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Take Me Apart: Epilogue


Twenty-nine and a half days later

Giancarlo grunted, rising to his feet with one of my boxes. I looked at what was written on top. Enzo had insisted on labeling everything while we packed, unlike my system of tossing crap into a box and having a headache when I had to put it all away.

“Upstairs in the bedroom. You can actually put it in the closet.”

“Alright,” he groaned. “What the fuck is in here?”

I shrugged. “No idea. I had to move fast because your brother is a nutcase.”

“Hey,” Enzo called.

“It’s the truth,” I muttered, walking over to Benito. “Those can go to the bookshelf. I don’t have a ton of books, but I’m sure someone will want them there.”

Benito nodded. We still weren’t BFFs forever or anything, but we were at least on speaking terms. The conversation we’d had a few weeks ago got rid of most of our irritation, and we’d both come to the same conclusion; Enzo was more important than any hurt feelings between us.

“Ooh, let me have these!” Chelsea called, pulling out some old firecrackers I forgot I even had. “We can light them up.”

“No,” Enzo answered.

“After we finish moving,” I said, winking at Chelsea. Enzo moved away from the truck, and I glared at him. “You get back there and stay back there.”

“Keep it up,” Enzo warned.

I raised a brow and grinned at him. Enzo had to know by now that I wasn’t afraid of him. He’d take it out on my ass later, but at least I could ride him and make him relax. Moving heavy boxes was strictly forbidden until Melony cleared him. He was a lot better than before, but I wanted him to stay that way, not backslide.

“Stay, boy,” I ordered. “Sit.”

Enzo’s hand turned into a tight fist as he growled at me. Chelsea and I exchanged a look and burst into laughter.

“You’re going to get in trouble later,” she sang.

“God, I hope so.”

“Disgusting,” Chelsea groaned. “Give me some good luck so I can find some of that.”

We chuckled, glancing up only to look at Enzo. He was still glaring daggers, making me snicker. Chelsea cleared her throat, calming down.

“Hey, he’s dating you. He might still kill me.”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, right. If he did that, he’d be a dead man himself.”

“What are you two talking about?” Enzo asked.

“Nothing!” I called. I grinned as I saw a familiar face approaching us. “Melony, how are you?”

“Fabulous as always.” She walked over to me, and her smile faltered before she cleared her throat. “And who is this?”

I glanced at Chelsea. “Oh, this is my good friend Chelsea or Chels. This is Melony.”

“Hi,” Melony said.

“Um, hi,” Chelsea mumbled. “I, uh, what—”

“Chelsea’s tired,” I said quickly. “We’ve been moving stuff all day. Can you check Enzo out to make sure he’s okay? I won’t let him move until we’re sure.”

“Right, I should do that.” She took a few steps back, her eyes still lingering on Chelsea. “Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, you too.”

Melony turned on her heels, a visible pep in her step as she bounced over to Enzo. Chelsea’s eyes ran up her long legs. She whistled.

“She single?”

“I think she has a girlfriend,” I said.

“Are they serious?”

I elbowed her. “Chelsea! Bad girl, down.”

She groaned. “It’s like she walked right out of my dreams.”

I shook my head. “Are you going to move boxes or daydream?”


My elbow collided with her side again. She hissed at me, but one glance from Melony made her scramble from the back of the truck. Chelsea picked up a box, propped it onto her shoulder, and made her way to the apartment.

I shook my head. “Show off.”


We carried the boxes in while Melony and Enzo broke off to the guest room. It was the one place that wasn’t stuffed full of boxes. I navigated a few stacks. Penelope meowed at me from his spot on the wall perch Enzo had built for him. I reached up, scratched between his fluffy ears, and kept going up the stairs.

Smoke filled the air. I waved a hand through it, narrowing my eyes at Giancarlo and Benito. Both of them paused, blowing smoke out of the window and looking as if they were kids who had been caught sneaking into the cookie jar.

“I thought you two were helping,” I said as I put a box down.

“Busted.” Gin grinned, walking over to throw an arm around my neck. “We’re having a smoke break. Want one?”

I peeled his arm off. “Nope. I’ll be out of breath. And don’t let Enzo see you touching me.”

“Right. I keep forgetting he’s crazy these days.” Gin laughed. “We’re practically brothers now. He’ll have to get over it.”

“Don’t start shit,” Benito warned his brother. “I’m not cleaning up anyone’s blood.”

Gin threw his hands up. “Nobody knows how to have any fun around here.”

“We clearly have very different definitions of fun.” I shoved Chelsea’s box on top. She made herself scarce, not used to Benito’s withering gazes. It still got to me sometimes, but I felt safe because of Enzo. “I think we’re almost done.”

Benito grunted. “And you’re sure this is the right decision for you two?”

