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Where We Go From Here: Epilogue


Once I’ve got the last stake wedging the tent securely into the snow I turn back to face my truck and smile at Harper.

“What do you think?” I ask her.

She’s sat in the back of the bed with her booted-feet dangling above the snow. She has a shy smile on her face and her cheeks are the prettiest shade of pink. I’m sure that she’s just blushing because of the cold but I could almost swear that there’s something nervous about the way she’s looking at me, like she’s chewing herself up on the inside, bursting with a secret.

I trudge over to her from the tent and position myself between her thighs, gripping my hands around her hips as she leans up to kiss at my mouth.

“I’ve always wanted to go camping,” she whispers up to me with a smile, pulling back so we can look at each other.

“I know, baby,” I murmur back to her, glancing back over my shoulder to look at the tent I purchased from the store in Phoenix Falls before we drove back up to Pine Hills so that we could camp out in the forest for New Years.

It’s a big khaki one that I’ve managed to shove a blow-up mattress and three million quilts inside. Through the pulled back door I see Harper’s toy bear, snuggled up against a pillow.

“Do you like it?” I ask, locking my eyes in with hers.

She bites her lip and nods, “Uh-huh. I love it.”

I smile back at her and duck low to take her lips.

“I love you,” I tell her, suddenly heaving her up from her position on the bed of the truck and carrying her over to the open tent. She lets out an excited squeal and clings to me tighter as I hunch beneath the threshold of the tent. I lower us onto the quilts and then lay her down on her back. She arches up and lifts her arms behind her head, laying for me patiently whilst I take her in.

She’s wearing head-to-toe thermals, plus ear-muffs and furry boots, and I don’t think that I could have fantasised a hotter outfit if I’d tried. I run my hands up her waist, loving the sight of her wrapped up in navy, and knowing that she does it just to taunt me, to turn me on. To make me think of her wearing my uniform. To make me think of her teasing me on my site.

I pull off the muffs and reach down to remove her boots, and then all that’s left is her skin-tight winter one-piece. My eyes rake over it for a moment and then I’m zipping our door shut and stuffing her bear underneath a pillow.

Harper makes a whine in protest but then I’m filling her mouth with my tongue and suddenly she’s moaning in pleasure. I shove off my jacket whilst I slide in and out and then I pull back so that I can rip my shirt over my head.

Harper lifts herself onto one elbow, her pupils dialled out, and she grips hard at one of my pecs, her fingers icy cool.

I grunt, slip off my belt, and then settle back down on top of her.

I cup one palm around her jaw, rubbing her soft cheek with my thumb, and I look into her eyes as I murmur, “What’s on your mind, Harper?”

Her eyes widen for a brief moment and then she looks down, her cheeks flushing harder and her nails clawing anxiously at the back of my neck.

“Tell me,” I say to her, rubbing her nose with mine. “Don’t be nervous, baby. Not with me.”

“Um, uh…” She keeps her eyes away from mine, biting hard at her bottom lip, and her body squirms beneath me, almost distracting me from our conversation. I try to still her hips with mine but all that does is make her moan harder, the pressure of my groin making her gasp and writhe.

“Harper.” I say her name firmly, trying to refocus her.

“Mitchell,” she whispers back, and I have to look away from her, clenching my jaw. “I… I want to tell you. But I’m scared,” she says quietly, her fingers rubbing at my abs.

I look back down at her, confused about why she’d ever be feeling like that.

“Scared?” I ask, my brow furrowing low. “I don’t want you to be scared, baby. Why would you be scared? Is it because the tent’s outside in the open? We don’t have to sleep in it tonight if you don’t want to.”

She shakes her head adamantly, her nails now gripping into my lower back. I’m trying not to get too hard because I can’t tell if she’s horny or anxious or a combination of both, but it’s damn well easier said than done.

“It’s not the tent,” she says quickly, pulling me against her harder. “I love the tent, it was so thoughtful of you. It’s that… that…”

Then she’s not talking anymore and suddenly we’re kissing, one of her hands leashed through my hair so that she can press me hard against her. My mind goes blank, thinking of nothing but her – the feel of her body underneath me, pliant and supple, and her mouth as she takes me, submitting to my tongue.

