and anxiety in the pit of my stomach. I had twenty interviews to do today to hire my first secretary, who would also be my first employee.

Part of me felt reluctant to hire anybody, preferring to do everything myself, but I knew that in order to grow the business as fast as it wanted to grow and as fast as I wanted it to grow, I had to let go of controlling everything.

  It had gotten to the point where I was wasting far too much time on administrative tasks and I was in desperate need of a secretary to relieve me of getting bogged down in the minutiae of the business.

As I went through my morning routine, I thought about the recruitment process so far. I’d received over one hundred applications for the job, which blew me away. Although I was doing well financially, there was nothing particularly enticing about the money I was offering.

Ninety-six women and twelve guys had applied. I managed to chop that figure in half with a quick scan of all the resumés. Those were the ones I could tell didn’t really care about the job. They had a generic cover letter that they had probably fired off to another fifty companies. All gave the impression of any job will do .

  The level of experience of some of the applicants surprised me. Some of them were recent graduates barely a few years older than me, while others had more years experience than the nineteen I’d been alive. It took almost an entire day to whittle the number down to a short list of twenty strong candidates, at least on paper.

  I washed and dressed into my pinstripe suit and brogues, then grabbed a protein bar for breakfast. I decided to forgo having a coffee to avoid risking upsetting my stomach. After all, I had twenty interviews to conduct today, possibly half an hour each, so roughly ten hours almost non-stop.

I checked myself in the mirror, adjusted my tie and smiled, excited at the prospect of hiring my first employee. I jumped in a cab which whisked me away into the heart of New York City. I always got a kick out of walking up the stairs to the office, among all the other men and women dressed sharply for the day.

I entered the grand building where I knew I’d make my first million, strode across the marble floor foyer and entered the elevator with four other women around me, possibly coming for an interview at my office. Upon a quick glance, I noticed their make-up was perfectly done and all were dressed in elegant business attire.

As I stood in the elevator surrounded by women I couldn’t help but inhale the scent of each of their perfumes and all of a sudden I felt nervous. Unusual for me, being smartly dressed and coming into this building where I felt comfortable and knew I belonged. Yet here I was, standing in the elevator feeling like a boy.

If there was one thing that made me nervous it was being in the presence of a beautiful woman. Right now all of these women looked beautiful in their own way. The smell of their perfume had me feeling overwhelmed and I was reminded of my own inexperience with girls.

Unlike my bank balance, I had close to zero experience with women. I tugged at my collar, trying to be subtle, feeling my skin break out in a light sweat. I swallowed hard, trying to think of something else but all I could think of was reaching out and touching one of these ladies.

Even the older women looked sexy as hell. Then I made the mistake of looking down, thinking I’d just stare at my shoes but I ended up staring at an assortment of high heels, stockings, beautiful bare legs and ankles.

I felt my cock getting hard, straining against the confines of my tailored trousers. I grimaced, wishing to get out of here so my pulse could return to normal. Mercifully the elevator dinged and the door slid open. I was the first to step out and took a big gulp of air like I’d been holding my breath underwater.

My office was on the same floor as two much bigger companies and as I strode down the corridor I passed both of their reception desks, smiling at the secretaries sitting behind them. I loved the idea of having my own secretary. Maybe I’d find someone by the end of the day, with the added bonus of not having to spend any more days interviewing.

Near the end of the corridor, I reached the empty secretary station and slid my hand across the countertop, looking at the empty office chair before opening the door to my office. I felt a sense of pride as I looked around the large corner office. A huge oak panel desk stood to one side and on the other was a seating area with two sturdy burgundy couches and a coffee table between the two.

The outer walls were floor to ceiling tinted glass, out of which I had a gorgeous view of the nearby office blocks, the bustling streets below and a park less than a block away.

  I set my briefcase down and pulled out my laptop, digging out the resumé of the first candidate I would be interviewing today. Not a minute later there was a knock at the door and I almost jumped out of my seat before striding across the room, taking a deep breath and opening the door.

I stared open-mouthed for a second and smiled broadly at the short sexy brunette woman who stood there. She wore high heels, a tight pencil skirt which stopped just above the knee, and a white blouse, the buttons straining against the fabric to prevent her huge boobs from busting out.

She had long thick brown hair and matching deep brown eyes which you could easily lose yourself in. I wondered if she could read my expression or even my thoughts and when she smiled at me I felt the strongest urge to blurt out the words, “you’re hired!”

I felt the urge to kiss her lips but instead reached out my hand and shook hers which was soft and warm. “Hi, please come in.” 

“Thank you,” she purred.

I waved her in and walked back to my desk but at the last moment veered off to the sitting area. I wanted Mrs. Davis to be comfortable and set the tone as conversational rather than confrontational. After all, if I hired her we would be working together closely.

I started off with a few softball questions to get her talking, asking her why, with such an impressive resumé, she would be willing to take what I presumed would be a hefty pay cut from when she had worked as a personal assistant at two of the prestigious magic five financial services firms in New York.

She spoke openly and honestly about how she had spent the last twenty years working crazy hours, feeling unappreciated as a small cog in a huge machine. After so many years the overwork had caught up with her and her doctor had advised her that she needed to start taking it easy and taking care of her body and mind. If she didn’t, he’d warned, then sometime soon her body would knock her sideways. She took the not-so-subtle hint and had handed in her notice the following week.

