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Sweet Addiction: Chapter 23

Juls and Ian’s big day has finally arrived and miraculously, everything is running smoothly. I got up early and delivered the cake with Joey to the reception hall before we headed over to the bridal suite where we are all currently getting ready. Juls is glowing, Joey is routinely sneaking out to get a peek at the men who are dressing at the other end of the church and Brooke is completely sober and has her wits about her. After slipping into my stunning chocolate brown floor length strapless dress, I help Juls into hers along with her mother.

“Oh, sweetheart. This dress,” Mrs. Wicks says, tears filling her freshly painted eyes as I try to hold mine back. My makeup is looking pristine and fabulous and I have no desire to ruin it with unwanted tears. We finish buttoning her up and step back. She’s stunning, absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown and I bite my lip to hold my emotions in.

“Damn, Juls. I have money on Ian losing his mind when he sees you at the end of the aisle,” Brooke says as she smooth’s out her dress. Joey comes bustling back into the suite and drops his jaw on the floor.

“Holy fuck. You look amazing.”

“Joseph! You’re in a church,” Mrs. Wicks sternly informs him, both hands flying up to her hips. “Easy on the language today please. And that goes for all four of you. Especially you, Dylan.” She flicks her daggers at me.

“Me? Please, I’m such a lady.” I shrug and catch a wink from Juls in the mirror as the suite door swings open again, this time revealing a very handsome and slightly nervous looking Mr. Wicks.

“Oh my. Darling, you look so beautiful.” He moves and stands in front of Juls, grabbing both of her hands in his and pulling her off her stool. “That’s it, weddings off. You’re too pretty for that man.”

“Daddy,” she says through a huge smile and he softens in front of her. I move up to the mirror and take a good look at myself as they exchange a private father-daughter moment, Joey joining me at my side. My hair is pinned up into an elegant twist; a few pieces pulled out and tucked behind my ears that are adorned with the amber stud earrings Juls gifted us with this morning. My makeup is sophisticated but subtle, a light dusting of rose lip gloss that I’m somehow managing to pull off without looking like I belong on a street corner, and my dress is perfect, hugging me across my chest and showing a classy amount of cleavage if there ever was such a thing. I feel Joey’s hand on my lower back.

“Look at us. We almost look too good for this wedding. I’m afraid we might just upstage the bride,” he whispers as we both glance over at Juls who is hugging her father.

“Not a chance,” I say and he nods in agreement. Mr. Wicks backs away from his daughter and turns towards all of us.

“It’s time people. Let’s move this along before I lock my daughter in this room and refuse to let Ian have her.” We all giggle at his comment, hearing the hint of seriousness in his tone as we file out of the bridal suite and down the back staircase that leads towards a hidden area where we’re supposed to line up. I haven’t seen the inside of the church since we arrived here hours ago and I’m a bit nervous at the number of people in attendance who will be watching me walk up the aisle. My heels are insanely high, dark brown sling backs that I’ve scuffed the bottoms of to prevent any major slip up. But I’m still nervous about walking in them. Karma could easily give me a right shove in the back and send me falling flat on my face given the amount of hate she’s shown me lately. All this animosity. And for what? Because I fell in love with a man that only cared about fucking me? Nice Karma. Way to stick with your fellow woman.

We line up in order behind the double mahogany doors and wait patiently for them to open, the soft sound of violins streaming through the air. Another decision on Ian’s part. The man apparently loves classical music. I clutch my beautiful bouquet in my hands, grateful to have something to hold on to as the doors slowly open in front of Brooke. My view is blocked entirely by Joey’s massive frame but I feel him, I always feel him. And I know that as soon as I start walking, my eyes are going to lock on to his and I’m going to give into it. Whatever. I just have one more day to endure and then I can go back to my shitty life. I turn around and spot Juls who is smiling at me, eyes gleaming and hand tightly looped through her father’s arm. I give her a quick wink before I turn slowly and step forward, seeing Joey make his way towards the middle pews. It’s now my cue to start walking, but I can’t. My eyes have locked on to the most glorious sight I’ve ever seen and he’s standing, waiting for me at the front of the altar in a tux. Holy fucking shit.

