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The Devil Tainted Us: Chapter 23


I knock on the door, waiting for my mother’s response.

“Come in,” I hear her soft, muffled voice from the other side. Opening the door I step inside her room, finding her sitting on her bed and applying lotion on her arms.

She meets my gaze with a smile on her lips.

“Come here, sweetie,” she murmurs, gesturing towards me and patting the bed to sit beside her.

Trying to control my racing heart, I slowly reach her and take a seat with my eyes casted down. She raises her hand and on instinct I flinch away, but when I feel her fingertips running along my hair I try to relax.

“Don’t be like this around me, you know your mother will never hurt you.”

No. I stopped believing that after I got to know the dark secret that she and father have been hiding from us.

She keeps caressing my hair before leaning in to kiss my head and pulling me closer to hug. Before this I have always sought for comfort in her arms but now…I loath it.

“I just wanted to let you know how proud I am,” she murmurs. “For following our footstep and being part of the Magdalene. And your father and I are sure you will continue this ritual when we both go to heaven.”

Never. I will never do that no matter what. I want to be as far as possible away from this hellhole.

Suddenly, she leans towards my cheek and lightly plants a kiss while her hand caresses my other cheek as it lowers down to my chest.

I scowl, feeling an instant discomfort, trying to move back from her hold. But she keeps me close against her chest, planting kisses on my neck and ear.

“W-what are you doing?” I whisper, anxiety and tension glooming in my tone.

“Showing my son how much I love him, showing him my appreciation,” she rasps against my ear. Her hand slides down to my pants.

Fear grips me by my throat, knocking away the air out of my lungs.

“No, please stop…this is wrong, mother,” I protest, moving her hands away. But it feels futile as she uses her strength and starts to pull down my pants.

“This is right. You deserve a reward and you should please your mother, too.”

“No! Let me go!” I yell.

She keeps touching me everywhere, holding my jaw and I don’t hesitate with the chance to bite down harshly into her hand.

“Ow!” she yelps, pulling away and I don’t hesitate to run away.

“Don’t forget what will happen to your brother if you disobey me!” Her words halt my steps with my hand pausing against the door.

She found a weak spot, knowing well I won’t be able to say no to her when I know the things she or father will make my brother go through.

I swallow the lump in my throat and feel my ears drumming with my heart pounding against my chest. I can barely breathe evenly as I walk back to her at a slow pace, even though I know there is no escaping.

I sit down again as she smiles softly, putting on the fake mask of being a loving and caring mother. But underneath she is nothing but a monster who is ripping me away from innocence bit by bit…day by day.

“Lie down,” she murmurs, pushing me down by my shoulder. My eyes are strained on the ceiling with my hands gripping the bed sheet tightly.

“You will enjoy this, sweetie. Tonight will be the first step for you to become a man.”

She kneels between my legs and pulls down my pants, making me feel vulnerable like never before. I feel her hand wrapping about my privates, moving it up and down.

Disgust clouds upon me, inking my soul with shame. My sight starts to blur from the tears forming in my eyes while mother keeps touching me…kissing me…everything…until I have nothing left.

I jolt awake, breathing heavily from the memory that took place in my nightmare. Swallowing deeply, I try to calm down my racing heart, when I feel the softness and warmth of a hand placed on my chest.


Letting out a sigh, I try to move her arm which makes her shift in her sleep. But when I look at her, I just feel my heart stopping from being mesmerized by her beauty.

It was nearly dawn when Agatha fell asleep and I joined her too. She is on her front, showing off her smooth back with my blanket covering her from her waist.

Her angelic face is illuminated by the ignited candles on the side tables. I softly caress her cheek as I push back a loose strand of her hair and tuck it behind her ear. She carries the beauty of the rose that she takes care of.

Innocent. Blooming. Captivating.

But it even carries dangers like the thorn of the rose that will prick me until my skin is bleeding.

A dangerous beauty that this beast is willing to die for.

I will save her as promised but first I need to repent for the dangers I’m causing her. I slowly leave the bed and put on some clothes before leaving the room.

When I get to the main hall room where the prayers happen, I find it empty. Perhaps, Geryon is still taking care of the dead bodies of those six women.

This is my chance.

I make my way to the checkup room and quickly make a new list of medicines for Agatha. Then I head to the closet where boxes of medicines are piled with the name of the patients written on it.