The longer I stared deep into her eyes the more I was drawn in, hypnotized by this forty-three-year-old woman. With her extensive experience, I could hardly believe I was sitting across the table from her with the opportunity to hire her.

My breath caught when she breathed deeply, her full firm breasts pushing out, straining against the thin material of her blouse. I couldn’t help but notice that the longer we talked the further her skirt slid up her leg. From just above her knee when we first sat down, the skirt had risen a good four inches, showing a hint of the thick band at the top of her stockings. I leaned forward in my chair, ostensibly to show how engrossed I was in the conversation but really I just wanted to cover my hard-on. 

I felt like diving across the coffee table and ravishing her. I pictured myself ripping her blouse off, grabbing her breasts and mashing my face between them. She’d fumble with my belt and shove my trousers off and I’d lose my virginity to this woman. I’d never really imagined what it would be like to have sex with a much older woman until now. Maybe in the abstract, in a kind of, “yeah, that would be awesome but it would never happen,” kind of idle fantasy.

At some point I realized that Mrs. Davis, Rita , had stopped talking and when I refocused my eyes she regarded me with a knowing smile, her eyes twinkling. I smiled awkwardly back and tried to pick up the conversation as if I’d been paying attention to what she was saying. Certainly not daydreaming about having wild sex with this gorgeous milf in some far off exotic location, the only sound the lapping of the ocean waves as we fucked each other senseless.

When the interview was over we shook hands and I told her I’d be in touch. I held the office door open for her, watching her walk away down the corridor, her ass swaying sensually from side to side. Her high heels tapped against the floor, each sharp click sending a delicious thrill zinging up and down my spine, igniting all my senses. Then she rounded the corner and was gone. I sighed.

I knew I had to hire that woman, and quickly, before someone else snapped her up. She seemed keen. I even had the impression she quite liked me and didn’t seem to mind the idea of working for a much younger guy.

I sat down again in my office, fingers hovering over the keys, tempted to send out a bulk email canceling the rest of my interviews for the day. That wouldn’t be fair though and besides, I was curious how the other candidates would measure up to Rita.

By lunchtime I’d managed to interview another nine candidates, their ages ranging from eighteen, fresh out of school, right up to a sixty-year-old woman who had become bored of retirement and wanted to sink her teeth into something new and interesting.

I grabbed a sandwich from the deli down the road and wandered over to the park, walking barefoot across the grass, carrying my socks and shoes, meditating on the interviewing experience. The whole morning I couldn’t stop thinking about Rita’s hypnotic eyes, her skirt creeping up her legs to reveal her shapely thighs, her beautiful cupid’s bow lips, smokey eyes, and pale skin.

As I suspected, none of the other candidates I interviewed that morning came close to her natural charm or experience. A few of the girls seemed bright and friendly in their twenties but I wondered would they command as much respect as Rita over the phone or in person? They’d have to deal with much older businessman on a daily basis on my behalf.

I did a lap of the park, finishing off my sandwich and drinking a coffee. By the time I returned to my office building the next applicant was sitting in the chair opposite the empty reception area outside my office.

The afternoon rolled on with one bright young thing after another walking in and out of the office. I tried to get creative with my interview questions, taking some of the conversations far off the beaten track to keep things interesting, but after nine more interviews each one only served to solidify my opinion to hire Rita. The long day of interviews one after the other had left me feeling drained and by five I was stifling yawns.

When I opened my office door for the twentieth and last time I wasn’t expecting much so when I saw a blonde bombshell standing there I couldn’t have been more shocked. She looked at once intimidating and feminine. She had a beautiful face and I found myself staring down into her no-nonsense gaze. Like Rita, she had a sexy smart, knowing look in her eyes.

“You must be Mrs. Beaumont.”

“Please, call me Helen.”

I wondered if I could have a woman working for me who probably wouldn’t take a second look at me if we were walking down the street in opposite directions. Would she respect my authority, being less than half her age? Maybe she sensed my thought because her steely exterior melted into a warm, genuine smile.

Suddenly Rita had some competition.

I smiled back and invited her in. Like Rita, Helen had an impressive track record. In fact, there were so many similarities between them I almost asked if she knew Rita. I felt like they would probably be friends with each other if they’d ever met.

Helen was a consummate professional, which made me even more careful about glancing down. She spoke about demanding bosses and I told her I could be pretty demanding myself. The raised eyebrow and casual look she gave me left me in no doubt that she could handle my demands.

She wore a small blazer with her trouser suit, which I wasn’t a fan of. Although it definitely gave the impression of a woman who could take charge in her role. She seemed impressed when I laid out what her responsibilities would be if she were to get the job.

She crossed her long legs at the knee halfway through the interview, exposing more of her calf and bare ankle. She dangled her high heel almost absently. She shrugged her blazer off as she spoke and leaned back on the couch, clearly at ease and confident in herself.

Her bust looked huge. Almost as big as Rita’s – the expensive silk of her blouse caressing and being shaped by her impressive bosom. My cock started to get hard as my skin grew hot, and as my mind rushed headlong into fantasy. She spoke animatedly about what she could offer my new company.