I know I’m supposed to be moving; I’ve walked up this aisle before. I just accomplished the feat last night. But I’m stuck. My two feet won’t budge an inch and I hear the muffled voices of people around me wondering what the hell is going on. Joey is up at the front, motioning for me to start moving and Brooke is trying desperately not to crack up laughing. Meanwhile, Reese is staring at me, eyes burning into mine and I’m melting on the spot. I’ve never seen him look this handsome before and I’m suddenly regretting everything. The break up, the fact that I agreed to be a part of this wedding, the shirt I kept. Everything. I force out a shaky breath and glance quickly back at Juls who is trying to remain calm but coming apart slowly. Her father is staring at me and looks unsure what to do as I clutch my bouquet tightly and shut my eyes. Jesus Christ, Dylan. You need to move. Just start walking and you’ll be up there before you know it. I shake my head and open my eyes, and if I was unable to breathe before I closed them, I’ve completely forgotten how to work my lungs now. Reese is making his way down the aisle towards me, purpose in each step and eyes glued on mine as everyone watches him and who he’s walking towards. My lips part and I shift on my feet as he reaches my side, grabbing my hand and looping it through his arm. And without saying a word, he begins walking me up the aisle, earning a few sounds of amusement from the crowd and smiling politely at them. I’m deposited on my step and he drops my hand, leaving an emptiness inside me as he returns to his place across from me. Our eyes meet briefly and I smile weakly at him, seeing his lip curl up slightly as the wedding march song begins to play.

The rest of the ceremony plays out the way it’s supposed to. Rings and vows are exchanged, and I keep my eyes on the bride and groom who haven’t broken contact since Juls hurriedly reached Ian at the front of the altar. I manage to only shed a few tears but quickly wipe them away before my makeup is affected. And as the preacher announces to the congregation Juls’ official title as Mrs. Ian Thomas, they kiss and everyone stands and cheers. Ian showers her with affection as they begin their walk towards the back of the church and I move to stand next to Reese who is already waiting and watching me. Always watching. We follow the bride and groom to the doors, not exchanging any words this time, even though I wanted to at least thank him for what he did earlier. I’m not sure I would have made it up to my place on the altar had he not come and gotten me. I quickly release my hand from his arm when we reach the bride and groom and wrap Juls up into a massive hug.

“You’re married,” I squeal. Joey and Brooke come scurrying up behind us and wrap their arms around me and Juls.

“I know. And now, we get to go parrttaaayyy.” I release her with a giggle and turn around, walking over to Ian and giving him a big hug.

“You hurt her and I’ll cut you up into tiny pieces and bury you throughout the city.” He lifts me up and spins me around, a muffled laugh escaping his lips. Trent, Billy, and Reese are all watching and I hear laughs coming from them after my declaration.

He sets me down gently. “Oh don’t I know it. I’m well aware of your capabilities, Dylan. Even though you sometimes manage to forget how to walk.” He smirks at me and I roll my eyes. I don’t linger with him since Reese is at his side, chatting it up with the other groomsmen. And after Ian and Juls walk down the church steps through a cloud of tiny bubbles, we all pile into a stretch limo and head over towards the reception hall.


The hall is beautiful, immaculately decked out in fall colors and everything to Juls’ liking. It’s also massive and probably close to the size of the Whitmore Mansion which pulls at my heart strings a bit. But it’s somehow classier because if Julianna Thomas is anything, it’s classy. I’m doing my best to keep some distance between Reese and myself as we all stand cramped inside a small room, waiting for the guests to make their way into the hall so that we can all be introduced together. And that part, I fear is what I’ve been dreading the most. Reese and I will be publicly announced together as best man and maid of honor in front of everyone and we’ll have to make our way through the crowd and onto the dance floor, all eyes on us. This just might kill me.

“Alright, everyone, line up. The DJ is about to make your introductions so pair up with your person and let’s get this party started,” the chipper older woman that had ushered us into the room says. I mumble a curse under my breath as we make our way towards the double doors, taking my place behind Billy and Joey who are all over each other.

“You two make we want to vomit,” I say as Reese steps up beside me, grabbing my attention immediately. His scent is intoxicating, and I almost stumble as it fills the air around me. I shake my head quickly and regroup.

“Don’t hate, Dylan. It’s not a good look on you,” Billy says through a teasing smile.

