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Unhinged: Chapter 12

I’d started moving things carefully from the dresser top to the bedside table when I turned to find Tana leaning in the bedroom doorway, watching me, her expression unreadable, a smirk playing at her lips.

“I saw that, you know.”

I turned my back to her and squeezed the trigger of the cleaning spray, only to have it stick, forcing me to fiddle with the nozzle nervously. Sweat began to tickle at my skin under my new shirt, even though the bedroom was comfortably cool. I sprayed the dresser top and swiped a handful of paper towels across it methodically. “Saw what? I don’t know what you mean.”

Suddenly Tana’s warmth was curled against my back, her arms lacing around my waist, fingertips dangling perilously close to where I wished they’d explore. I had so many hungers now, as a man, and this one had nothing to do with the drive-thru burger Tana had gotten me while we were out.

“The look on your face when I told you what a good door you were for me.”

I set the spray aside to splay a palm on the dresser top, needing support at the gentle tease in her words. A faint metallic noise rang by where her joined hands rested below my abdomen; my traitorous human cock had kicked at my jeans, pinning one of the drawer handles against its backplate. It was becoming a problem – unlike my knob, it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be – up and down and up again if Tana so much as looked my way.

I held my breath as her fingers unlaced to play at the front of my thighs, nails softly tracing at the denim as her voice purred at my ear. “I’m going to tell you a secret, Drys. I have a weakness for big, strong men who do as they’re told. Good boys who enjoy working for my praise. It makes me feel safe and protected. Do you know anyone like that?”

My answering “uh huh” came out considerably higher than the deep voice I’d just barely gotten used to, closer to a squeak worthy of unoiled hinges. My focus lasered in on a knot in the wood dresser top, my stomach tightening with anticipation.

“Hmm. And who might that be, I wonder?” Her voice sent chills down my human spine, which felt even less sturdy than it normally did. I put more of my weight on my palm, slightly bent over the low top of the dresser as my breath came in ragged gasps. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, what I needed, but I had a feeling Tana knew.

“It’s me.” I blurted, my voice trembling almost as much as my body. “It’s me, I’ll do anything for you. Absolutely anything. I- I’ll pay you back for the clothes and cook for you and do the laundry…”

Her voice sounded like beautiful bells as she laughed, resting her forehead between my shoulder blades, palms still pressed deliciously high on my thighs. “Oh Drys, you sweet thing. Relax, baby. We’re only playing a little. Stop me if you don’t like something though, okay?”

I sucked in a breath as her fingers moved to the button on my jeans, my fingertips flexing with excitement against the dresser. “O-okay. I like this. I like this a lot.”

“That’s because-” My zipper tickled as she slid it down with agonizing slowness, my cock immediately pushing out for relief from the pressure, bowing through the stretchy boxer brief material, “-you’re my good boy.”

I whimpered.

Tana’s self-satisfied chuckle made my cock jump again, even as her nimble fingers burrowed in the slit of my boxer briefs to gently pull it out. My breath caught, body bowing further forward as she gave me a slow, deliberate stroke that sent electric pleasure dancing over my skin. “Oh! Oh Tana. That feels so good…please…can I please have more…”

I shivered as she pressed a soft kiss against my back and stroked me again, making me rise up on the balls of my feet to chase the sensation with a groan.

“My big, strong door. You did such a good job protecting me, saving me, making me feel so amazing.” My hips had started to lightly thrust into her hand, and she adjusted her grip seamlessly, moving blissfully faster now as she murmured praise to me. “Now I need you to do something for me, can you be a good boy and come for me?”

I lifted my head, blinking away the haze of pleasure, panic setting in as I stared at the wall in front of me. “I- of course I will, anything you ask, but I don’t know…how?”

Her body quivered where it was pressed against my back and I got the impression she was trying not to laugh. “Oh Drys. I can’t even take how cute you are. Does this feel good?”

Her light teasing made my cock throb pleasantly. She stroked me again, firmly enough that my hips kicked again and I moaned out loud, nodding frantically.