I tried to picture her laying on the couch, slowly undressing, but for some reason my imagination didn’t want to go in that direction. Instead, in my head she was bent over my desk and I made her roll her trousers down, exposing her long legs and bare ass. I could imagine disciplining her for arguing with me and then shoving my cock inside her and spraying my cum, then removing my cock to let it drip out and down her leg.

I snapped out of my daydream when Helen uncrossed her legs, just as she was finishing talking about some of her business contacts she could put me in touch with.

I glanced outside and realized it had gotten dark while we’d been talking. I wrapped up the interview, locked up the office and walked with her until we were outside the office building. I found myself really enjoying her company.

Standing on the sidewalk with her was a strange feeling. Here was this accomplished older woman and there was me, a cheeky young upstart less than half her age. Out here the power dynamic shifted completely. I was just a young punk barely out of high school, trying to make a name for myself in the big city. 

I wondered if she saw something in my eyes when she shook my hand and put her other hand over the top of mine. She told me it was a pleasure to have met me and hoped to hear from me again should she make it through to the second round.

I quickly told her that actually, she’d made it through to the final round already. “I know it’s short notice but would you be able to come in tomorrow?”

After a moments pause she said, “sure, anytime.” She gave me her personal phone number just in case my email didn’t catch her straight away. 

“Great!” I said, my voice cracking slightly, unable to hold back the excitement I felt at seeing her again. “Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

She gave me a conspiratorial smile, turned on her heel and I watched her walk down the sidewalk. A beautiful, intelligent, mature woman. I just knew she would be able to help take the business to the next level. The thought of seeing her every day sent my pulse racing. 

But now I had a dilemma. I only had one job to offer. One vacancy, and yet two strong candidates, both with not only the requisite skills I needed but all these added extras I had no idea they could bring to the table until talking with them today.

I decided to walk all the way home, even though it was chilly out, instead of catching the tube, train or a cab. The fresh, cool air was invigorating. The wind rustled my hair like a playful friend and by the time I reached my apartment I had the seed of an idea of how to resolve this dilemma.

I sent Mrs. Beaumont and Mrs. Davis a quick text asking if they’d be free to come in tomorrow morning. Within five minutes they had both replied in the affirmative and I punched the air trying to imagine how this would play out. I had no idea of the shock I was in for. It took me two hours to fall asleep that night, thinking about working alongside these impressive ladies.


I got a great night’s sleep, so I was bursting with energy when I woke early the next morning. Little did I know I’d need all that energy and more for the day ahead. 

When I exited the elevator and turned to walk down the long corridor to my office at the end of the hallway, straight away I clocked two pairs of gorgeous long legs. I checked my watch and even though I was fifteen minutes early both ladies were sitting in the chairs against the wall, waiting for me to arrive.

My pulse started racing at the sight of them. Both unique and sexy older women. They both flashed me a big smile and I felt my energy spike ten times as much as any coffee could do. As they stood up to greet me I couldn’t help but wonder whether their outfits were intentionally sexier than yesterday.

I risked a quick blink-glance down and noticed that yes, Rita wore a pencil skirt slightly tighter and a little shorter than yesterday. The hem stopped a good four inches above her knee. She had an extra button undone on her blouse and her bra squeezed her huge breasts together, the top of her cleavage in plain view. Yesterday her long dark hair had been tied back in a ponytail but today she let it hang free, thick curls tumbling over her shoulders and down her back. Even her high heels seemed an inch taller.

I was delighted to see that Helen had ditched the trouser suit for a flirty yet professional dress. Instead of a blouse and blazer, she wore a figure-hugging cashmere sweater pulled down around the neck, leaving her shoulders exposed. The tight material stretched and squeezed her breasts, accentuating their size, the tightness of her waist and the flare of her womanly hips. Her blonde hair hung like a lions mane down her back.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that both ladies had figured out what was going on, so it was doubly impressive that they had been chatting away before I had arrived. In fact, seeing their faces, I had the distinct impression they were a few steps ahead of me.

“Here we are again!” I said. They beamed winning smiles back at me.

We entered my office and I motioned for them to make themselves comfortable. Rita sat on one couch and Helen sat on the other. I perched on the edge of my desk, arms crossed, as I laid out my dilemma.

I held out my hands to the sides. “I wish I could hire both of you full-time but I only have the budget for one person. Yet you’re both exceptionally strong candidates. I’m finding it difficult to choose between you. So …my idea is for the three of us to come up with a solution.”

At first they were both silent, not wanting to be the one to go first and put their cards on the table or make a move that might upset the other. We started to bat around a few ideas and that was when I got the distinct impression that these two sexy ladies already had a very specific idea of what they both wanted. I smiled inwardly as I began to understand that there was something conspiratorial going on between them.

I decided to call them out on it and Helen was the first one to stand up and cross the short distance to stand in front of me and slightly to one side. It was then that she put forward the idea that even if I hired one of them full time, that person would end up doing a lot of overtime to get my fledgling business off the ground.

Helen asked, “What do you think about bumping up the number of hours from forty to sixty and bringing on both of us? We would each work thirty hours a week for the first three months and then review the contracts going forward. How does that sound?”