“And why the fuck can’t you be single? Damn it, Trent,” Brooke grunts ahead of us and I buckle over in giggles. She’s been hitting on poor Trent all night and he hasn’t paid her any mind. It’s really perfect considering the way she’s behaved the past several days. “Ugh. Reese, switch with Trent.” She turns back towards us and my body stiffens, but Reese doesn’t react at all. Billy and Joey make wide eyes at me.

“Brooke, turn your fucking ass around right now before I cut you,” I growl at her and feel Reese’s jacket shake against my arm as he tries to muffle his laughs. Billy and Joey crack up in front of me and Trent shakes his head in amusement.

“God, I’ve missed you.” The voice next to me makes me go completely rigid, as do Billy and Joey who turn around quickly. “Oh, um, sorry I didn’t… fuck.” My eyes meet his briefly and before I can even think of a reaction to that, the doors swing open and the DJ begins announcing the wedding party. Brooke and Trent, followed by Joey and Billy are sent through as Reese and I move up and he slips my hand through his arm. My breathing is irregular, I’m nervous as hell, and he can sense it. “Dylan, relax. I’ve got you.” I open my mouth to tell him to stop getting me when the DJ comes through the speaker system.

“And now please give a warm welcome to our lovely maid of honor, Dylan Sparks and her handsome escort, the best man, Reese Carroll.”

Cheers and whistles fill the room as I’m practically dragged behind Reese. We pass a table of women who hoot and holler at him and he gives them his perfect smile as we walk towards the dance floor. “Jesus Christ,” I mutter under my breath at them and feel his soft laugh shake against my body. We stand next to Joey and Billy and watch as Ian and Juls are announced, my hand removed from his arm to allow me to clap along with the crowd of people as they walk joyously into the hall. They stop in the center of the dance floor and begin their first dance as husband and wife. The wedding party moves about, talking amongst themselves and I glance over and see Reese make his way towards a table where a dark headed woman is sitting, her eyes beaming at him. She stands and practically hurls herself up into his arms and he wraps her up, planting kisses into her hair and I immediately turn away. Shit. Are you serious right now? He brought a fucking date? The sound of the song is blurred out around me as I move towards Joey and yank him away from Billy, pulling him towards the opposite end of the dance floor.

“Jesus, what?” he asks as I finally let go of his jacket. I’m shaking and he eyes up my appearance, his hand coming up to grab my bare shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

“He brought a date. A fucking date, Joey. I was not expecting that.” My chest is rising and falling rapidly and I feel like I might just pass out right here in the middle of this thing. I see his eyes search across the dance floor and spot Reese, who is talking closely with the young and very attractive woman.

“Fuck. That’s so not cool. Want me to say something? I can throw his ass out of here. Or hers if you want.”

“Oh please, like you would stand a chance against Reese. But her, maybe.” He narrows his eyes at me and makes a face. “Fuck, this is awful. He’s all over her. I figured Brooke would be the only bitch I’d be fighting today.” The soft song dies down and everyone is told to take their seats so that the meal can be served. I make an obscene gesture in the direction of Reese who is none the wiser as I walk up to the bridal party table and take my seat next to Juls.

I’m quiet during the meal, my only words to Juls being that I’m so happy for her and that she looks radiant. I pick at the food on my plate and keep finding myself glancing over at the table that Reese had been hovering over during the first dance. The woman is young, probably close to my age and has dark brown curly hair that falls just above her shoulders. She’s talking amongst the other guests at her table and having a blast, while my mind is eyeing up my utensils and deciding which weapon of choice I’d like to use on her if I get the chance. But really, is it her fault that he asked her here as his date? She probably doesn’t know about me, let alone the history we share. She’s an innocent bystander that he’s dragged into this mess like a complete fucking asshole. I’m gripping my knife tightly in my fist and feel Joey pry it out of my grasp, quickly putting it far away from me.

“Relax please. I’d really rather not have the cops called at Juls’ wedding reception,” he says under his breath as I let out a forceful one. The DJ softens the music and talks through the speakers as I try and calm down.

“And now I will ask that the wedding party make their way out onto the dance floor for a special number.”

“Oh great. Give me my knife back,” I growl at Joey as we all stand up and he shoves it farther down the table. He grabs my waist and directs me down the stairs, the rest of the wedding party meeting us out on the dance floor and finally letting go of me when he plants me directly in front of Reese. I cross my arms over my chest and refuse to look up and into his eyes. Bastard. I hear a small sound of amusement from above me as he steps into me and pries them down; wrapping his hand around my back while his other holds mine against his chest. A song that guts me begins playing overhead and I flick my eyes up to his and see his soft smile. Of all songs the DJ could have picked for this stupid moment, he picks “Look after You?” Perfect.