Her soft, wonderful hand squeezed my cock near the base as she kissed my back again through my shirt. “Then just let it feel good. It’s about to feel very good, trust me. Put both hands on the dresser and let me take care of you this time.”

I let the roll of paper towels drop, half-crumpled from how hard I’d evidently been gripping it, slapping my other palm down on the dresser as Tana started up again. Her free hand slid up my spine, fingers curling into my hair and gripping it, bowing me forward until my forehead touched the dresser top.

I panted, overwhelmed with pleasure to be held like this, so unlike a door, so soft and vulnerable in her hands. Well, not entirely soft: my cock felt like it was about to drill into the dresser if I thrust beyond her grip. My hips had taken on a life of their own as I mindlessly rutted into her perfect palm, babbling words like yes and thank you like they had just become my personal mantra.

I gasped for breath as I began chasing something in her hand, a need rising like a roar from the core of me. “Tana, I – I – what’s going – ohh!

My ability to speak coherently fell away as my entire existence tried to spill itself into her cleverly-twisting grip. Reality-bending pleasure shot through me in waves as my fingers scraped against the wood beneath them, my shouts echoing off of the bedroom wall in front of me. Once the sensation had faded a little, my human legs really did give up and sent me straight to my knees while clinging to the dresser edge to prevent a completely boneless flop.

“What was that, Tana?” I looked at her with wide eyes, a dreamy grin pulling at the edges of my mouth as I panted.

She gave me a bemused smile, sitting cross-legged in front of me, pulling a paper towel off the crumpled roll to wipe her palm. “That was a handjob, Drys, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a man completely reboot his hard drive over it like that. You okay, baby? I worried I’d broken you for a second there.”

I nodded, closing my eyes and giving a small, happy sigh. “I’m perfect. I’ve never felt so good. I didn’t know I could feel so good.”

She leaned in, pressing a kiss to my forehead, and I wondered if my stomach would ever stop flip-flopping happily when she did things like that. I liked being called baby and good boy more than anything, except maybe this new handjob thing. “Can you wait here for a minute for me?”

I nodded, leaning back on my palms and watching her stand, smiling down at me before leaving the bedroom. She came back shortly after with a throw pillow from the couch, handing me a bottle of water and sitting down on the floor with the pillow on her lap. “Here, Drys. Come lay your head on the pillow for me.” She laughed softly, handing me a warm, wet washcloth. “And go ahead and wipe off your cock and put it away. I think it’s earned a rest, don’t you?”

I blushed again and grinned, though I wasn’t sure why, and did as she asked, carefully zipping up. She encouraged me to drink some from the bottle of water before guiding me to lay with my head in her lap. Her fingers gently combed through my hair, relaxing every muscle in my human body at once. “There we go. You did so well, Drys. That was playing a bit, but we can talk and play more in the future, if you’d like, or we can keep it…uncomplicated, if that feels better to you.”

I shook my head, moving to sit up before her fingertips on my chest lightly held me down.

Oh, okay, apparently I liked that too.

My cock agreed, but I ignored it because Tana said it should rest. “No, I don’t want to be, um, uncomplicated. I enjoyed that, we can play again if you want to?” I reached for my zipper but she gave my hair a tug, making my mouth go dry.

Oh, and that. I like that.

Tana grinned down at me, giving my head a soft shake with her grip on my hair. “I think I’ve created a monster. No, Drys, let’s wait a bit, we have things to do, remember? I just wanted to give you a little reward for being such a good protector.”

I nuzzled her leg, cuddling closer with a laugh. “Didn’t feel little. Thank you, Tana. I hope you know that I would protect you no matter what, I don’t need you to get things for me or do things for-”

Her fingertips brushed my mouth. “Shh. I know, baby. I do it because I want to, that’s all. I wouldn’t do it if I thought you were some kind of entryway fuckboy, believe me.”

I raised a brow, looking up at her. “What’s a fuc-”

Loud, angry knocking at the front door had both of us sitting bolt upright, staring down the hallway. Only one person knocked that way, but Tana was already on her feet and had a hand on the door before my still-pleasure-soaked brain caught up with my mouth.

“Tana, wait!”


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