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Tempted By The Devil: Epilogue


(Two years later…)

While Adriano plays on the kitchen floor, I put the finishing touches on the special dinner I prepared for tonight.

Leaving the food to rest in the oven, I turn around and look at my son, who’s the spitting image of his father.

I check the time and let out a sigh. “Your daddy is late.”

“Daddy,” Adriano chuckles while playing with his blocks.

It’s already past five thirty. Angelo should’ve been home already.

Crouching down, I pick up Adriano and walk to the living room, where I left my cell phone.

Tiny glances at me, then smiles at Adriano. “Hey, buddy. Are you done helping Mommy cook?”

I let out a chuckle. “I wish. Do you know what’s keeping Angelo?”

He shakes his head. “Want me to make a call?”

“Please.” I put Adriano in his playpen and watch as Tiny calls someone. Probably Big Ricky.

“Hey, Tori wants to know why Angelo is late,” Tiny says. He listens for a moment, then mutters, “I’ll tell her.” When he ends the call, he looks at me. “There’s a meeting at the club with the other heads of the Cosa Nostra that’s running a little late.”

“Why tonight of all nights?” Letting out a huff because the dinner is going to spoil, I shake my head. “Take me to the club.”

Tiny’s eyebrows fly up. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. Rita needs to go home, and the food can’t rest too long.” I walk back to the kitchen and find Rita, where she’s unpacking the dishwasher. “Do you mind watching Adriano? I won’t be long.”

“Of course. Should I keep an eye on the food?”

I shake my head. “No, I’ve turned off the oven.”

I head back to where Adriano is blissfully playing with his toys and press a kiss to his head. “Mommy will be back soon.”

I’m going to drag your father’s butt home.

Leaving the house with Tiny, I climb into the back of the SUV, and as he drives us to the club, I think about Angelo’s reaction when I got pregnant with Adriano. I was so excited I didn’t plan anything special and just blurted the news out to him.

He fell to his knees in front of me and kissed my abdomen with tears in his eyes. The only other time he was that emotional was when I gave birth to our son.

My mouth curves into a smile.

“Does all of this have anything to do with the nausea you’ve been having the past week?”

I give Tiny a look of warning. “You’re sworn to secrecy. Don’t say a word to Angelo.”

“My lips are sealed,” he chuckles, a wide smile on his face.

He stops the SUV in front of Fallen Angels, and I wait for him to open my door before I get out.

Walking into the club, all the staff hurry to greet me with respect. It’s something that took some getting used to.

I ignore the strippers on stage and all the men leering at them and head straight to Angelo’s office.

Big Ricky is leaning against a wall, and when he sees me, a grin spreads over his face. “Hey, Tori.” He opens the office door for me and steps out of the way.

When I enter the room, five sets of eyes lock on me.

Over the past two years, I’ve learned to trust the other four heads of the Cosa Nostra.

“Sorry for the interruption, gentlemen,” I say before my eyes lock on Angelo. “I’ve planned a special dinner, and the food will spoil if you don’t come home.”

Honestly, I’m just so freaking excited to tell him the good news.

Angelo gets up from his chair. “You’ve heard her. Meeting’s over.”

Dario lets out a burst of laughter, but none of them argue, for which I’m grateful.

Angelo stops in front of me and presses a soft kiss to my mouth. “I like it when you get all bossy.”

Taking his hand, I pull him out of the office, doing my best not to just blurt out the news.

You can wait another thirty minutes.

When we climb into the SUV, Angelo gives me a questioning look. “Is everything okay?”

I nod and roll my lips between my teeth to keep my mouth shut.


When I won’t look at him, he grips hold of my chin and forces me to meet his gaze. “What’s going on.”

I make a frustrated sound then the words burst from me, “I’m pregnant!”


Angelo’s eyebrows draw together, then his eyes drop to my abdomen. “You’re pregnant?”

My excitement floods me, and I nod like a crazy person. “I took three tests to be sure. We’re having another baby!”

His hand covers the space where our second baby is growing, and his eyes shine just like the first time we got pregnant.

“Adriano’s getting a little brother or sister,” I say, unable to stop smiling.

Angelo frames my face and kisses the ever-loving crap out of me before murmuring against my lips, “You’re fucking incredible.”

“It takes two to make a baby,” I tease him.

His eyes capture mine again. “Yeah, but you do most of the hard work.”

I shake my head. “It’s not hard work.” I brush my hand over my abdomen. “It’s just another one of my dreams coming true.”


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