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Signed, Sealed, Baby: Chapter 1


Stepping out of the car, I pushed my button through my suit jacket as Guy shut the door behind me.

“Pick me up at ten.” I turned to face him, giving him a soft smile as my eyes scanned over him. Guy had worked for me since I was twenty-one. His once black, shiny hair was now dusted with grey around the sides. The crow’s feet at the side of his brown eyes were more defined now, more noticeable. But he was growing old gracefully. He was always impeccably dressed; he wore suits six out of seven days. On a Sunday it was his casuals, he didn’t do suits on a Sunday. That was his one stipulation when signing his contract.

“Not a problem sir, I’ll be here for ten.” He nodded and stepped away from the car.

“Perfect, wish me luck.” I said through a clenched jaw

“Good luck,” Guy grinned, “not that you need it,” he gave me a wink before heading back towards the driver’s side. He felt more like a father to me than my own father.

I inhaled deeply, taking a moment. I knew what was coming tonight, no doubt some bullshit spiel about where I was going with the company and that I needed to be more serious about my future. I didn’t need to be more serious; my head was screwed on, I knew where I wanted to go but I didn’t want to settle. I had my routine; my girls, and I was okay with that. Sure, I was a playboy, but I was happy with my life. Sex, work, money. That’s all I wanted out of life.

Fisting my hands in my pockets, I began walking slowly towards the large manor house in front of me. My oxfords crunched over the stoned driveway. The exterior of the house was rendered white, the sash windows sitting in black, wooden frames. The house was old, but it was looked after. I wish the memories of me growing up here were happy, but they were anything but. Sighing, I pushed the bad memories from my head. They stayed locked away. I never wanted to let them out, I never wanted to show any weakness. Especially not in front of my father, he was the last person I wanted to see me crumble. I would never break in front of him. He didn’t deserve it. I swallowed hard.

The company was thriving, I had four hotels that I had built from the ground up. New York, Paris, London and Dubai.

Sauvage Group wouldn’t be where it was today if it wasn’t for me.

My great grandad opened the first Sauvage Hotel back in the early nineteen-hundreds, my grandfather taking over when his dad got too old, my father took over from him and now, I am hoping it is time for me to finally take over from my dad. My grandfather never took a full back seat, he took a small step back and watched from the shadows.

Our first signature hotel here in London was still as amazing as ever, it was the busiest and most definitely the favourite.

But since I have taken over, I have expanded and grown the Sauvage name and dotted them in the most beautiful cities in the world and I wasn’t going to stop here.

It was agreed that when I turned thirty-five, majority shares would be signed over to me. Being the only son, we followed tradition. My family were old school like that. My sister was head of interior design and was happy in doing that. Her theme was Gatsby, let’s just say she was a little obsessed with the story growing up.

My dad’s sixtieth was approaching and I’m sure he will want to hand over the reins to me, and I am so eager to take on this new adventure.

Climbing the steps to the double, oak doors my parents’ butler swung the door open.

“Evening master Sauvage.” His tone was curt.

“Evening Jeff,” I smiled as I walked past him and into the large sitting area where my parents and sister Tabitha were sitting with crystal glasses of champagne.

“Ah, Preston. Nice of you to finally arrive,” my father’s tone was laced with sarcasm. I scoffed, taking a glass of champagne from their maid, Anna, and joining them on the sofas.

“Busy day at the office, father.” I smiled, clenching my jaw so tightly it begun to ache. “You know how it is,”

“Yes, so I hear,” he pulled his eyes from me before they landed on my sister, who in his eyes, never done wrong. She is the apple of his eye.

She knew he treated me differently, he always had. Even as a child, I was smacked and sent to my room for the littlest thing, but Tabitha was never scolded or punished. She was sneaky and always done things behind his back.

I truly believed he didn’t like me, he didn’t love me.

He just had to get on with me because I was his son.

Swallowing the bitter taste that was coating my tongue in champagne, I looked at my mother who gave me a sympathetic smile. Now my mother, I adored, and she adored me even more.

I zoned out while my father continued blowing smoke up my sister’s arse and I done what I done best, drunk alcohol and slowly let myself numb.

“Please excuse me,” I grunted as I stood from the sofa and headed to the bathroom. I needed five minutes away from my father, his voice grates on me. His condescending yet disappointing tones were too much. He always spoke down to me. He never told me he was proud of me, even after everything I’ve achieved, he couldn’t say those words.

Inhaling deeply, I closed my eyes and reminded myself I only had to be here for a couple of hours.