“What the fuck is this? Did you ask for him to play this song?” I ask angrily as I try to wiggle free. His grip around me tightens.

“So what if I did? It doesn’t mean anything to you anyway so what’s the problem?”

“Oh you’re so right, Reese. It means nothing to me. You’re a fucking asshole you know that? I can’t believe you brought a date to this thing and had the nerve to accuse me of flirting with Juls’ cousin.” I glare up at him as he moves me around the dance floor, my anger level rising at the realization that he’s also good at slow dancing. Really fucking good at it.

“What date? What the fuck are you talking about?”

I tilt my head towards the direction of the pretty brunette who is staring at us, smiling for some weird ass reason. “That date. I saw you with her. Kissing her and talking all close and intimate. Fuck you. I would never do that in front of you.”

He shakes his head at me. “That is my fucking sister, Dylan. Ian invited her and her husband who couldn’t make it because he’s away on business and I haven’t seen her for months. That’s why she got such a warm welcoming from me. But it doesn’t really fucking matter if it’s my sister or not now does it? You ended things, remember? You fucking destroyed me.”

I push away from him and take a step back. Staring, shocked at his admission. “I destroyed you? Fuck you. You completely broke me you stupid shit.” I slap him hard across the face because it’s what I do and storm off the dance floor, pushing my way through the crowd of people that, I’m sure, have been focused on us since our heated argument started. I’m out the double doors and make my way down the long empty hallway, unsure of where I’m headed when I hear the doors swing open in the distance behind me.


I keep moving, picking up my pace but stumble forward once my heel catches on my dress, landing hard on my knees, my hands breaking my fall and hitting the marble floor. Falling back onto my heels, I drop my head into my hands and try to muffle my cries. I didn’t want him to see me like this but it’s too late. His body drops down and I’m lifted off the floor and onto my feet as he tries to pull me against his chest. I push away and pry his hands off my waist.

“Let go of me. I hate you. I fucking hate what you did to me.” I wipe under my eyes and mentally curse myself for the mascara that appears on my fingertips.

His eyes widen. “What did I do? Dylan, God damn it. What the fuck did I do besides everything you wanted?”

“Everything wanted? How was what we did what I wanted? You’re the one that wanted a casual hook up. You’re the one that never did anything serious and only wanted it to be about sex. I never wanted that.”

He steps closer and I back up but I’m pressed against the wall, unable to put anymore distance between us. “What the fuck are you talking about?” His eyes search my face for an explanation. “You were the one that said this was just fun and nothing serious. You labeled it that when we were at The Tavern that night. You were the one that refused to let me get close to you, never wanting things to get too intimate between us. That was all you, Dylan. I fucking told you that you had all the control.” He roughly rakes his hands through his hair and down his face. “This shit was never casual for me. Never. You’ve owned me since that fucking wedding.”

“I fucking heard you with Ian. I came to your office the day I ended things to tell you that I loved you and I fucking heard you. You said you didn’t do serious and that you were just fucking me because you liked to. How could you say that about me? After everything. After your birthday and—” my face falls apart in tears and I push against his chest, “—and after you made love to me. How could you say that?”

His hands grip mine and hold them to his chest, his eyes widening and pupils dilating. “That’s why you ended things? Fuck, love if you would have just stayed and listened.”

I pull my hands away from his. “Don’t call me that. And listened to what? I heard everything I needed to hear. I meant nothing to you and you meant everything to me.”

He shakes his head and grabs me by the waist, pulling me against him so our chests are touching. He sighs heavily. “Christ, Dylan, if you would have just stayed and listened for a few more seconds, you would have heard Ian call me out on my bullshit.” His hand comes up and he pushes my hair behind my ears, his thumb lingering on my cheek. “I only said those things because I’d been desperately trying to convince myself that it was only about sex between us, because I knew that was what you wanted. I was certain that was what you wanted and the only way I could have you. But it was never just about sex. Not for me. After Ian called me out, I admitted how crazy I was for you. How you were the only woman that ever got to me and that drove me completely insane, and not just because you like to challenge me. Which you do so fucking well.”

