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Torn: Epilogue

Kenzi ~ age twenty-two

Tor ~ age thirty-seven

I reach for him in a drowsy haze, but he’s not on his side of the bed. Smiling, I climb out of bed and walk across the hall, wearing nothing but his huge white t-shirt to the nursery to find him sitting exactly where I knew he would be—in the rocking chair with the baby asleep in his arms and Diogee and Kitten at his feet. I have to stop in the doorway for a moment because the sight of him holding our baby, with his shirt off, all covered in ink, and his long hair flowing down his shoulders takes my breath away. Every time.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream. A year ago we had a small private ceremony at Aunt Katherine’s Inn. My father walked me down the aisle and gave my hand to Tor with a smile, making me cry tears of happiness. We spent two weeks there making love, and walking along the beach at sunrise and sunset, kissing and talking for hours on end. It was a magical way to start our life together and we decided we’d make a ritual to go back there every year for our anniversary.

‘Tor,’ I whisper. ‘Why didn’t you wake me? I would have come to rock her back to sleep.’ He’s always getting up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby and I worry about him being tired during the day. I’m home all day so I can take naps when the baby does, but he has to stay awake at the shop.

‘I want you to get some rest, Angel. I know how excited you are about your parents coming for dinner tomorrow. Or later, whatever time it is now,’ he grins sleepily. ‘I don’t want you to be tired and stressed.’

Slowly standing, he gently lays Tia down on her back in the crib and covers her with the pink fleece blanket before kneeling down to kiss her cheek. Tor is an amazing father with endless patience and love for his little girl, but I had no doubt he would be that way.

I stand next to him and stare down at our beautiful sleeping baby, and rub my hand down his muscular back. ‘I’m fine,’ I answer. ‘Just excited that they’re coming. And a little nervous.’ It’s the first time my mother will be coming over to our house and I want everything to be just right.

Turning, he puts his arms around me. ‘Don’t be nervous. Just act natural like the doctor said, and if she veers off, just smile and turn the conversation back to the present. And try to remember to not call her Mom.’

I nod, but still feel a bit of nervousness inside. Last time she saw Tia she thought she was hers and it was horrible taking the baby away while she sobbed in confusion. Baby steps, the doctor advised, as it’s only been a few months since she came out of the coma. And lots of patience. That’s all we can do while her brain attempts to recover and remember her life. And us.

‘I’m going to make those cookies she likes with the smiley faces on them.’

He kisses my nose. ‘I like those, too.’ His hands slide down to cup my naked ass and he pulls me against him, leaning in to nuzzle my neck. ‘Do I have time to make love to my beautiful wife?’ he whispers.

‘You’re the boss. You’re allowed to be late,’ I whisper back, and my hands are already diving under his sweatpants to stroke him.

‘In that case,’ he says, picking me up and carrying me towards our bedroom. ‘I think I’m going to give myself the day off and spend it with my girls.’

Smiling from ear to ear, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek. ‘I love you. So much.’ He lays me down on our bed and I pull him down on top of me, wrapping my arms and legs around him in a full body hug, immediately taking him deep inside me, never feeling like I can possibly get close enough to him. ‘You made all my wishes come true.’

His smile nearly stops my heart with the amount of love and happiness that reaches his eyes, which always have flecks of golden light in them now, the shadows of sadness long gone and forgotten.

We made all our wishes come true, Angel. Me and you.’


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