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Starlight: Epilogue

The mysterious Bermuda Triangle.


If you asked a normal person what the Bermuda Triangle is, they will tell you all sorts of things, that it’s the gateway to Hell. Planes and ships, they disappear. Humans disappear too. What it actually is, well many people wonder about it, but none can really tell you. If they can, well then they are technically not human, they are dragons, and to be honest, you wouldn’t believe them either. For those of us whose curiosity is too great, we discover the truth. The Bermuda Triangle is far from a gateway to Hell. Planes and ships don’t get lost, and humans, well, they are still alive in another realm.


Most of them live in an asylum on the other side, as their minds can’t perceive the reality of that realm. It’s filled with magic, dragons and technology that one can only dream of.


The other side of the veil is home to a world called Paegeia, and I am one of its royals.


I was born with a special mark, the mark of the Dragonians, or what humans call dragon riders. It’s not a myth, they truly exist, and I do happen to have a dragon of my very own.


He is the Rubicon, one of a kind, and also the meanest dragon who has ever lived. So if you mess with me, well, you will have to deal with him too.


My father is the king of Paegeia, the greatest king that ever ruled this part of the world. Paegeia used to be part of the human realm, but with a world full of magic and dragons, their greed grew too great and the people of this world had no choice but to protect it. Consequently, more than nine hundred years ago, they wielded an invisible wall to protect Paegeia from the darkness of humanity. Humans who pass through the wall, even by accident, can never return, unless they are dragons.


However, Paegeia has its own demons to face. My father is trapped behind deadly Creepers—giant beanstalk leaches that tear people apart if they walk too near.


Everyone thinks my father is dead, that he died the night the Creepers consumed Paegeia’s capital, Etan, but he didn’t, and the only people who know this are myself, my dragon, and the ten people we rescued from Etan a few days ago.


Through an act of pure luck, we discovered my blood is the only way through the Creepers to Etan, and we were able to deliver some of those trapped from that hell in which they’d lived for the past seventeen years.


The Council, the group of dragons and royals who rule Paegeia, had wanted to put them in quarantine. Well, actually the Ancients did, which is a board ruled by five dragons and Dragonians, the oldest in existence.


I wasn’t going to have any of that, and told them they would never imprison them again while my body still drew breath.


That night something amazing happened. Most of the Council members stood by me, and we took a stand against the Ancients.


I became a princess that day, stepped into my parents’ shoes and showed everyone that if they messed with innocent people, they would answer to me.


It also brought me to my final decision.


The day I ascended, my father had begged me not to free Etan.


It wasn’t going to be easy, and the need to find the missing ingredient to kill the Saadedine, a small revelation that Blake saw in a vision, lay heavy over our shoulders. Without the ingredient, one of us was going to die saving Etan.


What the missing ingredient was, well, none of us had a clue. I guess time will tell and I hope when it does, it won’t be too late.


My decision is final.


My father will come home.


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