My breathing becomes labored as I stand pressed against him, unable to move or blink. His eyes are burning into mine and his hands are now softly squeezing my hips. I open my mouth to speak but he silences me with his words.

“I was so in love with you and I couldn’t admit it, because admitting it meant dragging you out of your casual fucking comfort zone and into it with me. And I was scared you would pull away. And you pulled away from me anyway without me ever getting the chance to say it.”

I’m shaking against him and don’t know what to say or if I can even speak anymore. He’s admitted everything I’ve ever wanted to hear and I can only stare up at him through a tear stained face.

“I called you, every day and sent you messages. Begging, pleading for an answer from you and you ignored me.” His hand comes up and strokes my cheek and I lean into it. “Why? Why wouldn’t you talk to me? We could have fixed this, but now…”

My eyes widen in panic as he drops his hand and shakes his head. I’m frozen against the wall, unable to move as his body turns and he begins walking back towards the reception hall. No. He loves me. And I love him. This shit can’t end like this. Fuck that.

“Seriously?” I yell and he halts, his hand on the door and his face dropped down so that I can’t see his expression. I march over to him and rip his hand off the doorknob, pulling him away from it, and slamming his back against the wall. “You’re really going to leave it like that? You said you loved me, do you not anymore?” My rapid breathing fills the air between us as he gazes down at me, clenched jaw and furrowed brow. But he doesn’t speak.

I grip his tux jacket with both hands and stare up into his soft eyes. Fuck this. He’s here, I’m here, and I’m saying it. “I love you. I want you, Reese. Just you, and not at all in the stupid casual bullshit way. I want everything. Sleepovers and sex in beds. All kinds of beds. Yours, mine, whoever’s. I want to introduce you to my parents and I want to bake your birthday cake every year while you sit and look at me the way only you look at me.” I take in a shaky breath while he stands, watching me, studying me. “It fucking killed me to pull away from you.”

I step in close to him and bury my face into his neck, not knowing or caring if this is appropriate. I need to be here right now and as his arms slowly wrap around me and pull me close to him, I finally exhale.

He moans softly, his hand stroking my hair as I feel his lips curl up against my forehead. “You know, this shit could have been avoided entirely if you would have just stormed in and slapped the piss out of me after you overheard that bullshit.” I pull my head back and see his perfect smile gleaming down at me and I tightly wrap my arms around his back. “I mean really, the one time I would actually want you to slap me, you don’t. I would have scooped you up right then and told you how much I loved you. Where the hell was my hot headed girl that day?”

I shake my head at the memory. “Broken on the floor. You’re right though, that was very uncharacteristic of me.”

He plants several kisses to my forehead. “Well, I’ve been a miserable piece of shit without you. Apparently unbearable to be around, if you ask Ian. How have you been, love?”

I laugh, my first real laugh in months and wipe under my eyes. “Bitchy and more hostile than usual. Poor Joey, he really has taken the grunt of our breakup.”

“That sounds about right. Now, you have two options here.” I smile big at his words.

“They better both involve your hands and mouth on me or I’m finding myself another groomsman.”

He issues me a warning stare and I smirk. “Obviously. I’ve gone eighty-five days without touching you and it’s taken every ounce of strength in my body to not rip you right out of this dress, which you look absolutely beautiful in by the way.” He plants a quick kiss to my lips as I back up and wait for my options.

“Option one, we can go back inside and you can let me dance with you some more and enjoy your company that I have greatly missed over the past grueling months, hopefully witness you getting into it with Brooke again because that shit was fucking hilarious.” I laugh at him as he pushes off from the wall and grabs my face between his hands, his thumb slowly tracing my bottom lip. The pull between us is stronger than ever and I’m about to say fuck option one without even hearing my other choice. But I let him give it to me anyway. “Or, we can go off somewhere and I can fuck you until you scream my name in that sexy way that you do. All throaty and raspy.” His tongue sweeps across my lips and I pull him in, firmly stroking mine against his. I moan softly into his mouth, tasting and relishing in his flavor. “Christ, I’m so in love with you, Dylan. Insanely in love. Do you have any idea how much I’ve missed your face?” His finger slowly trails over my lips and along my jaw while he studies me.

I lean in and plant quick kisses on his lips. “Just my face?” My hand runs down the front of him and cups his length and his eyes widen.

