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Twisted Devotion: Epilogue


Two Months Later

“You’re still here?”

Her voice was like honey, coating me with soft warmth.

Her long, dark hair was draped over her shoulders.

Wearing a white dress, she looked ethereal walking into the darkly furnished room. I lowered the top of my laptop and motioned her toward me. She smiled, approaching my desk.

“I thought you’d be at the party by now,” she said.

“It’s still early. Besides, what would I do there without you?”

I held my arms open and she came around to slide comfortably onto my lap. I slid my hand up her thigh, teasing a hitched gasp from her lips. Of all her sounds, that was one of my favorites. Second only to the sound of her screaming as she came all over my cock.

“What did you do when you went there without me before?” she asked, her brows going up, anticipating the worst.

Nothing. I watched. Reveled in the debauchery. Rarely did I indulge and I didn’t miss it. There wasn’t a single other woman who’d left her mark on me the way she had. Hers was the only face I saw when I closed my eyes. The only voice I wanted to hear calling out my name.

It took some getting used to. Having her here but allowing her to come and go as she pleased. Leaving in the morning to work with her father at the mortuary and returning in time for dinner with me.

The normalcy of it made me want to laugh. I never thought I’d become this domesticated.

Well, perhaps not domesticated, but something closer to it than I’d ever thought possible. It helped that she was never alone outside of this house. Anytime she left it was with an escort, much to her annoyance, and the mortuary was a secure building now. With proper surveillance and armed men at the exits while she worked.

I protected what was mine.

I pressed my lips to her neck.

“I don’t like what you’re suggesting,” I said. “Did you think there was a long line of women before you, little lamb?”

She giggled, tightening her arms around me.

“I didn’t suggest anything,” she argued sweetly.

I pressed another kiss to her neck. Sitting on my lap, the hem of her dress rode up her thighs, only just covering what needed to be covered for her to be decent. Hoisting it up and gathering the white fabric around her waist and bending her over the desk would be the easiest thing in the world. I began to harden just thinking about it.

I wanted to throttle my past self for ever thinking that I’d be able to throw her away once I’d had her. If anything, every joining only made me crave her even more. And in other ways I didn’t know to crave before.

Like lazy Sunday evenings spent with my arms around her on the sofa watching thriller movies. Teasing her with lazy strokes of my fingers near her entrance until she was shaking with need by the time the movie was through. It’d become one of my favorite nights of the week.

The rare times she didn’t return in time for dinner, I found myself waiting until she did to eat, ordering the cooking staff to keep the food warm until her arrival.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, her eyes crinkling on the edges with her curious smile.

I squeezed her hips, a breathy laugh escaping my lips. “How thoroughly you’ve ruined me.”

Her brows lifted. “Me ruin you?

She cocked her head. “I kind of think it’s the other way around. I was perfectly normal and happy before I met you.”

It was my turn to look doubtful. “Is that so?”

“It is.”

Hmmm.” I pushed her hair back. “I see it a bit differently than you, I think.”

“Go on.”

“You say I stole you away. I say I set you free.”

Her throat bobbed.

“You called this place your prison once but that was only because you were too afraid to admit that you’ve never felt more at home.”

She blinked, her gaze dropping to my lap. I lifted her chin, finding the gleam of some foreign emotion in her green eyes.

“You’ve never felt more you, than when you’re with me.”

She leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to my lips before sighing against them. It was her way of admitting I was right without the need for words. Though I didn’t need her to tell me. I knew it from that first night down in the cellar. From the moment she admitted she knew I was watching her. That she liked it.

She pursed her lips, thinking.

“I was thinking that I could go with you tonight,” she said in a soft tone, changing the subject back to the club. “Once you’re done here.”

We hadn’t been back to the club together since the night I first had her. It took time to restructure the syndicate and rebuild client trust. There were several weeks where it remained closed to accommodate the shifts. And then several weeks more where we offered bonuses and private rooms at a lower rate, doubling security.

Emily had asked me more than once to take her back to Delirium, and each time I’d declined her. Not wanting to share her with another soul on this earth.