I find Agatha’s box and take it out, searching for the small glass bottle containing green pills. Thankfully, I find the bottle and put it inside my pocket. Placing the box back inside the closet where it previously was, I shut the door.

“What are you doing here?” I hear Agnes’s voice from behind that turns my body still.

I try to breathe evenly and put on a serious face before I face her with a cold expression like I always did.

“It’s my job to be here. I don’t need to explain to you,” I mutter.

She is in her usual nun getup. Her skin looks slightly pale from the sleeping pills Agatha must have put in her tea. But I made sure to give her an antidote in case the dose was too high and seems like it helped her recover.

Though the look on her face expresses that she knows what must have happened to her last night and who might have done it.

“But you don’t check the medicine boxes that much. You simply give me the list and I stack them for you. Having doubts about my ability?” she asks, crossing her arms and stalking towards me.

“Doesn’t hurt to be double sure. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do,” I mutter. “Get some rest for today, you look weak.”

I walk past her but she grabs my wrist, halting my steps.

“And being with Agatha is something you are supposed to do?” she retorts, looking at me over her shoulder with a hint of sadness painting in her eyes.

“That’s none of your business,” I warned her.

“Everything that happens at the Magdalene is part of my business. Geryon doesn’t like you being so close to her. You should keep your distance with her.”

I grin darkly. “Geryon doesn’t like it or you don’t like it?”

She remains quiet with her jaws clenching with a rising anger. “She doesn’t deserve you. And since when have you been so connected with a patient?”

“What is your problem with it? You have Geryon to give you attention, so go after him like you always do.”

Her nostrils flare with rage burning in her eyes as she stands in front of me. “When will you understand that I want nobody but you. I go to your brother to make you jealous but you don’t care.”

“Trust me, I don’t give a single fuck what you do with him.”

She grabs my collar, leaning closer with her eyes watering. “Then why did you save me and bring me here? You wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t care. I still remember our first night together and more nights after that. But since that whore came here, you don’t care about me anymore.”

Without thinking I grab her jaw with a threatening grip and loom over her with a dark, heartless gaze. “Call her a whore again and I will cut your tongue out. Stay the fuck away from her and mind your own business.”

She snickers at my words. “So caring and possessive of her already. But what will you do when she knows what you did to her?”

My silence boosts her suspicion and arrogance. “Did you tell her how you are the one prescribing her drugs that make her hallucinate? Does she know how you are drugging her just for money?”

Rage empowers me and I hold her throat, choking her tightly. She starts to struggle breathing with her eyes wide open like she wasn’t expecting me to do this.

She asked for it so she will surely get it.

“I will tell you this final time. Stay the fuck away from her and me. You didn’t mean anything to me then and you still don’t mean anything to me. You never will. Don’t fuck with me in this situation, Agnes, or I swear you will regret ever meeting me in the first place,” I sneer under my breath before pushing her away with disgust.

She coughs holding her neck as I leave the room without a single glance or care for her.

I first met Agnes in a brothel where her pimp was beating the shit out of her that at one point she was unconscious. But when her pimp ordered his men to kill her because she got pregnant from one of her customers, I decided to save her.

Her pimp didn’t care if she lived a rotten life or died like nobody. I bought her from him and took her to a hospital to get treated. She survived but her child didn’t from the beating.

She had nowhere else to go so when I told Geryon about her he agreed to let her live in the Magdalene. But if I knew she was going to repay me this way, I would have left her at the hospital.

But she isn’t lying either. She merely told me the truth I have been hiding from Agatha. And the sin I have been acting towards her is something I won’t even forgive myself for.

But at that time, I had no other choice when Geryon told me about Tristen’s proposal.

I step inside Geryon’s chamber, who is sitting on his chair, drinking a glass of bourbon.

“You wanted to see me?” I ask, taking a seat in front of him.

He nods, passing me another glass and pouring the bourbon on it.

“A new patient is coming. We have to get her from Vailburg Port. Her brother-in-law has paid a million for it.”

Like I cared how much money we are getting.

I take a sip of the bourbon letting the golden umber burn down my throat. “Is he aware of who we are?”

“Not fully. But he was somewhat of an idea. But he wants something else out of this. And we need the money to get more of our supplies for the patients.”