“That sounds expensive.” I puffed out a long breath and ran my hand through my hair. “That’s fifty percent more than I’ve budgeted for.” As I contemplated what she’d said, I noticed Helen glance over her shoulder. Rita stood up and came over. Now both women stood just a few feet away from me, staring up at me expectantly. When I didn’t answer right away, they verbally pounced on me.

“So it’s more expensive,” Rita said, echoing me. “In the short term, anyway. But it’s also less risky, don’t you think, Helen?”

“Oh yes, Rita. With two of us focusing all our efforts on the same job, there’s less risk of mistakes, and more opportunities to grow. Two heads are better than one, after all.” 

“Mmm-hmm,” Rita said. “All of our combined experience, all focused on your company.”

Almost in step, Rita and Helen stepped toward me, leaving no doubt how committed they were to closing this little deal they’d thought up. I suddenly felt light-headed, the wonderful scent of both their perfumes infusing and electrifying my body and clouding my mind. Their gaze was seductive and insistent. Disarming and persuasive.

I swallowed hard, completely out of my depth. These two women were used to getting what they wanted. And it made me feel like I wanted the same thing. Even if it would cost more money than I could really afford.

No, it was crazy, wasn’t it? I should just stick to my guns, hire one of them and maybe the other somewhere down the road when I could easily afford it. But then…the one I didn’t hire would almost certainly find work elsewhere. Could I afford not to hire such great talent, clearly keen to take the job?

I glanced back and forth between them. Helen, with her piercing eyes and smooth, sun-kissed shoulders. Rita with her come-to-bed brown eyes, pale skin and huge…wait . Had another of her blouse buttons come undone? From my vantage point, her cleavage was cavernous. Her bosom swelled distractingly on every breath.

How could I possibly choose between these two smart, sassy beauties? 

Before they could say more I revealed what was on my mind. “You two could be trouble.” If I’d intended to slow things down, my words only seemed to have the opposite effect. Helen could see I was seriously considering this indecent proposal and she intended to push to the edge.

“Trouble?” she said, in a mock surprised tone. “Us?” she motioned to Rita and they both favored me with a doe-eyed look. “We’d be no trouble at all, would we, Rita?”

“Uhh-uhh. Nothing a man like you couldn’t handle anyway.”

I felt a swell of pride and stood up straighter at her compliment, even if it wasn’t completely sincere. Growing the company would be a rocky road. Having these two in my corner could be just what I needed when times got tough. Just the sight of these two gorgeous women would keep me motivated every day. I touched the back of my wrist to my forehead. Had it gotten hotter in here? 

“Here, let me get that for you, sir,” Helen said, placing her hands on my lapels and pushing my blazer off my shoulders. She disappeared behind me and pulled it off the rest of the way. Did she just call me sir? Damn, that was hot. It had a really nice ring to it too. The way she said it lit a spark of desire deep within me.

“You can call me Cole,” I said, pausing. “Or sir. Either is fine.”

“Yes, sir,” she repeated, from so close behind me it was like a whisper in my ear. I felt her hot breath on my neck and swallowed dryly.

Helen strolled over to the coat rack just as Rita stepped forward and went up on tiptoes in her heels. As she leaned into me I thought she was going to kiss me but then she took hold of my tie and loosened it for me. She unbuttoned the top button. “Is that better, sir?” she said, batting her eyelids at me. Her face was even more beautiful this close. It took everything I had to hold back.

“Much. Thank you.”

Helen came back with a cup of water and handed it to me. I took a sip, grateful for the distraction. The cool liquid felt wonderful as it splashed my tongue and slid down my throat. I used the moment to get ahold of myself. This was getting out of control in a way I’d never expected.

In a surprising moment of clarity I asked the ladies, “why my company? Why are you so keen to work here, with me, when you could work anywhere? Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of working with you, but it seems like a step down for both of you.”

It was a moment of honesty I probably should have kept to myself. After all, I didn’t want to dissuade them but I felt strongly they would be honest too. And I wanted to make sure we were all the same page before anything got signed.

This time Rita took the lead. “I talked to Helen before you arrived. We’ve both done our research. We saw the interviews you’ve given recently. Checked out the financials. Your startup has already had success.” She glanced briefly at Helen. “We both want to be part of something we care about. Something we believe in. Something that could go big .”

In a bold, outrageous move, she reached forward and squeezed the front of my trousers to emphasize her point. I felt her hand slide up and down the outline of my cock, grabbing what she could. I stared dumbfounded, first at her hand moving slowly up and down over my burgeoning hard-on, then up into those rich, chocolatey eyes.

My mouth fell open in surprise but before I could speak Helen stepped forward beside Rita and felt my cock too. “Oh my. I’d also love to see you go big, sir. So big .”

“We want to see your business explode,” Rita added.

“Mmm-hmm. Imagine what the three of us could achieve working together in every way. Right, Rita?”    

“Ohh yes, Helen. That’s a ride we want to be on all the way.”

My eyelids felt heavy with desire. My cock ached to be released. I’d held myself back with incredible restraint in the face of this…seduction. And they were just getting started.

Helen leaned forward, her face inches from mine and said, “You have so much potential, sir.”  