“Option two then? Thank fuck, because if you would have picked one I would have taken you in front of everyone on that dance floor and not given a shit about who watched us.” He bends down and I’m quickly hauled up onto his shoulder. I’m issued a firm slap on my backside as he takes me down the hallway. I squeal and laugh against him, admiring my own view of his perfect behind. I’m quickly slid down his front as we stand just outside the men’s bathroom, his brow arched at me as his hand grips the handle.

“It is rather fitting, picking up where this whole thing began.” He opens the door and peers inside as I jump around on my heels.

“Well hopefully this time you won’t get all weird on me afterwards. I’m sure you’re used to sex with me by now.” I’m pulled into the restroom and the door is locked behind me as I’m lifted off my feet, legs firmly wrapping around his waist.

“Oh I don’t know, love, you always surprise me. Fuck, I don’t ever want to leave this bathroom. Any issue with not returning to the reception?” His mouth latches onto mine and I’m quickly silenced, my answer not worth a damn anyway when I can be kissed like this. The man can kiss better than anyone, I’m sure of it. I’m pressed against the wall, my bare back stinging on the cold tile as his tongue roams freely inside my mouth. He licks along my lips, pulling my tongue into his mouth and softly sucking on it before he releases it and moves down my neck.

“I’ve missed you,” I say as his mouth kisses and sucks on the top of my breasts, his hands gripping my ass and hiking up my dress. “Oh God, I’m so wet for you.” He growls against my chest as his hand slides up between us, running up my inner thigh and meeting the fabric of my panties.

“Shit. I need to taste you before I fuck you. I’m dying here.” I’m carried over to a small leather bench that’s on the opposite side of the restroom and laid out on it, my dress quickly hiked up to reveal my white lacy panties and matching garter. “Holy fuck,” he says as he drops down to his knees and moves between my legs. The bathroom door rattles with someone’s knocking. “Go away!” he yells and I laugh at his completely flustered state. He tucks my panties into his pocket with a smirk before he delivers his first lick. “Damn, I’ve missed this. So sweet.” He hums against me, moving his face rapidly between my thighs.

“OH!” I cry out, my hands gripping his hair and holding him between my legs as he devours me like I’m his last meal. His tongue is all over me, his movements ranging from quick flicks to my clit to slow savory laps of my length. I’m not holding in my moans, my voice is echoing throughout the bathroom, but I don’t care. I want everyone to hear me. I love this man and his mouth and everything he does with it. He teases my clit and sucks on it slowly, pulling it into his mouth as he slips two fingers inside of me. I arch into him.

“I fucking love this pussy. Tell me it’s mine, Dylan.”

“It’s yours. Oh God, Reese, I’m so close.” His fingers move in and out of me, the pace quickening as my hands tangle in his hair and I pull it hard. My back arches off the leather as he grabs my hips, his tongue rolling in my favorite rhythm. I’m whispering, pleading with him to lick me, harder, deeper, right there and he grabs my orgasm that’s his to command and pulls it out of me.

I come and scream his name, over and over until my voice is strained and my throat aches. He takes his time sucking up all of my arousal, lingering on my clit the way I like as I tremble against him. The tight grip he has on my hips is slowly lessened as he plants the softest, gentlest Reese kiss to my pussy. My breathing slows and I cover my eyes with my arm as he stands on his feet.

“Well then, that didn’t take long. How have your orgasms been without me?” His smug voice makes me giggle and I gaze up at him, hair sticking out every which way as he licks his lips.

“What orgasms?” I reply and quickly get up and switch spots with him, pushing him onto his back and making quick work of his belt. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re not going to be able to walk out of here.” He smiles wickedly at me, the lines that I’ve missed so much appearing on either side of his eyes. “That okay with you?”

His pants are quickly pushed down along with his boxers and I marvel at his erection. Now, that I definitely missed. “Fine with me, love.” His hands grip my waist as I straddle him, reaching under my dress and positioning himself below me, I lock eyes with him, waiting to lower myself down.

“I love you,” I say as his hands pull down my top and reveal my breasts.

“I love you,” he replies without hesitation, his eyes flicking up from my chest and holding my stare. I quickly crash down, pulling a throaty grunt out of his throat.