I nodded. “What does he want?” I ask.

“His name is Tristen Arthur, one of Vailburg’s richest men. His wife died last year and his sister-in-law, Agatha, lives with him now. But before dying his wife made her sister the sole owner of their family property. And to have that inheritance on his own he wants to prove to their lawyers that Agatha is mentally unstable because of her sister’s death. He has been telling everyone she hallucinates her sister but Agatha keeps protesting that she only has nightmares about her. So, you have to find a way to make it happen.”

I take another sip, nodding in response.

After committing so many sins, this one feels nothing to all those. I stopped feeling pity for the women who unknowingly became victims of this dark world because their fate cursed them and there is nothing they can do but accept it.

Agatha is going to be no different.

She will end up like one of the patients here or be one of Geryon’s sacrifices. Rest is up to her.

“Maybe use those new medicines we recently got from Julius.”

I frown, meeting his gaze. “The one that causes hallucination? But we only tried that on one patient so far. And not much changes have been recorded. So, we don’t know what the side effects-”

He raises his hand to pause my words which only makes me infuriated because he knows how much I hated being interrupted. But he is even aware I won’t protest about it if he does it.

“It doesn’t matter. She is emotionally vulnerable after her sister’s death which makes her an easy prey. You can even later put it in the files that her sister’s death triggered her mental problems.”

I nod again and finish the rest of the drink before standing up. “It will be done. I will add the medicines to her list when she arrives here. A daily intake of it after lunch should do the work.”

“Good. Make sure that happens.”

And it did happen.

She took the pills every day. It was slow at the first few days but it worked it’s dark magic when she started to hallucinate which was triggered by the guilt of Helena’s death. And if she keeps on taking more the effects would have stayed permanently too with her until she completely loses herself. Tristen could easily take her to the lawyers and show proof that is mentally unstable, even though she isn’t.

But today it all stops.

I won’t be leading her to destruction by taking advantage of her trust she placed upon me.

The only thing I will do is protect her and get her the fuck out of here before it’s too late, because nothing has ever hidden from Geryon. And when he finds out he won’t hesitate to make her his prey.

I will save you, Agatha.

I swear on my last breath.


A few days have passed by since our first night together. Geryon didn’t come to me the next day for interrogation which made me feel relieved. He didn’t know it was me and Beth.

But however, Beth suddenly seems to be…distant.

During our chores and eating times, she won’t even look at me. I thought to wait for her to come around thinking maybe that horrific night might have affected her too much. But after a few more days it’s clear something is wrong.

“What are you thinking?” Eryx asks from behind me as we sit together beside the window, watching the usual rainfall.

“Just thinking about Beth. Something feels wrong with her, she isn’t talking to me or even looking at me.”

“Did you get the chance to talk with her?”

I shake my head, leaning my head on his chest while he tightens his hold around my waist. “If you are worried, I can get her to talk with you tomorrow. I have some work to do with Geryon so meanwhile you can talk with her.”

“That would be good,” I mutter before we indulge ourselves in the silence.

“The rose is in much better condition,” he mutters, making me gaze on the rose that was resting inside the jar beside the window.

I smile softly looking at it. “It just needed love and care. Even in the darkest place innocence can bloom.”

“You worked your magic on it, that’s why,” he mutters and kisses my temple as I feel him smiling, and when I look over my shoulder, he indeed is. He rarely smiles genuinely and when he does…he looks mesmerizing.

From our first meeting, I have taken Eryx to be my captor who wanted nothing but to ruin me deep to my soul. He promised it but something made him change his mind and he became my savior.

But after knowing he is like a prisoner like me in the Magdalene, I can understand his feeling…I can understand him. He is suffering through this darkness for his brother, whom he loved and cared for with every last bit of his heart that he thinks doesn’t exist within him. But knowing his truth showed me the path towards that lost heart…that lost part of him that I am falling for.

He keeps caressing my arms with the back of his hands, sending a pleasing warmth through my skin. Every time his fingers touch me it feels like magic healing the broken parts of my soul.

He is like a dark magic to whom I’m starting to give up my soul and possibly my heart too, but only time will tell if this magic will bring my freedom or downfall.

