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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 18

Ashley's pov

In a swift move, I was out of the door before anyone else. My breathing was rough as I strutted to my next class. The bell had just rang and I needed to get out of Blake’s sight.

I wasn’t ready to talk to him.

‘Ley!’ Blake shouts a couple distance away from me. The air gets stuck in my lungs as my footsteps have now turned into an almost sprint.

I brush past students that were very attentive to what was going on. Their gazes were focused on Blake and I. Ready for whatever show they were expecting.

Seeing the wooden door to the calculus classroom has me breathing out a sigh of relief. It was just a tiny bit of footsteps away.

‘Ashley Grey!’ Blake yells. Oh crap, he’s mad. Blake only uses my full name when he’s mad at me.

Deep down I knew I was a coward for running away from him but I couldn’t help it. I was scared of getting hurt. It was only inevitable.

My fingers wrap around the cold metal knob and twist it open. Giving a forced awkward smile to Mr. Gustavo, I walked in the class. I was the first one there fortunately as I sat my bum on the wooden chair.

Sighing in relief, I settle my bag on the graffiti wooden desk. A few seconds later the door opens roughly and Blake enters the room. My heart leaps when he walks in with determination.

My heart pounds as his blue eyes locked into my own, burning me with a sudden heat. I was in trouble. ‘Ashley-‘ He starts.

‘Mr. Reed, you’re not in this class. I suggest you go to your assigned class.’ Mr. Gustavo deadpanned. He was a very strict man, frightening when he was vexed.

Sighing in defeat Blake nods. He turns to me, his eyes promising that he’d find a way for us to speak, alone. ‘I’ll see you soon.’ Was his last word before leaving the class.

I should’ve felt a sort of ease that he no longer was in the same room with me. But it only made me feel a rapid wave of anxiety. I knew Blake and I very much know that he’ll do anything to get his way. And that is what I was most scared of.

The door opens again, this time Lucy and her friend enter. They were giggling at something they were conversing about. They were both dressed in their cheer outfits, the skirt not lengthy enough to cover their buns.

Lucy’s steeling eyes quickly snaps to mine as if sensing someone looking at her.Quickly tearing my eyes away, I reach for my bag, playing with the zipper as a means to distract myself.

I hear the soft thud of their shoes on the tiled floor as they stride towards me. My back straightens as I awaited whatever nonsense and insult they would throw my way.

‘You have some nerve coming to school today knowing what you did.’ Lucy starts. I ignore her,running a finger down the zipper of my bag as a distraction.

‘Everyone knows you’re a slut now. I mean going after a guy who’s taken? Not so much of an innocent girl now are you Ashley?’ She taunted sliding into the seat on my right.

Her friend slides into the one on my left and I’m now sandwiched between the two. ‘You’re a whore, sleeping with your so-called best friend knowing he has a girlfriend. You’ve always been after him haven’t you?’ She insulted.

‘Yeah like Blake would ever settle for her, I mean look at her, there’s really nothing to look at. Just a sad slut looking for attention.’ Her friend sneered.

I didn’t bother lifting my head to stare at them. I let my hair curtain around my face to block them from seeing the moisture in my eyes.

My fingers tremble slightly as I halt my actions. No matter what I do, I’d never get distracted enough to not let their words hurt. I bite into the soft flesh of my bottom lip harshly until I could taste the metallic tang of blood.

‘Your name is tarnished around this school, if I were you I’d never show my face again.’ Lucy snickered. The class was filling up already and I could feel the prickles of their stares.

Was I really a slut for kissing Blake? Maybe I was. I sure as hell act liked it in biology, having him touch me so intimately knowing he was taken.

A tear slipped out and I quickly brushed the pad of my fingers over the fallen tear. I hear their loud cackle knowing they were breaking me with their words.

‘Settle down now children, we have much to catch up to.’ Mr. Gustavo announces. The rest of the class is silent as I ponder over Lucy and her friend’s words. Was I really a slut?


I’ve avoided Blake like the plague for the rest of my classes. But now it was lunch and my stomach rolls with unease. I wouldn’t be able to escape him this time.

I push my bag in my locker and then closed it shut. I squirm as I felt the accusing eyes of everyone. I fortunately hadn’t seen Stacy today, it was like she hadn’t bothered to come to school. It made me all the more guilty.

I sighed, turned around and strutted to the cafeteria. I was hungry and even though everyone sent me sneers, it wouldn’t stop me from filling my stomach with well needed food. All this hiding from Blake made me hungry.

My belly grumbles as I enter the cafeteria. It’s already crowded and I hoped there were enough students around to not have Blake recognize me straight away. The longer the wait the more time I have to calm my nerves.

I strut over to the line, crossing my arms under my breast. There were about five people before me, not so much but enough to have me impatient to get my food.

I did a happy dance in my head when it was finally my turn. Reaching over to take a lunch tray, I lift it up. My eyes fall into a set of blue orbs. My brows furrowed when she didn’t look away.

She was petite with jet black hair that was securely wrapped inside a hair net. She wasn’t old but she definitely wasn’t in her twenties.

She was definitely new here, I have not seen her around. Her eyes studies me, stopping on the gold chain Blake had gotten me for my birthday last year.

‘I’d like the burger please.’ I said bringing her out of her gawking. As if snapping back to reality she shakes her head slightly. With a toothy smile she nods. ‘Sure darling.’ Her voice comes out soft.

My eyes drop to the burgers on the tray, my belly growls. Drawing my eyes up to hers, I smile sheepishly. ‘Make that two please, oh and a box juice.’


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