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Signed, Sealed, Baby: Chapter 9


One Month Later

It had been a month.

A month of me umming and ahhing over this choice. One minute I wanted the baby to be mine, the next I wasn’t so sure.

I should have just signed the damn contract in my post sex haze, but no, he had to take me to the bedroom and show me the contract with all the scary legal shit.

I should have just signed the damn papers. The thought repeats over in my head.

Laying on my bed, I focus on the ceiling above me.

How had I got into this mess? Oh yeah, I remember. I face palm myself in agitation and call Harriet. I cannot make this decision on my own.

“Help meeeeee,” I groan down the phone. She didn’t need my shit on top of her own shit that she was sorting out.

“Sky, I am going to say this as nicely as I can…” She sighed. “Just fucking let the man impregnate you, carry his child, get your money and get the fuck out of there.” Her voice boomed through the speaker of my phone.

“I don’t think I have ever heard you swear so much…” I whisper.

“I’m sorry, I really am. I didn’t mean to snap, just having my own issues over in wedding land.”

I sigh, instantly feeling guilty.

“Look, let me get this all sorted with Preston tonight then I will come over, maid of honour duties, hit me with them. I am here to do whatever you ask.”

The line went silent for a moment.

“Just don’t forget the wine and snacks,” her voice softer now before we said goodbye.

Let’s just get this over with.

I carry the baby.

I won’t get attached.

Then we will part ways, for good.

Yeah, that’s the plan.

I dressed in a black, silk midi dress and black stiletto heels. My blonde hair was in loose curls with two bits clipped back off my face. My make-up was subtle and I finished my look with a red lipstick. Walking back into the bathroom, I looked at the side of the sink at the stick that sat there, I was a week late for my period. I swallowed the hard lump back down my throat as I saw the plus sign.


We were having dinner with his parents again tonight. I didn’t want to go, but needs must and this was most definitely a must.

Preston had been sweet and not once pushy, but I knew we were on a time limit and my piss balling about was helping no one, but now I had the answer he so desperately craved.

I needed to pull my big girl’s knickers up and just get on with it. Whilst I was getting ready and waiting for Preston to collect me, I thought about what I would do with the money he was going to give me. I knew I wanted to sell this shit heap that I lived in, go back to college and do a night course while still escorting to keep an income coming in. Once I had gotten through night school, I would pack in my job and start afresh. Maybe Paris or Milan, somewhere far away where I couldn’t be reminded of Preston and what I had left behind. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day I was potentially leaving my baby behind.

My stomach flipped and I felt nausea rip through me at the thought. My hand subconsciously moving to my non-existent bump.

The front door buzzed, pulling me from my thoughts. Rushing quickly I spritzed myself with my perfume and ran for the door. I didn’t need to ask who it was, I knew it was him.

And honestly, if it wasn’t him, it would only be Harriet. I don’t have any other friends apart from them two. How sad.

Locking up behind me I headed out the front to see Preston standing kerbside waiting for me.

“You look stunningly divine as usual.” He grasped my hand, wrapping his other arm around my waist and kissing me. I felt my skin erupt in goosebumps, the fire deep inside my stomach igniting and filling me with the want and desire that I needed from only him.

We hadn’t slept together since our little moment of weakness a month ago. I needed a clear head around him and sleeping with him wasn’t going to help.

He let me go, my legs felt like they would buckle but I managed to stand tall as Guy, his driver, opened the door.

He was donning a black dinner suit, two buttons open at the top of his white shirt. It was nice to see him not in a tie or bow tie. He looked casual and delicious.

Preston slipped in and I followed behind him. We lost ourselves amongst chatter, Preston spent most of the car journey asking questions about why I wanted to be an interior designer, my reply? The same reason you want to build and grow hotels. It’s a passion.

“I was thinking, if you’re ready, we can have dinner some place nice then get the papers signed? I need to get the ball rolling Skylar, but please, if you’re not ready for this then I need to know by tonight. I can’t wait much longer,” a weak smile crept onto his face, and I could see the sadness in his eyes.

“I told you I would do it. So yes, I’ll sign the papers.”

He clasped my hand, bringing the back of it to his lips as he pressed his lips against the soft skin.

“You don’t understand how happy I am that it’s going to be you.”

I nibbled the inside of my lip, nodding through my own worries and thoughts.

Pulling up at his parents, Preston helped me out of the car and led me into the house.

His mum was a lot more welcoming this time, but his father was still a cold, hard faced man.

I didn’t like him much but would be polite for Preston’s sake.

“Skylar, so nice to see you again,” I could hear the venom that laced his voice, his small seedy eyes dragging up and down my body. He was like a venomous snake; one shot of his venom and I would be writhing in pain and dead within seconds.

He hated me. I could feel it.

But I didn’t care.

Preston wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me close to his side as his lips buried into my hair.

“Baby, go get us a drink.”

“Okay,” I breathed, turning my head to look up at him, his eyes glistening as his lips covered mine. In that moment, I didn’t want to be here anymore. I wanted to be at home with him, alone and in his arms.

His hand skimmed down the small of my back before giving me a gentle tap on my bum cheek.

“Drinks,” he muttered.

“Drinks,” I repeated, turning on my heel and heading for the bar that sat at the back of the house.

It took me a little longer to work out where I was going, my memory wasn’t great and this house was just too big.

I ordered one scotch on the rocks, neat and a tonic and lime for me. I made my way back to the function room. I could hear Preston’s voice bellowing before I had even got to him.

“I don’t care whether you don’t approve father, I am with Skylar.” I stood still in my tracks, not wanting to eavesdrop but I couldn’t help it. I knew I should walk away; I knew it was wrong of me yet I couldn’t force my legs to move.