Few hours later, Eryx and I leave the room where I go to for my instructed chores, going about my day and spending my time by working and having meals. By the end of the day, we are instructed to go to the confession room, which I have now noticed happens every five days. It is either held by Geryon or Eryx, but it’s mostly Eryx.

When my name is called, I enter the room, closing the heavy door behind me as I stalk towards the confession booth. There are candelabras at the four corners of the walls with a small table where a few books are stacked on top.

There are two doors on the confessional box and as always, I go to the left side. I take my seat on the bench and pull the curtain close. A wooden net-like wall separates me and Eryx, who is in his usual priest dress with a white collar and his cross chain on his neck.

Despite the barrier, I feel his intense, scorching gaze heating up my skin and making my nerves alive with the dark desire I always feel around him.

As if he can read my emotions, I see him smirk through the gaps of the net and I feel my cheeks flushing.

“So, what do you have to confess, little girl,” he says.

Little girl. The only name he calls me every time he wants to be intimate with me. And just from those two words I feel the atmosphere around us turning fiery.

“Nothing much,” I whisper, looking down at my lap.

“Nothing much? So, you have been a good girl then?” he asks.

I swallow heavily, licking my lips. “You could say that.”

“Hmm. But then something tells me you have had sinful thoughts that you wished to do. Am I right, little girl?”

I can tell he is trying to play a game with me. A game where things feel more forbidden between us and to be honest, I wanted to be a part of it.

So, if he wants me to confess, then I will confess.

“What do you want me to say, Father Eryx?” I lean closer, “That every time I’m with you, I think of nothing but being close to you. That I wish to rip off your clothes and kiss every inch of your beautiful body that makes me yearn for you more than ever.”

He lets out a shaky breath while I continue confessing.

“I have sinful thoughts about you all the time because you are turning into an addiction for me that I can’t let go of.”

I bite my lip, touching my neck and skimming my hands lower. And the way his eyes follows my movements makes the scenario more erotic for me.

“Here is my confession, Father Eryx,” I rasp. My heart racing at high speed with my nerves pulse rapidly. I snake my hand to the hem of my dress, before hitching it up and showing him my dripping cunt that made my panties wet.

“I confess, that right now, in this moment, I wish you would come to me and fuck me senseless. I think of feeling your cock stretching my cunt, marking me as yours. It is a sin for sure but I’m willing to commit it again and again.”

“Are you making a priest turn into a sinner like you, little girl?” he groans, leaning closer, meeting my gaze.

I smirk. “How can I make you a sinner when you already are one? And let’s face it, you love to commit sinful acts with me, Father Eryx. So, the question is…who should get the penance, you or me?”

I hear him pulling down his zipper and see him taking his cock in his hand, stroking it up and down. Though my eyes are fixated on him, my hands start to have their own mind and move to my aching pussy, that is only throbbing for his touch.

“To know who deserves penance, it’s only fair if I confess my sins as well, don’t you think?”

“Yes, please,” I whisper.

“Here is my confession, little girl. At this moment, I want nothing more but to bring you to me, make you sit on my lap and take my cock so deep inside your cunt that you will feel your whole-body aching.”

I breathe heavily and move my panties aside, circling my clit with my juices coating my fingers.

“I want you to ride me until your cunt feels sore that you won’t be able to take it anymore but you still would want to continue. You know why?”

He pauses as we both remain silent with our ragged breathing filling in the air. He leans to the curtain on his side, pushing it open and nodding towards the entrance to his side of the booth.

He doesn’t need to elaborate furthermore and I get up, walking towards his side and standing in front of him. The lust and desire electrifies our bodies as we keep gazing upon each other with a dark, hungry look.

“Because you fucking love it when I’m inside you, when I claim you as mine,” he rasps. Leaning his hand forward, he snakes his hand behind my neck and pulls me closer, making me bend down.

“But you are right about one thing. This is a sin for sure, but even I’m willing to commit it every time for you. I don’t care if I go to hell for this but I do know this is worth it.”

I can’t take it anymore and lean forward to kiss him, but he pulls me back by my hair, gripping it so tightly that I feel the soothing burn throughout my scalp.

“Tsk tsk,” he tsks, shaking his head slowly with a devilish smirk. “Time to pray for your sins, little girl.”

He lands a deep and swift kiss, before looking at me with a dark gaze. “But I need to do the same. So, we both need to go through the penance.”

“How?” I whisper against his lips.

