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Too Sweet: Chapter 34



I immediately tense at the sound of his voice. Taking a deep breath for courage, I spin on my heel, standing face-to-face with Brandon.

Over a week went by since the incident at Q. I stayed with Nico since then, skipping a week of college for his sake as much as mine. He asked me to wait until my bruise healed before going back, but with finals only days away, I can’t afford to skip any more classes.

The bruise is almost gone. Nothing but a yellow-green shadow over my jaw. It makes students and professors stop mid-step, openly staring at me with pitiful expressions.

No one has said one word to me since I walked through the door two hours ago, even though everyone knows what happened. The clip Jake recorded wasn’t just saved on his phone. It uploaded into the cloud…

Someone hacked Jake’s account, downloaded the video, and sent it flying around campus. I almost doubled over and threw up when the triplets told me, but I realized something while I stayed locked in Nico’s house.

I’m not ashamed of what happened. I’d rather not have the entire college ecosystem watch Jake Grey shove his dick inside my mouth, but if the clip proves a wake-up call for people like Brandon, that’s one good thing to come out of it.

Getting my sister back is the other.

She cried for hours on Sunday, apologizing for not being there for me throughout the years. We cleared the air, worked out the differences, and she’s been stopping by every day to keep me company while Nico’s at work.

I didn’t have time to be bored. Every member of the Hayes family came over at some point. Theo brought me food from The Olive Tree when Nico couldn’t take time off during lunch, and Rita practically lived with us, arriving early every morning and not leaving until Nico came home at five o’clock.

Shawn came over twice, once for the statement and once with an update I didn’t care much about. Jake’s father couldn’t afford to post bail, so he’s locked up, awaiting trial, and Jessie’s still recovering at the hospital. He’s getting better. The whack he took to his head won’t leave any lasting damage, but it didn’t look promising at first.

“Mia,” Brandon repeats, his tone measured like he’s afraid to startle me. He stands at a safe distance wearing his signature look: a letterman jacket and blue jeans.

His blond hair is combed to the side and styled the way rich, entitled boys style it… too much product. His cold, bluish-gray eyes skim over me, but there’s no cocky grin twisting his battered face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without it.

“Listen, I’m sorry,” he says, swallowing hard. “Truly. I know it doesn’t mean shit, but I really am sorry. I called it all off, I swear. You know news spreads like wildfire around here, so it shouldn’t take long before everyone knows not to touch you, but if any of those idiots are suicidal enough to say one fucking word to you, come straight to me, alright?”

I stare at him blankly. Nico mentioned he talked to him that night. While I expected Brandon to call off the prize, I didn’t expect an apology.

“Mia,” he urges. “Did you hear what I said?”

“I’m not deaf. Please just leave me alone, okay?”

He clenches his fists, but instead of annoyed, he comes across defeated. “I will. I promise, but if anyone bothers you, let me know. I’ll take care of it.”

“You’re the last person I’d ever come to for help.”

He runs his fingers through the perfectly styled hair, but it does nothing to mess it up. “I know you’ve got no reason to trust me. I get it, but I meant what I said. I’m here if you ever need anything.”

“Just stay away from me. That’s all I ask.” I turn on my heel to leave and find another person I don’t want to see in the middle of the corridor.

I veer to the left, getting out of Blair’s way, but she steps into my path, holding one manicured finger up.

“Give me a minute,” she says. “I owe you an apology.”

“Save it for someone who cares,” Cody’s voice booms behind me, and a shudder of relief rattles down my spine.

I’m still absolutely useless at confrontation.

“I’m trying to apologize,” Blair insists, glaring as his hand snakes around my middle.

“Bullshit. You’re trying to make yourself look good.”

She sinks her teeth into her bottom lip, eyes locked on Cody, tears welling. “I’ve seen the video… I didn’t hurt her, but—”

“You’ve been hurting her for years.”

She swallows hard, lifting her chin. “You’re right. And I’m sorry about that, and about…” She lets out a defeated breath. “I feel responsible. Maybe if I said something… I’m a girl, too, you know? What Jake did… I feel for Mia.”

“You’re not a girl, Blair. You’re a bitch, and you don’t feel. Save the theatricals for someone who gives a fuck.”

He ushers me down the corridor, away from Brandon and Blair, away from the curious eyes of other students who stopped nearby, pretending to talk with friends while listening to the exchange.

“You didn’t have to be so rude,” I say when we emerge from the building. “People change, Cody.”

He scoffs. “She hasn’t changed. She’s just aware everyone’s looking out for you now, and if she keeps acting like a bitch, it’ll come back to bite her ass. Don’t forget all the shit she put you through, Mia.”

I wish I could forget. What’s the point in dwelling on the past? All it does is bring me down. Nico was right when he said I don’t believe in myself.

What happened, happened.

I dealt with Asher.

I dealt with Jake.

It’s time I deal with the bullying and ridicule I suffered for years so my self-esteem stops taking a nose-dive. Maybe forgiving people who hurt me is the first step to healing?


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