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Slashed: Epilogue

Silver Mask

Post Credits Scene

I’ve never met anyone who’s both equal parts heaven and hell until I saw her standing across the lot with her friends. The coldness vanished from my soul, and I felt warm for the first time in what feels like forever.

I watch her sleep, I feel everything.

My body comes to life to experience her vibrant aura.

Sadie’s an angel lying next to me. Dark hair haloing her tan face illuminated by the sliver of sun slipping through the curtains of her bedroom. Her mouth slightly parted open, breathing out in her slumber. She’s peaceful this way. Ethereal. So different from the firecracker who challenged me twice and had me chasing after her for more.

Sadie recognizes my darkness without attempting to change it or fix my morality. She doesn’t ask questions about the reasoning behind the blood I’ve spilled. Instead, she accepts it, nurturing the tormented side of me with her warmth.

I crave her.

Obsession has laced a red thread around our souls, and bounding our lives until the moment death comes for one of us. I hope, when that fatal day arrives, that it takes me first. No hell would be worse than breathing in a world without her in it.

“See you soon, my darling,” I whisper, pressing a kiss on her forehead.

I set the note I wrote for her on the nightstand where it’ll be easier to spot.

When she wakes, I won’t be here. Though this isn’t an ending, not when our story has begun. It’s the promise of a future, and I can’t wait for the day where our paths meet again once the chaos I’ve caused dies down.

Until then, I leave her with a vow of solace.

I’ll come back to you.

Don’t forget, you’re always mine.

Forever mine, Final Girl.




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