“Fuck. Dylan.” Oh God. This. I forgot how perfect he feels in me. The way my body forms around him, molds to him like he’s made for me. Just me. I can’t move yet, I’m too caught up in the way he feels just like this and the looks he’s giving me. Green eyes burning into mine with that intensity, his intensity that I’ve missed so much. He’s looking at me the way only he looks at me, the way I only ever want to be looked at by the man that I’ve chosen. I chose him.

I pull my lip into my mouth as I rock against him, sliding up and down his length. His hips move beneath me as his hands firmly cup my breasts. He moans, grunts and growls as I move and I know he’s not holding anything back. He’s letting everyone know what I’m doing to him as my hands grip his jacket. I can’t stop staring at him. The way his head falls back when I slide out of him and the way his neck rolls when I take him in. His tense jaw and slightly swollen lips with my favorite slit running down the middle. The way his body looks in his tux, broad, built, and fucking powerful. Christ, has anyone ever looked this good in a tux before? Doubt it. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Our sounds fill the room and it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m soaked, completely drenched from his expert mouth and the sheer sight of him. I feel him tense under me as I slide him all the way out before I slowly move back down. I know he loves that, the feel of entering me over and over again. Arching into him and throwing my head back, I grip his thighs and begin to move fast, then faster.

“Just like that, love. Christ I’m not going to last long. You’re so fucking good.” He sits up and wraps his arms around my back, pulling my chest to his face and latching onto my left nipple.

“Reese.” He sucks it hard, flicking it with his tongue before releasing it and moving beside it to where his mark has completely faded off me. His mouth sucks the tender skin there and I moan against him, my hands grabbing his head and pulling him closer to me. “I hate that they faded. I cried for days when I couldn’t see them anymore.” He moves to my other breast and gives my other nipple equal attention before freshening up the mark next to that one as I rock slowly. Strong hands grip my back and move down to my hips, moving me at the speed he wants and needs. Our eyes are locked and I let him control me because I’ve missed it and he needs it. My orgasm isn’t far, the familiar pull building between my legs and slowly spreading out in every direction.

“Yours didn’t fade on me. It’s still there,” he says as I drop my forehead to his, our breath warming each other’s faces. My mark on him? What mark? The writing? His bottom lip gets pulled into his mouth and I know he’s close.

“How could it not fade? Have you gone without showering for three months?” He slows down my movements, letting me glide along his length and linger where I want. I shudder against him at the speed change, feeling him rub me the way only he does.

“Do I smell like I haven’t showered in three months?” His hands come between us and he begins unbuttoning his tux jacket, pulling it off while I balance myself on my knees. I’m anxious, giddy as hell to see his naked body and watch in amazement as he quickly makes work of his dress shirt.

“No, you smell amazing like you always do.” I lean forward and drop my head into his neck and feel him laugh. I inhale deeply as his shirt is removed and my eyes go to his right arm where my handwriting is visible in dark blue ink.

“What the, you got it tattooed?” My fingers run over the words that clearly won’t rub off as he studies me. Always watching me. “Holy shit. That’s so hot.” I lean in and trail kisses over the words, my words that I wrote on him as he lovingly strokes my arm. “Oh my God. I love that you did that.” My mouth makes its way up his shoulder to the curve of his neck. Grabbing his face with both hands, I kiss and lick up to his face and latch onto his mouth, pulling his bottom lip and sucking on it. He groans loudly as I slowly release it.

“I took a shower the day you,” he shakes his head at the memory, “and it was starting to wash away even though I tried to avoid any soap getting on it. I was so fucking pissed that it was fading; like it was pulling away from me too. Christ, I was mad. I went out the next day and got it made permanent.” He tattooed himself with a reminder of me. “I love that it’s in your handwriting and that you put it there. Just for you.” His eyes study mine as I blink rapidly, sending tears down my face. He quickly reaches up and wipes them away, and I bend forward and kiss him sweetly.

“Just for me,” I echo and push him back down on his back and start moving again. His hands grip my hips and pull me up and down, quickening my pace as I roam over his bare chest. Trailing over every inch of exposed skin, my hands become reacquainted with the feel of him, his muscles, and his softness, just him. I run down his shoulders, his arms, his chest, and linger on his stomach that clenches as I ride him. His gaze is locked on my breasts, driving me to bring my hands up and touch myself.  Molding them, I watch his eyes widen as I play with and pinch my nipples.

