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Signed, Sealed, Baby: Chapter 5


Should I be doing this? Not really.

Was I going to? Absolutely.

Dropping to my knees, I grabbed her hips and looked up at her for a moment. Her breaths were heavy, her chest dipping and falling fast as she watched me.

I had wanted to taste her for so long, but it never seemed the right time. We somehow fell into the ‘friend’ zone, even though she was an escort, I never treated her like one.

And never would I treat her like one. Letting my hands glide down the silk of her dress. It felt amazing against my tingling skin. Once I was at the hem, I pushed it up over her waist and held the material there.

“Fuck,” I breathed as my eyes fell to her little black g-string. I pushed my mouth over her covered pussy, nipping and licking through the material before I inhaled her heavenly scent.

She sucked a breath in through her teeth, her hand moving to my thick hair as she entwined her fingers in it.

“Take your dress off,” I ordered.

She did as I asked, her fingers moving from my hair as she reached round the back of her dress and pulled the zipper before letting it fall to her feet. I knelt back, watching in awe as she revealed her perfect body.

My hands flew to her bare hips, gripping hard as I steadied her. I was desperate to taste her, desperate to push my fingers deep inside of her and hear her moan and cry out in pleasure.

I was intoxicated, she was intoxicated but I needed to tell her, well ask her, before I went any further.

I pressed my forehead to her bare stomach, her pants slowing now.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, her hands moving to the side of my head as she lifted me up to look at her.

My eyes volleyed back and forth from hers.

“I want you Preston, I’ve wanted you from the moment we met…” she breathed, her voice shaky as she tried to keep her breathing steady and slow.

Hearing her admission knocked the thoughts out of me.

Fuck it all.

I’m giving her what she wants. What I want.

And what I want is her.

All of her.

Even if only for tonight.

Pulling the small bit of material across to reveal her, I pressed my lips against her bare pussy. Gliding and teasing two fingers over her lips, I slowly skimmed them down and underneath her, swirling my tips in her wetness before gently dragging them up.

I wanted her begging.

“So fucking wet,” I groaned against her. I heard her whimper, her hand skimming down her smooth stomach as her fingers found her clit. They moved slowly in circular movements, her breaths shallow as the pleasure coursed through her.

“Such a fucking turn on watching you play with yourself for me,” my eyes pinned to her expert fingers, working herself up just how she liked it. Pressing my two fingers at her opening, she bucked her hips forward as they eased into her.

Moving my mouth closer to her, I nipped at her fingers, parting them with my tongue as I ran it across her clit.

“My turn,” I growled, my two fingers pumping slow and deep into her.

My tongue lashed at her before I sucked her clit into my mouth. She cried out, her fingers tugging at the root of my hair.

Moaning into her, I let my tongue glide up and down her folds, savouring every moment of her. Her fucking pussy was like magic, sweet, tight and fucking hot. I wanted more of her, I was addicted to the taste of her.

“Preston,” she cried out, her head tipping back as it hit the wall.

I continued, not stopping the slow torment of my fingers pumping in and out of her but I kept my tongue fast.

“I’m going to come,” she cried out.

Pulling my lips away from her, I pinned my eyes to her. “That’s it Sunshine, let me feel that tight little pussy come all over my fingers,” I was hard as fuck. Diving back in, I sucked and licked as she came, enjoying every bit of her.

Slipping my fingers from her, I stood slowly and pushed them into her mouth.

“Taste yourself baby, see how good you taste.” I whispered in her ear, her moans filling the room as she sucked my fingers clean.

Fisting myself out of my suit trousers, I held my hard dick in my hands.

“Get on your knees and suck.” I grinned at her as she done just that. She fell to her knees and greedily took me in her hands. One cupped my balls, the other stroked up and down my thick cock. She looked up at me through her thick, long lashes which done something to me. Like a caged animal I roared, placing my hand over hers as I pushed my cock into her mouth, hard and fast.

I needed to feel her sweet, plump lips lock around me. I needed to be in her hot, wet mouth.

“Yes, fuuuck,” I drawled out as she took me like a pro, swallowing me down the back of her throat before bringing my tip to purse on her lips. Every time she took me, her tongue ran along the bottom of my cock and once I was at the back of her throat she deep throated me like I had never been deep throated before. She knew how to suck dick. Her fingernails gently traced circles across my sensitive ball sack. I felt them twitch and tighten as I felt myself getting close to spurting my hot cum all down her throat. She looked up at me again, smiling when she had my tip on her tongue, her grin spreading as her eyes glistened. Fisting a handful of her hair, I grabbed it tightly, tugging at the root as I thrust my cock deep into her mouth. She was a sight for sore eyes, her eyes filling with unshed tears as my cock chocked her, making her gag. She had drool running from the corner of her mouth as she continued taking me deep.

“I’m going to come, oh fuck Sunshine,” I growled, my head tipping back as my balls tightened, my cock bobbed. She whipped me from her mouth, swiping her tongue along the tip of me and tasted my cum that was beading on the tip of my cock. She pulled me out of her hot little mouth, opened her mouth wide then flattened her tongue under my cock and let me spurt in her mouth as she pinned her eyes to mine. I swear to fucking god she saw right into my soul, breaking down all my barriers in that moment. She was a fucking queen. My ray of sunshine. I was going to put her on a fucking pedestal and treat her how she deserves to be treated. No more shitty apartment, no more working as an escort. I was going to save her.

Helping her to her feet, I pulled her into me and wrapped my arms around her waist keeping her close.

“I think I’m in love,” I whispered before laughing.

“Easy tiger,” she smirked, “it was just a little oral,” winking she peeled my arms away from her. “Shower with me?” her eyes glistened.

“Of course,” my voice was a low hum as I took her hand in mine and led her to the bathroom.


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