“You’re damn right I do.” I grabbed Helen round the waist and pulled her towards me, then kissed her lips hard. I gave her sexy ass a squeeze and she gasped in surprise, smiling and sucking on my tongue. She darted in and out of my mouth playfully. I closed my eyes, lost in the kiss. Tiny explosions of pleasure fired in my mind as I tasted Helen’s mouth. I could feel her warmth. Her feminine presence was like a magnet, pulling me in harder the closer we got.

From below I heard the clink of my belt being undone. I opened my eyes and glanced down, as did Helen, just in time to watch Rita unzip my trousers. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and my cock sprang free. Rita jolted back, almost comically, to avoid my cock hitting her. She clapped her hands to her face, gasping at its size, her cheeks flushing. “Fuck! That’s a big dick!” Then she took the base of my shaft in her hand and started pumping.

“Damn, that feels good,” I said, my breath becoming ragged. No girl had ever touched my cock, let alone a hot older woman. Her soft hand felt incredible as she stroked lazily up and down, twisting and squeezing. I could hardly believe my eyes as she sunk her head down and wrapped her plump lips around my shaft. She flicked her tongue over the head and I felt I might come right there. She smiled up at me with my cock in her mouth and then Helen turned my head back to her and we resumed kissing.

The magical moment span out and the rest of the world fell away. I completely lost track of time. All that remained was the warm wet feel of Rita’s beautiful mouth sucking on my pulsing shaft, twirling her tongue around me. She cupped and gently squeezed my sack as if playing with stress balls. I could almost feel the cum inside heating up, preparing to be unleashed.

Not long now.

Helen’s hot breath blew on my cheek as she came up for air. I pulled her against me as she tugged at her skirt and it fell to the floor. She took my hand and placed it on her smooth leg, sliding it up and under her long cashmere sweater.

I hesitated briefly, my inexperience trying to sow doubt in me. Just then Rita starting jerking my cock faster and faster. I squeezed Helen’s ass hard, bracing myself.

“Oh fuck! I gasped. “I’m gonna come!”

Helen slipped out of my grasp and got down on her knees next to Rita, both staring at my cock then up at me in amazement.

“Come on our faces,” she said, her face hot with desire. She started stroking my thigh, dragging her perfectly manicured nails up and down my skin as Rita’s fisted hand pistoned up and down my cock. I curled my toes and clenched my ass, almost trying to hold back the torrent of my surging orgasm.

Could I really blow my load on their beautiful faces? Mess up their perfectly applied makeup? What was the alternative? Blood roared in my ears, my skin tingled with anticipation. My leg and stomach muscles flexed and tightened and the rush of sexual energy between my legs sent me hurtling to the edge. I knew there was no turning back.

I watched Helen and Rita’s upturned faces as they opened their mouths. Their eyes focused on me, their intense attention turning me on in a way I’d never experience before. Like all they wanted right now was for me to cum hard on them.

I put my hands on my hips, twisting my feet on the carpet as if to plant them more firmly. Rita pumped my cock even faster and I leaned back, my head upturned as the crashing wave of an orgasm roared through me, flooding to a single point. Cum burst forth, splashing onto Rita’s face, thick ropes landing on her forehead, cheeks and nose, and running down her chin. 

I glanced down just as she twisted her hand, aiming my pulsating, engorged cock at Helen who leaned in as another burst of thick white cum shot out and made a mess of her face too. They licked their lips greedily, wiping my cum and sucking it off their fingers.

I rocked back and forth, my nerves frayed, wide-eyed in amazement. They both had a look of triumph on their faces and smiled up at me like I’d done a great thing.

For a long moment we stared at each other, panting, and they both stroked my legs and cock, milking the last few drops from me. Helen sucked my cock-head clean, replacing it with her glistening saliva. She kissed the tip.

I staggered backward, in shock at what had just happened. And then a single thought hit me. I have to hire them, like, right now!

I turned and shuffled to my desk, my trousers around my ankles. I rummaged through my papers, almost frantic, trying to find the contracts I had prepared in advance. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found them, and I collapsed down into my leather chair. I cleared my desk to place the contracts in front of me.

Helen and Rita got up, patting themselves down and came to stand either side of my chair. I picked up a pen but when I went to start writing my hand was shaking. The ladies put a hand on my shoulder, leaning in. Helen reached out and squeezed my hand, steadying it.

“Take it easy,” she cooed. “You’re doing great. You just had a really big orgasm. It’s natural to be a little shaky.”

Rita bent forward on my other side, her blouse now completely undone, the gap providing a great view of her huge tits. “So much come. You even got some on my boobs.” She giggled. “I made sure I wiped it all up and swallowed it. Tasty.”

“You ladies are unbelievable.” I grinned. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if I’d tried. I looked down again and frowned, trying to focus, if just for a minute. I needed to get these contracts right. And fast. Right then I would have agreed to any extra demands either of them wanted to add. I scribbled some edits and additions as quickly as possible, then handed a copy of the contracts to each of them.

They seemed pleased and I could barely contain my excitement as first Helen, then Rita, signed the employment agreement. I took the opportunity to push my trousers and socks off.

“We can make copies on the way out,” I said, standing up. I shook hands with both of them, my cock wagging obscenely between my legs. “Welcome to the team! It’s great to have you onboard.”

‘We noticed,” Helen said with a grin, tapping my cock with her finger.

