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The Boy I Once Hated: Epilogue


I fumble with the phone as I type out my father’s number.

“Hey, little bird. What’s up?” he says, shocking me when he actually answers on the second ring.

“I need to move in with you.”

There’s a long silence. “Uhh, well–”

“You’ve never done anything for me, and I never asked you to. But I need you to do this one thing for me now. I can’t stay here. I need to leave Thatcher’s Bay. Now, Dad. I’ll sleep on the couch, the floor if I have to. I don’t care. It’s not a permanent thing. It’s just until I go to Dartmouth in the fall,” I spit out. “I’m on the next ferry out of here, Dad. The question is, will you be there to pick me up, or am I sleeping on the streets? Because even if your answer is no, I’m going.”

There’s another long pause, and I’m sure he’ll say no even as I hastily throw my things into a bag.

“I’ll be there,” he finally says. “I promise.”

I don’t believe him, because I don’t believe in anyone’s promises anymore.

But I still leave the house with my bags. And I still get on the first ferry out of this godforsaken island.

And I don’t feel a thing when my father’s actually waiting at the dock when the boat pulls in.

When I get settled, I’ll call my mother and explain why I left without so much as a goodbye. Daisy will make sure she understands.

But no matter what…I’m never going back to Thatcher’s Bay again.


I think about hurling myself off old man Winter’s lighthouse for months after she leaves.

I see it so clearly in my mind. Falling off the cliff and letting the ocean take me under. Letting the waves crush my skull on the rocks—until blue is tinged with dark red.

But I can’t muster up the courage to go somewhere she’s not.

Not even in death.

The only thing that keeps me going, day by meaningless day, is that she’s living her dream.

Even if all my dreams are now dead.

I’m going to love Skylar Ames…forever.

And she’s going to hate me just as long.


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