I didn’t even want another man to look at her. Didn’t trust myself enough not to take his eyes now that she was mine.

I mulled it over.


A hot breath passed my lips and I ran my fingers down her arms. “Is there something wrong with the bedroom?”


She wasn’t going to let this go.

“All right.”

“All right?”

I nodded. “But I have rules.”

“I don’t want to be collared.”

My jaw clenched, the urge to bend her to my will despite her wishes flared through me like fire. “Fine,” I gritted out. “But no one else may touch you. Male or female.”

“I don’t want anyone else to touch me.”

Such a good girl.

My lips twitched into a smile. “Very well, then.” I lifted her off my lap, giving her backside a hard slap that brought a red stain to her cheeks.

“Go ahead of me. Pick any available private room and I’ll come find you. You will wait on the bed, naked, until I arrive. Ass up, face down. Do not touch yourself or pleasure yourself in any way until I arrive. If you do, I will know and you will be punished.”

She grinned, her eyes alight with mischief that told me she didn’t intend to follow my instructions. The woman loved her punishment.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” she crooned with a wink, slinking to the door like a cat.

“One last thing…”

“You have my permission,” she said before I could finish. “…anything you want.”

I stared at the door after she retreated, my cock harder than if she’d just sucked it.

Of course, it helped that wherever she went off the property, she wasn’t alone.

I let twenty minutes pass before packing up and heading to my room to grab a mask. Instead of going through the entrance on the upper level, I went downstairs first. I wanted to take my time, and survey the atmosphere before I got to Emily. Going down to the heavy, ornate door, I looked into the biometric scanner and let myself into Delirium.

Warmth, darkness with muted red light, ambient music, primal sound, and pulsing, writhing bodies greeted me only steps into the entry.

I meandered through the hall, nodding to my patrons as I passed, taking it all in. Everything that was almost taken from me, but thanks to Emily, I’d managed to save.

Heading upstairs, my anticipation heightened. My senses becoming hypersensitive. My steps quickened, knowing she was waiting for me, damning my mental request for delayed gratification.

I peered into the open doors of the other rooms as I passed, but I had a feeling I knew which one she’d have chosen.

Sure enough, I was met with a closed door near the end of the hall and straightened my jacket before pushing inside without knocking.

A hungry grin spread across my face finding her on the bed, legs spread on her back with her fingers knuckle deep inside her cunt.

“I thought I told you not to start without me,” I scolded.

She jumped, clamping her knees together like I just caught her stealing, her flushed face whipping to the door.

“You were taking too long,” she said, breathless.

My instructions were clear.

“Such a bad girl. What am I going to do with you?”

She bit her lip, provoking a growl from my chest.

I went for the large armoire off to the side of the room, wrenching the doors open to see if it held what I was looking for.

It did. That and more.

I pulled the bar from the shelf and one other thing, keeping it hidden as I approached the bed.

Emily scrambled backward, catching sight of the item, her eyes darting between it and the bar tight in my grip.

“Ruarc, what is that?”

I tossed the massive plug onto the bed and grabbed her by the ankle, dragging her closer before she could escape. Her eyes widened as she struggled, but I only pulled her harder. “You’ll only make it worse for yourself, little lamb.”

She stilled, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

I gave her a look before releasing her ankle. “Clothes off,” I ordered.

She’d already removed her white dress from earlier, but now she did as she was told, tugging off her bra, her tits on full display.

“Lie back.”

Emily swallowed, lying flat against the luxurious duvet. “Legs.”

She lifted them and I angled the bar, clamping her ankle in the manacle at one end before moving to do the same with the other, the bar keeping her legs spread about a foot apart. When I was finished she marveled at the device, testing it with her legs, trying to close them, bend her knees.

I grinned, reaching for the leg spreader rod to pry it out to its full extension, forcing her legs wider. She gasped, her hands instinctively going to her wet cunt, to protect it in the way she no longer could with her legs.

Uh, uh,” I chastised her. “That’s mine tonight.”

Without warning, I lifted the bar high, kneeling over her on the bed, folding her legs over her chest.

“Hold on,” I ordered her and she reluctantly moved her hands from between her legs to grip the bar above her head.