“Thank you for hiring me,” Rita said, kissing me on the cheek. “It means a lot. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this.”

Helen added her thanks and kissed me on the mouth, tugging on my lip.

I blushed, searching for something to say. “This is the most unusual interview process I’ve ever been through.” I glanced back and forth between them. “But I think we all got more than we bargained for.” There was silence for a second, and then we all burst out laughing.

Helen ran her hands through my hair and batted her eyelashes at me. “Now we’ve had a taste of success, we want more.”

I flashed back to the amazing blowjob Rita had given me minutes ago. Both her and Helen on their knees before me, taking the biggest cumshot I’d ever experienced. I had no idea it was possible to come so hard and so much.

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” I assured her.

Rita said, “when would you like us to start?”

Wow, in all the craziness I hadn’t even thought about it. “How about now?!”

Almost in unison, they clapped their hands together excitedly and did a little dance. It was the cutest, sexiest thing. I found myself dancing along with them.

“I’m going to order some champagne,” I said, coming to a stop by my desk. I picked up my phone and was about to dial when Helen said, “no need!”

She jogged over to her handbag and fished out two mini bottles of champagne and a couple of glasses. Once poured, we stood together, Helen and Rita holding up their filled glasses and me with one of the bottles.

“Ha! Not short on confidence, are you? Well, here’s to us,” I said, holding up my bottle. “This is going to be a wonderful adventure.” We clinked glasses and drank. I strolled over to the huge windows at the corner of the office, feeling like a lion. I stared out upon the city, at a sea of professionals walking around down below. At the huge office buildings and their incredible architecture. All the money in this city, all the opportunity to make my fortune. With these two amazing women, there seemed no limit to how far we could go.

I suddenly remembered I had no trousers or underwear on. I was standing in only my shirt and loosened tie. And I didn’t care one bit. An hour ago I would have been horrified and self-conscious. But Rita and Helen’s affections had made me feel invincible.

“We can’t wait to get started, sir,” Rita purred. “What would you have us do first?”

Without looking I simply said, “make yourselves comfortable. I don’t feel like working today. This day is for celebration.” I meant it too. I stood, hands on hips, surveying the city like it could all be mine. Like all my dreams of riches could come true. I just had to reach out and squeeze .

Helen came to stand next to me, brushing my arm with hers. “I feel like dancing for you, sir,” she said, stepping up onto the bench seat that stretched the length of the back wall. She stood in front of me, blocking most of my view, except the street below through her spread legs.

Framed by the straight, hard lines around the huge window pane, her figure looked insanely curvy. Her long legs looked sexy in her high heels. She held the trim of her cashmere sweater and lifted it on either side as she gyrated her hips enticingly, giving me tantalizing glimpses of her big ass. 

Less than a foot away, it took all my willpower not to reach out and touch her. Despite what had already happened, we had to draw the line somewhere, surely?

“Will touch me, sir?”

I cleared my throat, stunned by her question. “Touch you?”

“Yes, I’d like you to touch me.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Helen. After all, I’m your boss now.” As much as it pained me to say, someone had to put the breaks on. After all, I had to consider how things could go off the rails weeks, months or years from now. If I wasn’t careful I could find myself in a lawsuit.

“I’m just so horny right now,” she added, pressing her hands to the window and pushing her ass back as she bent at the waist. “So excited to have landed this job and have you as my boss.” As she rolled her hips from side to side her sweater slid up and over her booty.

Hot freaking damn!

“That’s a fine ass you have.” I drank in her curves as she wiggled her ass. Two pale plump cheeks separated by a flimsy, frilly white thong. Her pussy was inches from my face. I swore I could smell the fresh scent of her arousal.

“It is, isn’t it? You should have a feel, sir. As you said, today is for celebration.”

And with those persuasive words, not that I needed much persuasion, my resistance crumbled. We could start the real work tomorrow. Why not enjoy ourselves like we’d already begun to? And I felt curious as hell. How freaky were these two ready to get? When would I ever get another opportunity like this, if not today?

“Fuck it,” I said decisively, clapping my hands onto Helen’s ass. She yelped playfully and continued to gyrate that wonderful ass in front of me as I squeezed and caressed her cheeks. They felt firm and juicy in my hands and I explored the curve of her wide hips then slid my hands slowly down the back of her legs. My cock reacted instantly, twitching and rising, hardening and lengthening, as I felt the silky smooth softness of her long legs.

I slid my hands over her high heels, my cock now fully erect. I touched her feet before gripping her ankles and holding her in place. Leaning in, I began kissing the soft skin of her calves. I worked my way up each leg, leaving a trail of kisses in my wake. Helen purred and giggled every inch of the way. A delicious shiver coursed through me upon realizing my power to please her.  My hands followed my mouth back up her curvy legs until they were again covering her exquisite ass.

Taste me, sir,” Helen said. “I want to feel your lips on mine.” She reached back and gripped her ass, parting her cheeks for me. Hand shaking, I pinched the string of her thong and slid it to the side. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of her pussy, fully revealed.

“It’s beautiful,” I said, wide-eyed with awe. Her pussy was perfectly shaved, completely smooth. Pink and glistening, inches from my face. Without thinking I buried my head between her ass cheeks, slathering those plump lips with my tongue, exploring wildly, greedily. Helen panted and moaned as I tongued her as deeply as I possible, fucking her with my mouth. 