I give her those long firm strokes that make her go limp against the mattress, and her brow arches high, in a pleasure-pain purgatory.

“I – I – I have to tell you,” she whimpers, her beautiful legs wrapped tight around me and locking me against her sex.

“Tell me, baby,” I say back to her, positioning one forearm above her head so that I can crowd her with my bicep, and dropping my other hand between us so that I can start rubbing between her thighs.

She moans and arches backwards, panting as I caress her over her thermals.

“Mitch,” she whispers. “I – I –

I rub her faster. “Say it, baby.”

She presses her face into my bicep. “Mitch, I missed my period.”

My heart stops in my chest and my eyes drop straight to her belly.

Then every muscle in my body is swelling.

“What did you just say?” I rasp.

She peeks up at me and then whimpers, squeezing her eyes shut and squishing herself back against my bicep.

“I missed my period,” she mumbles.

“Say it again.”

“I missed my–” She stops herself short and turns to look at me. This time her cheeks heat up for a different reason. She reads my expression, surprised and a little unsure. “I missed my period,” she whispers.

“We used protection,” I say, my voice deep and even.

“I know,” she whispers back to me. “You wore a condom every time.”

I tighten the fist above her head, trying to suppress my growing satisfaction.

“Did you take a test?” I ask, shifting slightly so that I can undo my zip, grunting when my shaft is free and unleashed.

She shakes her head, her eyes still twinkling with nerves. “Not yet.”

“How many periods have you missed?”

She stares up at me silently with those big wide eyes and I bore down on her, my body rippling with tension. Pleasure. I try not to smirk but all I can think is fuck yeah.

I know her answer before she even says it.

She swallows hard. “Two.”

I inhale deeply, closing my eyes for a brief moment.

She’s pregnant. She got pregnant the second that we started having sex, and she’s now carrying my baby.

I move my hand gently from her heat so that I can press it firmly against her belly and she gasps, her fingers flying up to my hair.

“Are you gonna keep it?” I ask, my eyes on hers.

“I–” She pauses before she can reveal what she wants, and says instead, “It’s not just up to me.”

I suppress a growl.

“It’s your choice,” I grit out, trying to hold it together. “But I want to know if you’re gonna… if we’re gonna–”

“If it was just up to me,” she begins, and my eyes burn into hers. I am very fucking interested to hear the end of this sentence. “I would… I would make you your baby. Our baby.”

Right answer. It’s the right answer. I groan and press my full weight on top of her, slipping my tongue into her mouth and rubbing her until her thighs are struggling around my abs.

She tries to mumble something against my mouth so I pull back, letting her speak.

“If it was just up to you, what would you want me to do?” she asks, her eyes wide and still uncertain, making sure that we’re on the same page.

I press my hand into her belly again and her eyes almost roll into the back of her head.

I lift up slightly so that I can shove my jeans down my legs, only keeping my boxers on so that I can draw out the foreplay for her, and then I start undoing the poppers on the top half of her one-piece. When they’re all unfastened I push the top apart and my breath catches in my throat as I take in what she’s wearing.

She avoids my eyes, flushing crimson.

I practically rip the bottoms off of her, throwing the suit behind me towards the door so that I can get an unobstructed view of Harper laying on her back and wearing nothing but her diamond necklace and that godforsaken red lingerie set that I got my fingers tangled up in all those months ago.

“Finally,” I growl, hovering over her. I keep one hand firmly against her shoulder, pinning her down on her back. “I’ve been waiting to see you wearing this since the dawn of fucking time.”

She chews at her lip, her hands gripping nervously at my shoulders.

“Do you like it?” she asks me shyly.

I push my groin hard against her inner thigh, and she moans in understanding.

Then my eyes are back on her stomach, my mind thrumming with need.

“I did this, didn’t I?” I ask her, rubbing one of my palms firmly over her belly.