“Good girl.”

I reached for the plug and she squeaked, her cheeks flushing. “Ruarc!”

I grabbed hold of the rod, holding her down before she could try to flee. “Did you disobey me, little lamb?”

The wave of her breaths rolling over her chest made me thirsty to taste her, the engorgement of my cock so strong it thudded with its own pulse.

Not yet.

Emily nodded. Shook her head. “I won’t do it again.”

I smiled. “Yes, you will.”

She bit her lip again and I thrust the plug into her wet pussy, making her spasm at the sudden intrusion, a sharp moan rising to join the club music pounding all around us.

I slunk low, trailing my tongue over her clit while I worked the plug in her pussy, getting it nice and wet before it made its second entry.

Emily bucked against my face, throwing her head back, her hands on the rod between her legs white-knuckled.

I withdrew the plug, keeping pressure with my tongue as I moved it lower, pressing the tip against her other entrance. A fearful breath shuddered from her lips and her grip on the rod weakened, her legs fighting her to be let down.

“Relax, baby,” I crooned, pushing the plug in an inch and waiting, helping her keep her legs up with a hand between hers on the bar.

I flicked her clit with my tongue, pushing it in another inch.

Fuck,” she hissed, her arms shaking. “I can’t. Ruarc, I can’t.”

“You will take every fucking inch, Emily, do you hear me?”

She whimpered as I pressed the massive plug deeper into her channel.

“Ruarc, please.”

“Have you learned your lesson, Emily?”

Before she could answer, I pushed the plug the rest of the way into her, making her shudder and flex her hips, a cry on her lips.

Her eyes watered as she lifted her head to look at me through lust-filled eyes.

I cocked my head, still waiting for my answer.

Running my fingers up and down her slit, I drew a moan from her mouth before slapping my fingers against her. The slap had her gritting her teeth, throwing her head back as she writhed on the bed.






I rubbed her clit, bringing her the rest of the way to her first climax as she screamed my name. She gushed on my hand, squirting all over the bed between my legs as hers tried and failed to close for the rod keeping them apart.

My hardon pulsed with white fire and the need to bury my cock in her intensified to the point of fucking blackout.

Did she just… squirt?

Oh my god, Emily,” I said in a breathy groan, ready to worship at the chapel of her perfect pussy for the rest of my goddamned life.

I couldn’t get my pants off fast enough, getting them low enough with wild messy kicks, crawling over her, thrusting deep.

Emily whimpered at my savage entry, baring her teeth as I settled into her deepest place thanks to the angle of her hips and the bar between her legs.

“God, Ruarc, you’re so deep.”

“Does it hurt, little lamb?”



Slowly, I eased back, building up her anticipation before thrusting deep once more. I watched as she took me into her, every inch, buried to the hilt.

I eased back again, reaching between her arms to curl my hand around her neck, pulling her up. “Look, baby, see how good you take that cock.”

She struggled to see, breathing erratically as I fucked her good and hard, until her legs shook and her face reddened. Until I couldn’t watch her beautiful cunt taking my cock anymore, not unless I wanted to come before my little lamb and that was not an option.

“Ch-choke me,” she stuttered, getting close and I left her to hold the rod while I wrapped her neck in my fist, keeping a punishing pace between her thighs.

She nodded, telling me to go harder, tighter.


She always wanted more.

“Fuck, Emily,” I moaned, fucking her recklessly, brutally, beautifully, lost to my own desire as my body tightened for the release.

Come for me,” I hissed and her eyes narrowed as her body exploded into an orgasm so powerful it pulled me down with it, her walls milking every drop of my release as I poured into her, her name a broken plea on my lips.

She gasped for air as I released her throat and sagged against her, her legs falling over both of us.

Her heart pounded through the cage of her ribs against my ear, echoing my own.

“I love you,” she whispered, her arms going around me, fingers brushing the back of my neck, pushing into my hair.

The three little words I’d been waiting to hear since I’d spoken them to her in the cabin raced over me, through me, consuming me in a way that I knew I’d never return from.

Emily was mine.

But now I belonged to her, too.


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