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The Perfect Fit: Epilogue


“Samson, no!” I shout as the runaway mutt charges into the den with one of my shoes clamped between his slobbering jaws.

“Are you being naughty again, baby boy?” I follow Lily’s infectious laughter and find her with my shoe in one hand. The other hand scratches Samson’s wiggling belly. His tongue lolls out of his mouth as he glances over, and I swear the little fucker is laughing at me.

I glance at Stella and Snowflake, who are curled up on the rug in front of the roaring fire. “Shouldn’t you two be teaching the new guy some manners?”

Snowflake wags his tail and gives a soft woof. Stella, being Stella, closes her eyes, ignoring me completely.

“Aw, he’s just learning.” Lily gives him one final belly scratch, then orders him to go lie down beside his better-behaved canine siblings. I fight the urge to snarl when he does so without hesitation. Damn dog only listens to her and Zeke. It’s like he’s deaf to all voices that aren’t theirs, especially Xander’s and mine. “I got your shoe back.” She holds it out to me, a devious grin on her beautiful face.

Disgusted, I scowl at the slobber dripping from the sole. “I’ll buy a new pair.”

That makes her laugh harder, and she places the offending item on the floor. “I’ll clean it off later. It’ll be fine.” She wipes her hands on her red flannel pants.

My eyes roam her perfect body, hardly any of which I can currently see thanks to the aforementioned red flannel. “The fuck are you wearing, princess?”

“My Christmas pajamas.” She smiles brighter than the Christmas lights surrounding her.

I brush her dark curls back from her forehead. “You’re fucking adorable, you know that?”

A sweet pink flush stains her cheeks. Despite how she’s turned into an even bigger brat than Xander and all the filthy ways we fuck her, she still blushes so innocently when I compliment her. “You’re not really mad at Samson, are you?” She flutters her eyelashes.

I glance over my shoulder at the snoring Saint Bernard mix she brought home six weeks ago after someone left him tied up outside her building for an entire day. He wasn’t chipped, but I was convinced someone would claim him. Now I know why nobody did. He’s a menace.

But he’s our menace now. “No.” I sigh. “Who can be mad at that giant ball of slobber and fur?”

She giggles, and I sit on the floor beside her. Leaning back against the sofa, I pull her onto my lap. “Just please tell me you don’t plan on filling our gorgeous home with dogs.”

She bites down on her lip and looks up at the ceiling as she hums softly. Six months ago, we bought a house in the Hamptons, right on Wainscott Beach. We wanted somewhere we could switch off from the city on the weekends, but we’ve spent almost all our time here since. There’s something about having all four of us here that makes it feel like home in a way that nowhere else ever has. “I’m not sure I can make such an insane promise,” she finally says with a shrug. “I mean what if I find another poor stray who has nowhere else to go?”

“Wrong answer, princess.” Tickling her and nuzzling her neck, I soak in the music of her laughter. Who am I kidding? Our girl could bring home every stray in New York and none of us would do a thing to stop her.

She squeals and squirms in my arms, and I stop torturing her in favor of relaxing with her in my arms. Peace envelops me the way it so often does when she’s near. I glance at the twelve-foot fir near the fireplace, decorated in red and gold. “The tree looks beautiful.”

“Thank you. Xander and Zeke helped.”

I arch an eyebrow. “Zeke?”

She laughs. “Mostly Xander.”

I drop a kiss on her forehead. “Where are they?”

“I left them fooling around upstairs about fifteen minutes ago.”

“Oh?” I nip her neck and slide my hand beneath her pajama shirt. “So I have you all to myself?”

“Seems like,” she whispers. “Those two were super hot for each other.”

One of the many things I love about her is that she’s never threatened by our relationships with each other. “You didn’t want to join in?”

She shrugs. “The dogs needed feeding, and they seemed to be doing just fine without me. So I finished off the lights on the tree. Anyway”—she tugs on my tie, pulling me closer—“you’re home late, Mr. Archer.”

I run my nose over her sweet-smelling throat. “I was tying up a lot of loose ends so I won’t have to work until after the new year.”

Her eyes widen. “Really?”

I shake my head. “I won’t so much as open my laptop.”

Rolling her eyes, she swats my shoulder. “Liar.”

Flipping her over, I position her across my knee and spank her. The dogs glance over at her squeal, but immediately go back to ignoring us. They’re used to their mom getting her ass spanked and squealing like a brat. “Did you just call me a liar and roll your eyes, princess?” I smack her ass again.

“You two having fun without us?” I turn my head and grin at Zeke. Xander ambles in beside him.

When I pull Lily back up to a sitting position, her cheeks are as red as her pajamas. “Well, I was about to.”

“You bring our gifts?” Xander asks me with a knowing smile.

“I did. They’re in my briefcase in the hall.”

“But all the gifts are under the big tree in the living room,” Lily says as Xander rushes out, practically skipping.

“We got more.” Zeke gives her a grin that rarely made an appearance before she entered our lives. He’s always let Xander and me see the softer side of him, but that side was never truly soft. Watching him settle into life in this house with Lily and our dogs has brought me immeasurable joy. Before Lily, Xander and Zeke were the only two people in the world who truly mattered to me, and I would have done anything to make them happy. Who would’ve thought that one woman could be the answer for all of us?