Her lashes flutter drowsily and she nods at me, boneless. I slide my other hand beneath her, easily unfastening the clasp of her bra and then pulling it off, exposing her.

I free myself of my boxers and lower myself on top of her.

“You’re gonna make me a baby, aren’t you Harper?” I ask, slipping two digits up the side of her panties and then hooking them tight so that I can drag the lace down her legs.

She doesn’t know how to handle all of the new sensations – the excitement, the fear, the arousal – so all she does is swallow and nod, letting me fully take the lead.

“That’s good, Harper. I want you to make me lots of babies.”

“Oh God,” she whispers, squeezing her eyes shut. I pull her panties from her ankles and I keep them leashed around my fingers.

“I want to marry you before you’re full term,” I tell her, and she writhes beneath me as the full length of my shaft presses hard against her bare heat. “Think you can take a few more diamonds?”

“You’re so annoying,” she moans, breathing hard and digging her nails into me.

“How many babies are you gonna let me put inside of you?” I ask, grasping my fist around the base of my shaft and starting to rub the head up and down over her pussy.

“I – I can’t have this conversation right now,” she chokes out, wrapping her legs tighter around me. “I c-can’t think straight.”

“I want you to do at least four.”

Mitchell,” she whimpers, throwing her head back against the pillows. Then she looks at me with a new concern in her eyes and asks, “Condom?”

I give her a long look, knowing what I want, but at the same time only wanting to give her what she wants.

“Do you still want to use one?” I ask her.

She pauses before whispering, “I haven’t done it bare before.”

Jesus Christ.

I hold myself motionlessly above her and ask through clenched teeth, “Do you want to try it?”

She gives me an embarrassed look and says a quiet, “Yeah.”

I drop my face into her neck and take a deep inhale. God, she smells good.

“You sure?” I mumble against her, my stubble scraping up her neck.

She nods and says breathlessly, “I’m sure.”

I groan with relief and move one hand between us to align myself with her entrance. “I want that, too. I want to make sure.”

“Make sure of what?” she whispers, gasping when the head starts pushing in.

I rub my free hand over her belly, not yet showing, and I murmur back, “Of this.”

I thrust upwards hard, and Harper gasps as I fill her.

“That’s it,” I rasp, my biceps crowding around her face. I withdraw slowly and then slide it back inside. “That’s good, baby. Tell me if it’s okay. Tell me if you like it raw.”

She can’t speak. She just nods, moaning and panting, as I give it to her in the middle of the forest.

“You’re so good, Harper.” I wrap both of my hands around her waist, my thumbs rubbing her belly as I pump her slow and deep. “I can’t wait until you’re showing.”

She scrunches her eyes shut, her nails biting into my shoulders. Our bodies slap together loud and wet in the confined silence of the dark tent.

“Mitch – ah – Mitchell, are you sure? D-don’t you need to think about this a little more?”

God, she’s cute. She really has no idea.

“Harper,” I murmur, “this is all that I think about. From the moment that I laid my eyes on you all that I’ve been fantasising about is this. My sole purpose in life is to make kids, to have a family.”

Having my son was the best thing that ever happened to me. And now he’s almost ready to have kids of his own. So the thought of being able to experience that again, only this time being with a woman who wants us to stay together, as one big family?

It’s almost too good to bear.

She blinks up at me, her lashes fluttering. “Y-you fantasise about… about getting me…?” She swallows and mouths the word pregnant.

I smirk down at her, flattening both of my palms over her belly so that I can press into it with every thrust.

“Say the word, Harper,” I command, my voice low and deep.

She mumbles it, embarrassed, her cheeks glowing pink.

I remove my hands from her belly and her eyes flash immediately to mine.

Pregnant-pregnant-pregnant,” she says quickly, gripping at my wrists so that she can get my hands back on her stomach.

I breathe out a laugh and she lets my palms roam upwards, a whimper leaving her throat as I start massaging her breasts.