My heart fluttered at his words. He was with me. I felt my heart warm and glow at his admission, even if it was for show, it still made my heart sing.

But my subconscious soon reminded me that he was only with me because of the baby and more importantly because of his money and legacy.

His father let out a deep laugh, it wasn’t a joyous laugh, no. It was an evil, menacing laugh.

“Give me a little credit son, Skylar doesn’t work for the Hyton’s hotel, nor has she ever worked there. I think you forget, you stupid, little boy that I know everything.” He goaded Preston.

“Oh really, where does she work then?”

“You tell me, seeing as you’re the one that lied.” He hissed.

“Preston,” his mother’s tame voice asked, “is this true?”

“You don’t know shit,” Preston scoffed. “She is from the Hyton Group.”

“Bullshit!” his father’s rage filled the already hostile room.

“Is she screwing you for money? Is that it? Are you paying her to be your girlfriend, because I know Preston, I know what you’re up to.”

“So you keep saying.” Preston argued back and I could just imagine him rolling his eyes in annoyance.

The room fell silent for a moment.

“TELL ME!” His father screamed which made me jump, spilling some of my drink down me. Shit.

Preston’s voice was low and tight as he said the next words that shattered me completely.

“Okay, sure, she doesn’t work for Hyton, she doesn’t work for anyone in our world.” He stopped for a moment. “She is a fucking whore. A high class whore, who I am going to be paying to carry your next grandchild and the heir of this business. And you know why I’m choosing her?” he didn’t give his father a chance to answer. “To fucking spite you, because of how it’ll make you feel knowing that a prostitute will be carrying your blood.” Preston’s hate and venom seeped from his mouth, his tongue laced with those hurtful words. I blinked back the sting that was pricking at the back of my eyes.

I only came back round from my humiliation and shock when I heard two crystal tumblers smash on the floor.

I shook my head, snapping out of my embarrassment as I strolled into the large, stately function room.

“I was going to wait till we were alone tonight, but after hearing your admissions Preston, I thought it would be best to tell you, and what a perfect time it is in front of your parents.”

My eyes were steady on a flushed cheek, wide-eyed, gawping Preston as I closed the gap between us. I had never felt so far away from him than I did now.

His father looked like he was about to drop to the floor from a heart attack.

“Sky… I… I…” Preston stammered over his words. I held my hand up to stop his poor attempt at speaking.

“I don’t want to hear it,” I snapped, my eyes narrowing. “But you’ll be pleased to know that this little whore,” I stopped for a moment, ignoring the burn in my throat, the sting in my eyes from the tears that were teetering on my lashes ready to fall and ignoring the sound of my heart cracking. “Is pregnant with your child, Preston. Congratulations.” I just about managed to finish my sentence before turning on my heel and rushing for the door. As soon as I was out in the brisk, fresh night air I let the tears fall.

Jumping in Preston’s car, I made Guy drive me to Harriet’s and promise not to tell Preston where I had gone.

I had never been made to feel as cheap and worthless as he made me feel tonight.

Even the men that used me just for sex and made me cry had never made me feel like Preston did tonight.

He made me feel like the whore I really was.

I spent a week at Harriet’s. I couldn’t bear to go home and risk him coming to find me. I kept my phone turned off and just tried to focus on the here and now. I had an appointment at his office this afternoon to sign the contract, part of me wanted to not show and just hide away, take the baby from him and fuck him over just to hurt him like he hurt me. But I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t that sort of girl. I agreed to have the baby for him. Not for me.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay? Do you want me to come with you?” Harriet asked as she bounced from foot to foot.

“I’ll be fine, I just need to get this part of it done and then I can focus on getting the next eight months out the way.” I nodded, wrapping my arms around Harriet before stepping back. I could see the worry and concern on her face but she needn’t be worried. “Honestly, I’ll be okay.” I smiled.

Stilling outside The Sauvage Hotel, I inhaled deeply before swallowing the bile that was creeping up my throat. It didn’t help that morning sickness was kicking my arse. I was just four weeks pregnant. My boobs hurt all the time, I was bloated and the sickness was exhausting. I close my eyes for a moment before pushing through the turnstile doors and head for the conference room that is next to Preston’s penthouse.

Wrapping my fingers around the door handle, I exhale a slow, long breath and open the door. His deep brown eyes connect with mine and I feel the rush of feelings consume me, but they’re soon extinguished when the sickening feeling creeps over me at the nasty words he spat at his parents about me. I will never forgive him for that. The words are etched on my brain forever, scarring me.

“Skylar,” his voice was cautious his eyes pinned on me the whole time.

“Stop, let me just sign the contract,” I sigh, walking over to the table and I let my eyes wander over. Seeing both our names and I scoff. I hear him inhale deeply, sucking in a breath. My eyes find his once more and I can’t deny the ache that crushes me.

“Just sign the damn contract,” his voice splinters through me, anger misting my eyes. Tightening my grip round the tip of the pen I scribble my signature on the dotted line then throw the pen across the conference table in temper.

I push past Preston after signing the contract, his fingers wrapped round my wrist as he pulled me back to face him. My body pressed against his as his fingers still clung tightly to my wrist.


“Don’t.” I shake my head before I let him see my eyes, I want him to see the windows to my soul and lay everything bare for him to see.

His eyes glistened; his jaw clenched as he held his tongue.

“You got what you wanted, let’s not make this anymore awkward than it needs to be,” I whispered, prying his hands off me and walking out the door.

It was done.

Eight months. That’s all it was.

Eight, long months.

And once it was done. I was out.




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