“Thanks to your obsession with everything Christmas, we have four trees. Seemed like we needed more presents to go under them.” I place a kiss on her forehead.

Xander comes back with my briefcase and pops it open. “We are doing this tonight, right?”

“Yes. No more waiting.” Zeke sits on the couch behind Lily and me.

The spot between Lily’s brows pinches together. God, she’s so fucking beautiful. “No more waiting for what?”

Sitting on the floor next to us, Xander places the black bag in his lap and unties the gold ribbon. Lily watches him, probably assuming it’s a gift for him, and she isn’t wrong. There’s a gift for each of us in there.

“Yours is the blue box. Zeke’s is black. Lily’s is green.”

He grins at me. “And yours is gray.”

Lily glances between Xander and me as Xander takes the four ring boxes out of the bag and passes them out.

Lily runs her fingertip over the soft green velvet. “W-what are these?”

I shrug. “Open it and see.”

“Are these a gift from you?”

“From all of us, to all of us.”

Her frown deepens.

Xander fidgets. Zeke sits perfectly still. The heavy knot of anxiety in my throat mirrors the tension radiating from them. What if she says no?

She snaps open the box, and her eyes immediately fill with tears. Her ring is made of four thick bands fused together, two platinum and two rose gold, each engraved with one of our names. She looks at us with tear-filled eyes that overflow with love for us. “It’s beautiful,” she whispers.

Xander opens his box to reveal his ring, which is identical to Zeke’s and mine. The only difference between ours and Lily’s is that ours are all platinum. He immediately slips it onto the ring finger of his left hand, and Lily sucks in a stuttered breath.

“That’s where yours will fit too, princess.”

Tears drip from her chin, and she opens her mouth, but nothing comes out.

Zeke leans forward, hands clasped between his spread thighs. “We might not be able to legally marry each other, baby doll, but we are committed to you and each other more than any marriage license can demonstrate.”

She looks between Zeke and me. “You both have one too?”

I take out my ring and slide it onto my finger. “Sure do.”

“The only piece of jewelry I’ll ever agree to wear,” Zeke says as he puts his on.

Xander jumps up onto his knees. “So what do you say, shorty? Will you be our wife?”

Zeke cups her chin in his hand and tilts her head so she’s looking up at him. “Say you’ll be our partner in every way, baby doll.”

“Yes! Yes, I will,” she squeals, almost jumping off my lap with excitement. I take her ring out of the box, and a lump of emotion lodges in my throat as I slip it onto her finger. Fucking perfect.

I had this idea a few months ago but worried Xander and Zeke would think I was crazy. When I suggested it, they both immediately jumped on board the second I said the word wife, and we spent the last few weeks designing the rings. Xander has hounded me practically every hour on the hour this past week, beyond ready to do this. And in this moment, the four of us make sense in a way nothing else ever has. Together in everything. Always.

Lily holds out her hand, and the precious metals glint in the lights from the tree.

“Looks beautiful, Mrs. Archer.”

Zeke snorts. “I don’t fuckin’ think so. Mrs. Cavanagh is way better.”

“Actually, I think Mrs. King has a nice ring to it.” We groan, but Xander laughs at his pun.

A wicked grin curves her lips. “Or you could all change your name to Constantine.”

“Hell to the fuck no, princess. Not happening.”

She bites on her lip and flutters those long dark lashes at me. Brat. “We could always hyphenate. Constantine-Archer-Cavanagh-King.”

Xander roars with laughter. “Cack!”

“I’m not being called Mr. Cack, baby doll, not even for you.”

Lily giggles like she knew exactly what acronym that would make. “How about we keep our own names then?”

“I’m just gonna call you Mrs. Archer anyway.”

Zeke snarls. “And I’ll call you Mrs. Cavanagh.”

“Mrs. King.”

She pretends to scowl, but her lips stay curved. “I guess I’ll just have to answer to them all.”

I pop open the top two buttons of her pajama shirt and push my hand inside, cupping one of her breasts and squeezing. She is fucking ours, and I would die for her happiness as easily as I’d take my next breath. “Damn fucking straight you will.”

“West,” she murmurs, tipping her head back.

Xander kisses her neck and slips his hand into her pajama pants. “Always so fucking wet and ready for us.”

Zeke joins us on the floor and swallows her moans with his kiss.

Together the three of us strip off her clothes, kissing and touching her all over until she’s whimpering and begging to be fucked. I sweep my tongue over the length of her pussy and groan as her sweet taste floods my mouth.

“You think our wife needs some cock?” Xander asks.

Lifting my head from between her thighs, I lick my lips. “I think she might. You think you can take all three of us, princess?”

“Please,” she whines.

While our sofa is huge, it’s not nearly big enough for the filthy things we’re about to do to our girl. “Let’s take this party somewhere a little more comfortable.” Zeke sweeps her into his arms and leads us to the bedroom we share.


“This perfect little ass is mine, buttercup,” Zeke says with a throaty growl as he gives it a hard slap.