“Fuck yes. That’s so sexy, love.” His hips come up to meet me and I drop my eyes down, locking onto his. Harder and faster, I feel him moving through me and pulling my orgasm to the surface as his thumbs press into my hip bones. I tell him to press harder, to bruise me because I want his marks on me, all over me. My hands drop to his chest and I pant against him, feeling him pulse against my walls. “Come for me, Dylan.” I obey, quickly coming apart over top of him and rocking my hips to pull out his orgasm.

I droop forward and sprawl out onto his bare chest, feeling his arms wrap around me as we gasp against each other. “I love slutty wedding sex with you,” I force out through my ragged breath, feeling his body shake slightly.

“Same here. We should really make a habit of this.”

We let ourselves stay like that for several minutes, holding each other and coming down slowly before Reese sets me to the side and grabs some toilet paper to clean me up with. After resituating ourselves in the mirror and making out against the door for several totally worth it minutes, he reaches up and unlocks it, allowing for a mad rush of young boys to come into the bathroom.

“Uh oh,” one says through a crooked grin as Reese quickly brushes past him, my hand in his with his fingers laced through mine the way I love. Total boyfriend move. We stop at the door leading to the reception and he turns towards me, bringing my hand up to his lips for a quick kiss.

“You ready for this, Sparks? You’re officially mine now and I plan on being very intimate with you, and often. Lots of sex in beds and sleepovers.” He smiles behind my hand quickly before his face turns serious. “But just so you know, when I say you’re mine, I fucking mean it. I will personally remove anyone and anything that stands in my way of you. Including your panties.”

My grin bursts through my face and he laughs with me as I place my hand on the doorknob with him. “Please, Carroll, bring on the intimacy because I’m not taking you any other way. And just so you know,” My eyes narrow in on his and I spy his wicked grin behind my hand, “You are mine and I will dismember any chick that looks at you twice. And I fucking mean it.”

We walk hand in hand through the crowd of people and spot the wedding party on the dance floor who all begin to cheer and whistle at the sight of us. Juls and Joey move quickly and pull us into the group.

“Fuck yes. Who had the reception?” Joey asks and Billy and Ian both raise their hands. Juls, Brooke and Trent all start clapping as Reese pulls me against his chest and kisses my hair.

“Damn it, Dylan. I really thought you two would fix your shit at the rehearsal. You just lost me a hundred bucks,” Juls scoffs as Joey shakes his head at her. Reese grins widely at the lot of them and Ian moves in and slaps him firmly on the back, issuing me a quick wink.

“I was way off. I pegged your rekindled romance to happen tomorrow after you two went home and sulked over one another all night. Oh well, at least my baby won.” Joey beams, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek and rolling his eyes at Reese.

“Thank fuck, Dylan. This man has been so miserable. I’ve barely been able to stand him around the office. He’s fired three receptionists in less than three months. No one wants to work for him.”

Reese glares at him and I gasp. “Three? Why? What happened to that one guy? I liked him.”

“He annoyed the hell out of me, so fucking cheery all the time. Then the one girl didn’t know how to work the phones properly and lasted about twenty minutes before I made her cry. And the last one used your shampoo. Shit drove me crazy.” Ian bursts out laughing and walks away from us as I fling my arms around my boyfriend’s neck. Yup, that’s right. My boyfriend.

“Awww. I’m sorry, handsome. I do hope you’ll lighten up on your staff now that you have me back. I plan on making frequent visits to your office and would hate to see you giving your poor receptionists a hard time.” I kiss his lips quickly as he smiles against me, his arms wrapping tightly around my waist.

“Frequent office visits? Mmmm, I can’t wait, love. Any chance we can substitute frequent for daily?” He spins me around as a song begins to play and we pick up where we left off with our slow dance.

“Could you even handle me on a daily basis? I would insist on multiple orgasms and get rather hostile when I don’t get my way,” I whisper against his mouth, relishing in the combination of his minty flavor and me.

“Hostile with a dirty mouth?”

I arch my brow at him and nod slowly, his grin spreading across his face.

“Fuck yes. I love that girl.”

His hand firmly grips my ass and pulls me against him as we move slowly between the other couples. Our eyes are locked, bodies pressed together and my head is tucked in my favorite spot in his neck. This is where I want to be, with the person I want to be with and now that I have him, there’s not a chance in hell I’m letting him go. And I’d love to see anyone try and stop me. Seriously, I know exactly where Joey hid my butter knife.


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