I nodded, meeting his gaze head-on. “Yeah. I love him. I don’t want to be anywhere else but with him.”

Giancarlo awwed. “You two are disgusting together.”

“Now you sound like Chelsea.” I grinned.

He grinned right back. “Don’t break my brother’s fucking heart, or I’ll rip yours out while you watch.”

Cold shot through me. I blinked. Giancarlo was still smiling, looking just as carefree and laid back as before. Did I make that up? Did he actually say that?

“I feel the same way,” Benito added, and I knew I hadn’t misheard a damn thing. “What do you plan to do now? I don’t want another freeloader bringing him down.”

“Enzo and I have talked about things. When he’s feeling one hundred percent, and I’m not having nightmares of my partner’s head being turned into a red pulp, I’ll look into school again. I’ll find something I want to do.”

“Sorry about that,” Gin said. “We might have anger issues.”


“Okay, fine,” he groaned. “We definitely have anger issues.”

I shook my head. He was right about that. Not one Vitale seemed to be able to control their tempers. Even Enzo, who could be very level-headed, had a monster simmering under his skin, waiting to be released.

“We better get back to it before Enzo thinks we’re torturing you,” Benito said.

I nodded. As we walked to the door, I stopped with the knob still in my hand. I turned back toward them.

“You two know he’s autistic, right?”

“We don’t talk about it,” Benito muttered. “The way our family back home is—”

“One hundred percent.” Giancarlo laughed. “Known it since forever. We’re so used to it I think we honestly forget.”

“We don’t talk about it,” Benito repeated, giving Gin a pointed glare. “Shut up.”

“I’m just saying!” Gin shrugged. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“According to us. Not to the rest of the family.”

“Right.” Giancarlo scratched the back of his head and shrugged. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter.    Enzo’s just Enzo. We love him, same as you.”

“Not the same,” Benito clarified.

I grinned between the two of them. Benito almost seemed jealous. It made sense; I’d come out of nowhere and stolen his little brother from him. I wanted to tell Benito I was never going to hurt him, but my words didn’t mean shit. All I could do was show him.

“What the fuck are you three doing up here?” Enzo growled as he wrenched the door open. His eyes narrowed. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” I said, reaching out to wrap my arms around his body. “What did Melony say?”

Enzo looked at his brothers before his gaze wandered back to me. “She says I’m fine. I can move stuff if it’s not too heavy.”

I nodded. “I still think you should take it easy.”

He gave me an exhausted look. “I had the doctor check me out, and you’re still bitching?”

“Get over it.”

Enzo grabbed a handful of my hair. His nails dug in, scraping over my scalp as he dragged me into a deep kiss. When he pulled back, he growled at me.

“I already told you to watch it.”

My heart pounded, all the blood rushing right to my cock. That was what I was looking for, that dangerous edge that made my heart go pitter-fucking-patter. I left a kiss on the tip of his nose, making him let out an exasperated sigh.

“We better get this stuff moved before Chelsea steals your doctor.”

Benito brushed past us. “I’ve seen more than enough of that,” he muttered.

“I’m with him.” Gin jogged down the stairs. “I’ll stop Chelsea.”

I didn’t know what it was about those two, but he and Chelsea were actually starting to get along. She was still nervous, especially when he let something crazy leave his lips, but they had things in common. Like being completely unhinged. I had the distinct feeling he was on his way to encourage her debauchery.

“What were you three talking about?” Enzo asked once everyone was gone.

I waved a hand. “Nothing important,” I said, reaching out to brush my fingers through his hair. “You have good brothers.”

He nodded. “We’d do anything for each other.”

“I believe it.” I leaned down to capture his lips once more. Enzo’s warm tongue slipped into my mouth. I groaned, shoving him against a wall as my body ached for him. “Would it be rude to disappear for a little while?”

“What’s a little while?” Enzo asked.

“Ten minutes.”

“We both know it’ll take longer than that.” Enzo’s hand slipped into my pants, wrapping around my cock. “I plan to take my time.”

I licked my lips. “Fuck.”

“Yep.” Enzo bit my bottom lip.

“Stop being whores and help!” Chelsea called up the stairs. “We’re not getting paid for this!”

I groaned as Enzo pulled away. He caressed my cheek, brushing his thumb over my skin before dragging it across my bottom lip. My tongue darted out, lapping at it.

“You’ll pay for teasing me.”

“I sure as fuck hope so,” I muttered. I laughed as I turned, only to have my wrist grabbed, and I was turned back to face him. Enzo’s face had suddenly gone serious. “What? What’s wrong?”

“I love you so damn much.”

I desperately tried to swallow around the lump in my throat. “I love you too.”

Our lips met, and I never wanted to pull away from him again. No matter what shit we had to go through, we would face it together because I knew one thing for sure. Being with Enzo Vitale was the best decision I’d ever made.


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