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The Perfect Fit: Chapter 77


Zeke kneels behind me on the floor of the limo, the coolness of his shirt soothing my overheated flesh. At some point in the last fifteen minutes, the car stopped moving and the engine turned off. As Zeke pushes me flat to the door, I peer out the tinted window at the parking garage in the basement of their building. He grabs my wrists and yanks them above my head. “Hold on, baby doll.” His low growl vibrates through my body.

I do as he asks, tightly gripping the handles above the doors. “Such a good little brat.” He laughs darkly as he proceeds to tie my wrists to the handles using my bra and panties. Devil!

He pulls at the restraints when he’s done and gives a satisfied grunt, then slaps my ass hard, making me yelp.

“You’re so fucked, princess. You too, brat.” West says with a growl and another loud slap comes from behind me. Xander groans, and when I glance over my shoulder, goosebumps break out all over my entire body at the sight of him bent over the bench seat with one of West’s hands fisted in his hair and the other bruising his hip while he drives inside him. Holy fucknuggets, that’s so hot.

Before I can enjoy more of the show, Zeke grabs my jaw and turns my head back to face the window, then smacks my ass. “No watching them while I’m fucking you tonight, baby doll.” He pulls my hair to one side and drags his teeth over my neck, making me squirm. “When I take this beautiful ass for the first time”—he spanks me again—“you’ll only be thinking of me. Isn’t that right?”

He pushes two fingers deep into my pussy, and I whimper. Rocking back, I pull on my restraints and lean against his hard chest.

“Isn’t. That. Right?” he asks again, punctuating each word with a thrust of his skilled fingers.

“Y-yes!” My scream fills the car and mingles with Xander’s groans.

Zeke slips his fingers out and slides them to the seam of my ass, circling my tight hole. I instinctively tense and inch forward until my chest is pressed against the door. But Zeke simply follows, the weight of his body sandwiching me between him and the window. I suck in a deep breath, and he pushes his finger farther into my ass. “I told you I was fucking this ass tonight, buttercup. And if you’d been a good girl instead of letting Xander take you in the car, I would’ve made you feel a little more comfortable. We would be doing this in bed with you spread open for me, and I would have used a half bottle of lube to get you nice and ready.”

Another brutal swat stings my sore ass cheek. “But you were a naughty little whore, and now you’re dripping with his cum.”

I wince at the burning stretch of his finger in my ass. “So that’s all I’m gonna use to fuck you with. Right here in this car with your luscious tits pressed against the glass and your hands tied with your own wet panties.” He sinks his teeth into my shoulder blade, biting hard as he pushes his finger all the way inside. Pain and pleasure fight for control of my body, making me cry out. “And you can cry and beg me not to.” Without warning, he drives his cock into my pussy, and stars flicker behind my eyelids. “But this ass is getting fucked no matter how hard you fight it.”

I chant his name with each moan and whimper he pulls from me with the simultaneous motion of his finger and his cock. So deliciously full of him, I feel like it’s too much, but I’ll never get enough. White hot pleasure coils deep in my core, snaking and turning and desperate to burst out of me.

“Not yet, buttercup.” He pulls out, leaving me empty and panting for breath. Seconds later, I shudder when his wide head presses against my asshole. He’s coated with mine and Xander’s release, but this is still going to hurt. There’s nowhere for my body to go with the cold steel of the car at my front and a scorching, desperate Zeke at my back.

He presses his lips to my ear. “Safe word?”


“Good girl.” With that, he pushes his cock into my ass.

I squeeze my eyes tightly closed as he stretches me wider than my body is prepared for. Tears leak from the corners, and the cheek that’s pressed against the window slips on the glass. Zeke grunts. “That’s it, cry for me, buttercup. You know that makes me want to fuck you harder.”

“No. It hurts,” I croak.

“I know it fucking hurts,” he growls. “It’s supposed to fucking hurt.”

“Zeke!” His name is more of a gasp than a word as he pushes deeper. My head spins from the pain and euphoria gripping my body. The pain is winning out, but it must speak to something inside my soul because I have no desire to utter my safe word and make it stop.

He dips his hand between my thighs and presses the pads of his pointer and middle fingers on my clit, tipping the balance back to where I love it. Pain might be the thing that gets Zeke off like nothing else, but the happiness of the people he loves—me, West, Xander—is always his primary focus. And I adore him for that.

“Your ass is so fucking tight, Lily. I want all the way inside you.”

“No, you’re too big. I can’t take any more,” I rasp as tears keep rolling down my cheeks.

Increasing the pressure on my clit, he rolls his hips and sinks all the way inside me until his thighs are slamming against mine, and I shudder violently as intense pain gives way to searing pleasure. “That’s it.” He thrusts gently now. “I’m all the way in, buttercup. I knew you could take all of me.”

“Fuck, Zeke.”

He trails his tongue over my neck. “Such a good little whore for me. Does it still hurt?”

“Yes,” I whimper.

With a groan, he gently thrusts in and out of me and continues to rub my clit. Then he sinks his teeth into the base of my neck, and that’s my undoing. I come apart in his arms, shaking uncontrollably, my teeth rattling in my head as he fucks me through my orgasm.

“Motherfucking fuck!” His hips still as he empties his release into me. He rests his forehead on my shoulder, both of us panting heavily.

“You are fucking perfect, buttercup.” Wrapping me in his arms, he slides his cock out of my throbbing ass.

Letting out a contented sigh, I burrow further beneath the comforter. West and Xander lie on either side of me, with Zeke behind Xander, his arm draped protectively over the pair of us. He and West cleaned us up when we got to the penthouse before making us hot chocolate with a shot of whiskey. A deliciously perfect end to a perfect evening. “I never want to leave this bed,” I murmur sleepily.

“I can make that happen, princess,” West growls in my ear.

I hum my agreement. “Maybe just for a little while?”

“Duvet day tomorrow?” Xander suggests.

“Christmas movies and hot chocolate with marshmallows and sugar cookies?”

“Christmas is six weeks away, buttercup.”

“I know, but I’m in a Christmassy mood. Can we put our tree up early?”

Xander chuckles. “We’ll need to get one first.”

“A real one will die if we get it now, princess.”

“Then we can get a fake one too? Then get the real one a few weeks before Christmas. Please?” When I was very young, Stefano and our housekeeper, Elena, always made the holidays special for Nico and me, and I hang onto those happy memories from my childhood while trying to forget the rest of it. This time of year has always been special to me, but Christmas in New York, with all the snow and the lights—it’s beyond magical. And spending the holidays with my guys … my heart flutters.

“Whatever you want, shorty.” Xander’s enthusiasm makes me smile, even as Zeke and West grumble a reluctant agreement.

“Don’t be so grumpy. Christmas is so much fun.”

West kisses my head. “I’m sure it will be with you. An excuse to spoil you with presents.”

“You don’t have to spoil me,” I insist. “That’s not why I love it.”

“Your ass still sore?” Zeke asks with a hint of warning in his voice.

My cheeks heat at the memory of him unhinged and feral in the limo. “Yes.”

“Well, if you don’t want to get thrown over someone’s knee and spanked, you will let us spoil you rotten for Christmas. You got that?”

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper.

“Sir?” West growls. “Oh, I fucking like that word on your lips, princess.”

Zeke laughs. “She didn’t call you Sir.”

A dark chuckle rolls through him. “Oh, she fucking will.”


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