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The Burning God: Dramatis Personae

The Southern Coalition and Its Allies

  • Fang Runin: a war orphan from Rooster Province, former commander of the Cike, the last living Speerly
  • Chen Kitay: the son of the former Imperial defense minister, heir to the House of Chen, Rin’s anchor
  • Sring Venka: an archer from Sinegard, daughter of the former Imperial finance minister
  • Liu Gurubai: the Monkey Warlord, a brilliant politician
  • Ma Lien: bandit chief, member of the southern leadership
  • Liu Dai: member of the southern leadership, Gurubai’s longtime ally
  • Yang Souji: resistance leader from Rooster Province, commands the Iron Wolves
  • Quan Cholang: the young, newly appointed Dog Warlord
  • Chiang Moag: Pirate Queen of Ankhiluun, aka the Stone Bitch and the Lying Widow

The House of Yin

  • Yin Vaisra: the Dragon Warlord and leader of the Nikara Republic
  • Yin Saikhara: the Lady of Arlong and the wife of Yin Vaisra
  • *Yin Jinzha: the oldest son of the Dragon Warlord and the grand marshal of the Republican Army, killed by Su Daji
  • Yin Muzha: Jinzha’s twin sister, Vaisra’s only daughter
  • Yin Nezha: the second son of the Dragon Warlord
  • *Yin Mingzha: the third son of the Dragon Warlord, killed by the Dragon of Arlong as a child

The Trifecta

  • Su Daji: formerly the Empress of Nikan, aka the Vipress, calls on the Snail Goddess of Creation Nüwa
  • Jiang Ziya: the Gatekeeper, calls on the beasts of the Emperor’s Menagerie
  • Yin Riga: the Dragon Emperor, presumed dead since the end of the Second Poppy War

The Hesperians

  • General Josephus Tarcquet: the leader of the Hesperian troops in Nikan
  • Sister Petra Ignatius: a representative of the Gray Company (the Hesperian religious order) in Nikan, one of the most brilliant religious scholars of her generation

The Cike

  • *Altan Trengsin: a Speerly, formerly the commander of the Cike
  • *Ramsa: a former prisoner at Baghra, munitions expert
  • *Baji: a shaman who calls on the Boar God
  • *Suni: a shaman who calls on the Monkey God
  • Chaghan Suren: a shaman of the Naimad clan and the twin brother of Qara
  • *Qara Suren: a sharpshooter, speaker to birds, and the twin sister of Chaghan
  • *Aratsha: a shaman who calls on a river god




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