“Oh my,” she purred. What are you doing to me?”

I gripped and stroked her thigh with one hand and reached up between her legs with the other. We both tensed when I touched her pussy, running my fingers up and down her slick lips, dipping them inside her until they were slick with her desire.

I fumbled around until Helen gasped, and then I knew I had found her most sensitive place.

“Oh gosh, sir. Are you going to make me come? I think you could make me come really hard.”

My chest swelled at her belief in me. And she seemed to tense as if not knowing what to expect. Maybe my inexperienced fumblings could be an advantage. Keep her guessing. Keep surprising her. My cock ached to be touched, but I didn’t dare stop pleasuring Helen, even for a second. “I’m not going to stop until I make you come.”

“Thank you, sir. You’re an amazing boss.”

Helen pulled her sweater up over her head and reached her arms out to brace herself between the hard beams either side of the window. She bent even further down, giving me all the access I needed. I went to work again with my fingers and mouth, listening to Helen’s moans for guidance, changing pressure, speed, direction. Whatever she needed to get her where she wanted to go. Where she needed to go.

I became lost in the moment, learning how she liked to be played with. As I worked her over, frigging her clit fast and slow, hard and soft, round and round, squeezing and teasing, all that mattered was making her come.

At some point Helen’s legs started trembling, and I could tell she was close. Her moans were morphing into pleading cries. “Don’t stop,” she uttered on a snatched breath, panting as I lathed her pussy, darting my tongue in and out. So I sped up. Intensified. Played with her clit and pussy until my whole hand became wet. Helen cried out and rocked forward, leaning her head against the window briefly then straightening up to arch her back.

“Oh fuck! Feels so good. Ohh, ohh, there! Don’t stop, don’t stop.” Her words became one long “Ohh,” until her whole body shook and she came explosively on my hand. I lapped at her juices, bathing my face in her delicious spray. She squeezed her thighs and held my hand on her pussy, both rubbing her through her orgasm. Then she turned to face me, intense desire infusing her pale cheeks with a deep pink glow that captivated me.

I pulled her off the window seat into my arms and cradled her as she wrapped her legs around me. Her breasts pressed onto my pecs and she smiled, dipping her head in for a kiss. “Oh my, I came all over your face, sir.” She began licking her juices off my face. This woman was sexy as hell.

“I don’t mind,” I replied. “I want the beautiful smell of your pussy to fill this room.”

“Mmm,” she purred. “You tired me out there.”

“Here,” I said, turning to walk to my office chair. I set her down carefully on the plush leather seat and she let her legs part to the sides so I could still see her pussy. She looked so fucking sexy draped across my chair, naked except for her high heels and a winning smile.

I caught movement from the corner of my eye and as I stood up I was shocked again. This time by the sight of Rita, lying naked on her back across the huge oak panel desk. I’d been so focused on Helen, so overwhelmed, I’d almost forgotten I had a second bombshell of a woman in my office. And she too was naked.

“Did you forget about me, sir?”

“I…” words failed me but my guilty expression was enough.

“It’s okay. I’ve enjoyed seeing you finger-fucking and sucking Helen and making her come. That was quite a show.”

It was then that I noticed the slow movement of her right hand. I raised my eyebrows and grinned. She’d been fucking herself with one of the mini champagne bottles. Using it as a dildo. “I see you’ve kept yourself busy.”

“I could really use something bigger right now, sir. And I think you have exactly the tool I need.” She glanced at my cock and favored me with a come-hither smile, her eyelids heavy, her voice seductive.

Fuck yes, I had what she needed.

I began stroking my cock as I walked around the table, scanning Rita’s gorgeous curvy figure from head to toe. Her tits looked even bigger out of her bra. I eagerly rounded the table. The view between Rita’s legs was incredible. Her pussy glistened from her handiwork, which I fully intended to pick up where she had left off.

Then I noticed a small pool of liquid on my desk and became almost angry. I looked up to see the trail that had been made when Rita had tipped the bottle between her tits. It had left a trickling path down the center of her stomach, through her trim bush, over her glistening pussy lips and finally onto my antique desk.

“You’ve made a mess here,” I said to Rita, a menacing looking on my face. “I think you better come here right now and clean it off.

Rita sat up with some alarm and saw for herself. “Oh my goodness! I’m such a klutz!” She rolled off the table onto her feet and was about to search for something to wipe the liquid with when I said, “use your tongue.”

“You mean…”

“Yes, bend over the desk in front of me and lick it all up.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”      

She came round and bent at her waist, leaning forward until her tits were firmly pressed on the desk. I gasped as her wide hips flared out, her ass looked gloriously huge.

“What do you think, Helen? Should I forgive Rita for damaging office furniture on her first day?” I put my hands on Rita’s ass and gave her cheeks a rough squeeze.

Helen had crossed her legs and now tapped her knee, putting a finger to her lips, playing along. “Hmm,” she said. “I think it was an honest mistake, sir. I’m sure she won’t do it again.” She paused for effect and I noticed Rita looking at her pleadingly. “But…not without punishment.” She grinned wickedly and I felt a delicious sense of anticipation.

