Torque: Chapter 7


I planned to surprise Ronnie by taking her with me to show her the immense 3,000 square foot warehouse I had signed a lease on earlier that morning. The bank had given me the keys at the signing. Ronnie kept her eyes closed on the drive there. She opened her eyes once I got her inside, and she squealed with surprise and happiness. She jumped into my arms, and we started kissing. My cock sprung to a full hard-on in the blink of an eye. Ronnie always made me hard for her.

First, we were just kissing, then my hands were all over her luscious body and up her black miniskirt. The next thing I knew her thighs were around my hips, and I was fucking her against the wall in the empty warehouse. Her moans and my grunts echoed throughout the empty warehouse. I thrust into her hard as she combed her hands through my hair and pulled, which only made me lose control and come deep inside her hot, wet pussy.

I placed her feet back on the ground as she straightened out her skirt and ran her hands through her dark raven hair. Ronnie looked so damn sexy getting royally fucked up against the wall of my new garage.

I zipped up my jeans and exhaled. “Just can’t help myself when you wear ‘fuck-me’ clothes, Ronnie. I guess we just broke the garage in darlin’.”

Ronnie giggled. “What better way to break in your new business, Mean Machines!”

I reached and snatched her back up, lifting her off the ground again. “I love you, Ronnie.”

Her gorgeous smile got my heart pounding. “I love you, too, Torque.”

“Mean Machines is ours. You’re my woman and my business partner. We do this together.”

She planted her soft lips against mine. “Yes. Together.”


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