“I’ve been wanting to fill you up since I first saw you in your bungalow, Harper. Since I first saw this beautiful body of yours, naked and dripping wet. I wanted to take you on my lap. Show you who’s the boss.”

I start pumping faster and Harper arches her neck, moaning quietly.

“I wanted you too,” she whispers nervously up at me, the innocence in her eyes making my abs clench and my chest tighten.

“Yeah?” I ask her, beginning to rub at her nipples. “Fuck, Harper. Now you’ve got me for life. Got me inside of you for another seven months, and after that I’m gonna do it to you all over again. Gonna get you in my bed, roll on a condom, and show you just how strong your man’s load is.”

She clutches her arms around my neck, bringing me closer, and my eyes drop to her tits, bouncing in a frenzy.

“And these,” I grunt, squeezing them roughly. She gasps and writhes at the gruff sensation. “They’re gonna get so full, Harper. They’re gonna ache so good, all because of what I’ve done to you. What I’m gonna keep on doing to you, for as long as you want me to.”

“I love you so much,” she whispers desperately, her lips brushing warm and soft against my neck.

“I love you too,” I rasp back, and I move my hands from her breasts to the quilt around her, because I’m starting to lose control. Gripping too tight. Shoving it too deep. Overwhelmed with the pleasure of knowing that I’ve got the woman that I love for life.

“Mitch – Mitchell – I c-can’t wait to watch you be a daddy,” she whispers, and suddenly I’m growling, flipping us over so that she’s riding me, her breasts and her beautiful belly right there for me to look at. I flatten a palm between her shoulder blades and shove her roughly on top of me, grunting when her tits plump up against my pecs.

I hold her hips in place as I thrust up into her.

“Say that again, Harper,” I demand.

She moans softly against my throat. “I can’t – oh – I can’t wait to see you being a – a – a daddy.”

“Yeah?” I pant. “Again.”

She whimpers into the crook of my neck. I grip and squeeze at her ass.

“I want to watch you being a daddy, Mitchell, you’re going to be such a good – a good–”

Her orgasm finally breaks, and she clenches and squirms. I keep up the intensity whilst begging my own body to hold on for just a few more seconds. The heavy ache in my sac warns me that I’m about to spill.

I roll back on top of her, wanting to be inside as deeply as possible, and I leash my fingers in the back of her hair, holding her face against my neck as I start jerking hard.

“It – oh shit – it won’t be too much, Harper, I swear. Just a, ugh, just a couple more strokes–”

And then I’m spilling, hot and deep, my body pressed hard against hers as I fill her up on the mattress. From the way that she’s gasping I can tell that she’s never experienced this before. It makes me want to give her more, to pump it deeper.

My jaw clenches tight, my brow creases with pain, and I hunch further down so that I can press my forehead against hers. She’s slick with sweat and totally limp for me. I move a hand back down to her belly and try to finish as quickly as possible.

I grunt low and tight when I finally collapse on top of her and I keep our bodies locked together, fulfilled by what we’ve just done. I kiss gently at her forehead, thinking about how lucky I am. How beautiful and funny Harper is. How much she must trust me to want to make a family together.

Her pussy’s still quivering around the thickness of my shaft so I lift up slightly and rub tenderly at her waist.

“Can we stay like this for a few minutes?” I ask quietly, not wanting to leave her perfect heat.

She swallows and nods, smiling shyly at me as she pulls my hand up to caress one of her breasts.

“That’s beautiful, Harper,” I murmur, squeezing her gently.

She trails her toes up the back of my thigh and whispers up at me, “I… I’m really happy. And scared. But mainly happy. And I meant what I said by the way, about wanting to see you be a daddy. Looking after our–” She pats softly at her belly and my jaw instantly hardens.

I grunt and press my hand on top of hers.

Then she smiles bashfully and adds on, “And looking after me.”

It takes me a few moments to calm down but then I rub my nose against hers and give her a tender kiss.

“I love you, Harper. And I’m always going to look after you.”

She gives me a sparkly smile. “Forever?”

I grin back at her. “Forever.”


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