It’s just dinner.

The sooner we eat, the sooner I can leave.

Opening my eyes, I exhaled and smiled.

Washing my hands, I went to join my parents and sister back in the lounge, but as soon as I stepped foot into the room, they all stood.

“Dinner is ready my love,” my mum said in a soft tone. I nodded, turning and heading towards the dining room.

I waited for my mum and my sister to sit down before I took my seat next to my sister.

She leant over and gave me a kiss, her black hair in loose curls as her lips pressed into my cheek.

“I’ve missed you,” she smiled as she lay a napkin over her lap.

“Ah thanks,” I smiled, “shame I can’t say the same,” a laugh bubbled out of me as she swatted my arm.

“Ow!” I groaned, rubbing where she had just hit.

“Don’t be such an arse then,” she laughed.

“Preston,” my father tsked.

“Oh dad, he did nothing.” Tabitha rolled her eyes as she reached for a glass and took a mouthful. I joined her.

My dad cleared his throat as he shuffled, pressing his long, scrawny finger into the bottom of his chin. “Now, the reason I asked you both over, was to discuss the future of The Sauvage Group.”

I felt the excitement buzz through me; this was it. This was the moment that my life was going to change.

The moment I finally become the majority shareholder and rightful owner of Sauvage.

I was the CEO at the moment, which was amazing, but I needed more. I craved more. I was work orientated, I strived to do better, strived to make the business money and continue to help the company grow. I didn’t have time for relationships or marriage. I just about had time to fuck, and even then, it was mainly high-end escorts that I knew were clean and my PA who also only wanted sex and nothing more. I was good with that. I didn’t want that commitment.

I sat high in my chair as my dad’s, dark brown eyes met mine. He twisted his mouth, his eyes darkening as the seconds ticked by.

“Preston, it’s not happening yet.” And I fucking swear I saw the corners of his lips lift momentarily. His tone was icy, I saw the glee dancing in his eyes as the words left him.

I felt my heart drop, swallowing the large lump that was lodged in my throat.

“Sorry?” a small laugh came from me, I felt Tabitha’s eyes on me, and my mum’s smile fell as quickly as it crossed her thin lips.

“I’m not giving you the company… not yet…” he stilled for a moment as he took a sip of his champagne.

I clenched my fists under the table, when I felt Tabitha’s hand over mine. Her touch instantly calming my rage.

“The deal was by thirty-five you be married and have a child, born or not but you have neither Preston. You have until your thirty-fifth birthday to either have a suitable girl pregnant with the heir of the company or you give up your shares.”

A blind rage consumed me, a red haze misting my eyes making everything else surrounding me blur into one.

I stood from the table abruptly, breathing hot hair from my nostrils like a raging bull that someone is antagonizing with a red flag.

My fists balled by my side, I could hear the low stammers and splutters from my parents and Tabitha but I wasn’t listening. I was too far gone. Flexing my hands out and clenching them again, my breathing stilled as I flicked my eyes open and looked my father dead in the eye. The rage that once consumed me, mellowed out like the calm before the storm. That is exactly what this was.

The calm before the storm.

“I am fucking done with you.” My tone flat and monotone.

“Excuse me?” my father’s voice choked.

“You heard me; I am done.” I swallowed down the bile that was making it’s way slowly up my throat. “You’ll get your fucking heir, then I will take this business from you and your legacy and watch as you crash and burn.”

Necking down the rest of my champagne, I threw a sorry gaze at my stunned mother, kissed Tabitha on the cheek then walked out of the house, not once looking back. Fisting my phone from my pocket, I dialled Guy’s number and asked him to get to me as soon as he could.

I dropped my head, my heart thrashing in my chest as the blood pumped fiercely through my ears.

I always knew that this is what was needed for me to be able to take over Sauvage Group, but I just didn’t think it would actually happen.

Things are different now; people are getting married less. Couples are starting families much older into their lives and heck, some people don’t even want children because of their work-horse mentality.

Truthfully, I never wanted children. Growing up with a cold and bitter man like my father just cemented that for me. The abuse, mentally and physically, I had endured because of that man whose blood pumps through my body. It made me sick.

I hated being associated with him.

But now, here we were.

Me being told that I must have an heir to continue building my empire. But one thing was for certain.

I would never, ever treat my child the way my father treated me.

Whether I wanted children or not, this is my fate.

It’s the way it has to be.

It’s time to continue my legacy.

Smiling when I saw Guy approach, I slipped into the car and spat out an address.

I wasn’t going home just yet.


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