“You’re right. These things can’t go unpunished. We can’t have her getting away with this on her first day. What do you say, Rita? Are you prepared to accept your punishment.”

After a long pause, she replied, “yes sir. I should be punished. I accept whatever punishment you deem fit for me.”

“Good. I believe you can do so much better. And I want you to know it isn’t with pleasure that I’m giving you this punishment. But it’s necessary.” With that, I drew my hand back and delivered a swift, hard smack to her ass cheek.


“Ouch!” Rita yelped and jerked but didn’t try to twist away. 

I stepped back and delivered two more spanks to her ass. “Such a shame to turn your beautiful pale ass bright red. But you’re a naughty girl. And you need to learn some respect.”



Rita yelped on every smack but I also noticed her wiggling her ass and her pussy lips getting wetter. Surely she wasn’t enjoying this?


“Oooooh!” she cried, but this time in pleasure, not pain.

“You like that? You like your bottom being punished?

“Yes, sir,” she said, panting. “I like it when you punish me.” 

By this time my cock was hard as a steel rod and I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Now it’s time for something to ease the pain. What do you think, Helen?”

“Ooh yes!” Helen said, clapping her hands. She squeezed her tits together and tugged on her nipples, watching Rita and I intently. It was clear she was getting as turned on by all this as we were. Rita went back to licking and sucking the remaining champagne off the desk.

I stepped forward between Rita’s legs, getting into position. As confident as I had been acting, I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. I’d never had sex before. My hand had been my only method of release all these years growing up. And yet here I was, inches from the gateway to untold pleasures. I stared at Rita’s wet pussy, the thick folds just waiting to be parted.

I glanced over at Helen when I noticed her turn the chair fully to face me, uncrossing her legs and letting them fall open. I watched in amazement as she let her knees fall outwards. Her gaze fixed on mine. A filthy smile on her lips. She continued to tug on one boob, reaching down with her other hand and playing with her clit. “Fuck her with that big dick, sir. Show her who’s boss.”

I felt a sudden surge of adrenalin and angled my cock-head down. I dragged it up and down Rita’s thick pussy lips and the feel of her soft skin turned everything on like floodlights on a concert stage. I figured I’d start off slow but instead thrust in hard and fast into Rita’s wet depths. Her pussy engulfed me, squeezing and pulling my cock in deeper and deeper. The feeling was like no other. Strobes of light burst in my mind, my skin tingled and I began slamming in and out of Rita’s pussy like a man possessed. She moaned loudly, shoved against the desk. I leaned forward and pressed down on her back, running my hand up and down her spine, her skin slick with sweat.

“You like that, Rita? You like your boss fucking you on your first day?”

“Oh fuck yes, sir. Fuck me harder. I want to feel every inch of you.”

I pounded her from behind, over and over, and it wasn’t long before I shot the first of many loads inside her magical depths. I pushed in deep, burying my thick length to the hilt. Hearing Rita panting fired up and I kept on going, even after blasting multiple shots of cum inside her.

Helen got up from her chair and came over to get a closer look. She put her hand on my ass, massaging and squeezing, urging me on.

“Look at that huge cock,” she said, a big smile on her face. “I bet that feels amazing, doesn’t it Rita? You lucky bitch.”

Rita gripped the edges of the desk, her stomach flat on top of it. No way she could possibly lick any more champagne up. My thrusts were too powerful. She turned her head to the side and pushed her long hair off her face. Her pale complexion glowed with vitality and lust. Her moans became shorter, more stuttering, higher pitched, and she cried out into the room as her orgasm crashed through her. Just the sound of her voice set me off again and I drove in balls deep just in time for another huge release. I rocked back and forward, laying on Rita’s back to catch my breath. Our skin stuck together.

Helen stroked all up and down my back and arms. “Let me clean you off, sir,” Helen said, with an urgency that refocused my overloaded mind. I came to my senses and pushed up, my cock sliding out of Rita’s pussy, followed by a gooey stream of hers and my cum.

Helen was on my cock in a flash, down on her knees, licking quickly up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the sensitive head. I drew in a sharp breath, trying to steady myself.

I summoned enough energy to stumble over to the office chair and dropped down into it, completely spent. Helen and Rita made there way over and sat on the arms. I pulled them onto me and we rested like that for who knows how long. Our skin rubbed tantalizingly against each other, the promise of further pleasures to come.

Rita was the first to speak. “I have a feeling we’re going to make a good team.”

We all laughed, releasing a tension that relaxed all of us even more than the sex had done in the afterglow of our orgasms. In that huge plush chair we bonded together, partners in ways none of us could have imagined before this day had come.


With Rita and Helen able to fulfill all my needs as their boss, it was less than a year before we banked the company’s first million. Of course, they both got a big bonus for their professional services, as well as the offer of full-time contracts with full-time hours, which they happily accepted.

To my constant surprise, both Helen and Rita still loved to fuck even after a year together. In fact, our chemistry and sexual liaisons only intensified.

The smell of sex filled the air in the office. Rita and Helen’s cries and moans of pleasure became the office soundtrack as I learned all the ways they liked to be satisfied.

My friends never believed me when I told them everything. I didn’t blame them. I could hardly believe it myself.   


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