“I call dibs on pussy.” Xander tugs off his boxers, and now we’re all naked.

Stepping up behind him, West nips at the back of Xander’s neck, making him shiver. “That means your ass is mine, Fitch.”

Zeke lies on the bed, his back against the headboard and his outstretched hand summoning me. “Come here, Mrs. Cavanagh. I need to fuck you. Now.”

Anticipation skitters down my spine, and I bite my lip, holding his intense gaze as I crawl on top of him. He pulls my hair, tilting my head to his desired angle, and gives me an all too brief kiss. Then he spins me around, maneuvering me easily until I’m straddling him reverse-cowgirl style. “Lube,” he barks, and a second later Xander throws him a bottle.

I can feel Zeke coating his fingers and cock behind me, but my eyes are fixed on Xander. He licks his lips and crawls between Zeke’s spread legs. “You’re so getting fucked, Mrs. King.”

I tug my bottom lip through my teeth. “Is that a promise?”

Zeke grabs my hip with his free hand and tosses the lube to West. “Yes, it’s a fucking promise, baby doll.”

West stares at the three of us with hungry gray eyes, and a thrill of excitement runs through me. We’ve done this so many times, but it never feels any less incredible to have all of them together like this.

Zeke’s grip tightens on my hip as he slides a slick finger inside my ass, working it deeper and twisting before he adds a second, all to prepare me for his thick cock. So tender and careful even as he mutters about how desperate he is to fuck me.

Xander has a wicked glint in his eyes as he stares at the space between my thighs. “Spread her open a little for me, Z.”

Zeke opens his thighs wider so that mine follow.

West crawls onto the bed behind Xander. “Jesus. You’re fucking dripping, princess.”

Xander drags two fingers through my wet center, and my moans turn to desperate whimpers. “So wet and needy.” He pushes them into my pussy, and I sink my teeth into my lip, unconsciously stifling a loud groan.

Zeke removes his fingers from my ass and replaces them with the thick head of his cock. I hiss out a breath, the stretch burning despite how ready he’s made me. “Let me inside you, buttercup,” he growls.

Nodding, I inhale a deep, calming breath and relax my muscles, allowing him to give me more. Pleasure and pain lace together, and the feeling of fullness from Zeke being seated so deep inside me makes my head spin and my thighs tremble.

Xander’s crown nudges my entrance. “You in, Z?”

Zeke holds onto my hips with both hands now, his fingertips biting into my supple flesh. “Yeah.”

“You ready to take me too, shorty?”

I suck in another deep breath. “Uh-huh.”

Xander groans appreciatively, sinking his thick cock into my pussy. “Good fucking girl.”

My eyes flutter closed.

“Don’t fuck her yet,” West barks.

“Motherfuck,” Zeke mutters, but they both go still, the only movement the throbbing of their cocks inside me. Their muscles tense, and I know from experience that they’re holding back from driving into me until West says so. I love that their need for me is as strong as mine for them.

“Fuck, West,” Xander hisses as he’s pushed forward by West entering him, resulting in him thrusting deeper inside me. His tip brushes my G-spot, making me whine with desperation.

West grunts. “You love my cock, Fitch.”

I open my eyes to see Xander’s eyes rolling back in his head.

“Please?” Heat slicks between my thighs, every cell in my body vibrating with the need for them to deliver the mind-blowing orgasm they’ve stoked.

Zeke glides his hands up and down my sides. “Almost there, buttercup.”

West winks at me over Xander’s shoulder. “You’re so fucking beautiful stuffed full of my boys’ cocks, princess.”

West drives hard into Xander, causing him to rail into me. “Oh, fu—oh!” I cry.

Zeke growls, rocking his hips upward and fucking my ass. Molten pleasure floods my body, turning my insides to liquid as I melt between their hard bodies. Zeke and Xander hold me up while the three of them work in perfect harmony, moving together like they’ve been doing this with me forever. My first climax comes quickly, crashing over me in a rolling wave. They don’t stop as they fuck me through it, setting an exquisitely torturous pace.

“This ass is so fucking tight,” Zeke groans.

“So fucking wet for us, shorty.”

“So fucking perfect,” West growls.

They go on fucking me, whispering praise and filthy promises of what’s to come. I gasp in a breath and Xander seals his lips over mine, stealing my air and swallowing my screams. Zeke and West lean forward, and their mouths clash in a fierce kiss.

Another climax builds in my core. I ride the glorious symphony as it heightens to a stunning crescendo, soaring higher and higher. My body trembles, my lungs burning with the need for air as Xander goes on kissing me. Grunts and groans, panting breaths and curses, the wet sound of Xander driving in and out of my pussy, skin slapping against skin. I can no longer tell where I end and they begin. We all move together like one entity, focused on the singular goal of attaining that fierce mind-altering pleasure. And we chase it hard, each of us falling over the cliff one after the other like a chain reaction.

I lie between their hard bodies, my head spinning and pleasure swirling through my core and limbs—soothed and satisfied, warm and safe in this solid unit we built. This is exactly where we all belong.

Exactly where we all fit.


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