He moves back and suddenly picks me up, making me astride his lap. He turns with his back resting against the net wall. As if I weigh nothing to him, he turns me the same way.

“Let’s pray, little girl. And you better take your penance and fulfill it with everything you got.”

Grabbing my waist he pushes my ass up, closer to his face and draws my dress up. Sliding my panties aside, the moment I feel his tongue on my aching clit, I can’t help but let out a yelp of surprise that I instantly try to suppress by pressing my hand against my mouth.

Dear God.

I hold onto his thighs for support and when I see his cock bulging behind his pants, I understand the wicked idea he is implying.

I unzip the zipper, pull out his cock and take it in my hand as I give it a few strokes.

Hard. Long. Thick. Drooling and pulsing.

He groans against my cunt that I feel it vibrating against my clit, which only highlights my pleasure even more.

Returning my focus back on his cock, I give it a long lick with my tongue before taking the tip into my mouth and start sucking him, while his mouth is busy devouring my pussy.

“Mmm,” I hum against his cock, tasting the salty and addictive taste of his pre-come.

“Fucking God,” he groans for a moment before returning back to licking me. I feel my thighs trembling with pleasure coursing through my pulsing nerves.

Suddenly, he pushes three fingers inside my cunt, thrusting in and out along with his tongue working its magic on my clit.

I moan silently, worried others will hear us who are waiting on the other side of the room, but the thrill of getting caught just sends adrenaline rushing down my spine.

Eryx lightly chuckles and lightly nibbles my clit as I nearly shriek from his touch.

“You like this don’t you, little girl?” he rasps. “You are suppressing your moans so that nobody will hear you but at the same time you do want them to hear.”

With one last lick he shifts our position again and leans me backwards by my waist that my back is pressed against his chest and my head leaning on his shoulder.

Spreading my thighs, he circles my clit with his other hand wrapped around my neck. He softly bites my cheek. And all these intense sensation makes me moan out loud that I’m sure my voice was echoing even outside.

“That’s my girl. Moan for me, show them who is worshipping your body. Let them know that you are only mine,” he rasps in his deep voice against my skin, making my body buckle against his while I’m flying high on pure pleasure.

“Oh God,” I whimper.

“So, fucking good,” he whispers.

“But let’s make it better for you. Put my cock inside your wet cunt, right now,” he orders.

I lower my hand, and position his cock before slowly sliding it in and feeling full and stretched already.

“Ah! Eryx,” I whisper.

“I bet they can all hear you now but now they know the euphoria you are experiencing,” he groans, thrusting his hips as I feel his cock pushing in and out. My body surrenders to him completely.

“Fuck, every time my cock is inside that tight, wet cunt, I never want to leave. The more I have you, the more I crave for you every passing second. Your body tells me you are getting addicted to this, but trust me, little girl, you are the one who is hypnotizing me with your beauty and controlling me to the depths of my soul.”

“More, please,” I beg.

He chuckles darkly. “You want more,” he sits up and facing our body towards the entrance, “-then ride my cock and take your pleasure.”

And I do.

I move to a squat position, balancing my legs on the bench and my hands resting on his thighs as I move up and down rapidly on his cock.

And my God from this position I feel him deeper inside me.

“Fuck, yeah. That’s it, keep going. Take what you want, little girl,” he moans and fists my hair, leaning my head back.

My hips continue to thrust while I feel his cock swelling inside my cunt. My juices and his pre-come coats him as my insides start to quiver.

I feel myself reaching the peak point but only wished for this moment to last longer.

“Fucking hell, I’m getting close. Are you ready for my come, little girl? Ready for your cunt to be oozing with my load while you walk out of here?”

I whimper as his words trigger me to the last stop of my orgasm.

“Take my come. Every last fucking drop.”

“Ah!” I cry out loud as my body shudders with the intense orgasm hitting my body like an ocean wave, making my body and soul float in the world of pleasure. I feel Eryx coming as well feeling him squirt his come inside me, making me full despite a few drops already leaking out and onto the floor.

My body turns slack as I lose my hold but Eryx engulfs me in his arm while we both breathe heavily and try to return back to reality.

“Is my penance served, Father Eryx?” I ask with a hushed tone.

“For now, little girl. For this sin, you need to confess to me again later in our room and be ready for more.”


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