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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 19

Ashley's pov

I set the tray down on one of the vacant lunch tables and sat down on the wooden bench. It was in the far corner, different from sitting in the center with Blake and Ryan.

I fix the glasses on the bridge of my nose then outstretch my hands to grab one of the burgers. My fingers push into the soft buns as I bring it to my mouth.

‘Jeez Ashley I’ve been looking for you everywhere.’

I freeze with my mouth parted on the burger. Then relaxed when I realized that it was Ryan. His auburn hair looks wild, like he had run his hands through his hair many times.

He plants himself on the chair opposite to mine. Setting his tray down he cringes while poking a fork into what I presume was macaroni and cheese.

‘Why didn’t you sit where we normally sat?’ Ryan asks as he pushes a forkful of macaroni in his mouth.

I bite into the burger, relishing in the taste. I shrugged. Ryan rolls his eyes before dropping the fork on the tray. He crosses his arms over his chest and raises a thick brow in question. ‘Mind telling me what’s wrong with you today?’

I swallowed and place the burger down. I sighed when he waited for my answer. ‘Do you still feel nauseous-‘

‘Don’t answer my question with a question. Answer me Ashley, don’t let me go fetch Blake for you.’ He snaps.

I stiffen hearing his name. Ryan notices and his eyes soften drastically. ‘It’s him isn’t it?’ He questions softly.

I nibble on my lip and tear my eyes away from the pity look he sent me.

‘It’s not just him, it’s everyone.’ I mumble not feeling hungry anymore. ‘Don’t act like you haven’t heard about the disgusting rumors that have been circulating around the entire school.’

Ryan snorts. ‘Who gives a fuck about those stupid rumors? We all know exactly what happened, you’re not a slut Ashley.’

I turn to face him nibbling on my lip. His eyes still held a tinge of pity but the rage had almost overpowered it. ‘Look, I’m the cause of all this. If I hadn’t made that stupid dare those dumb rumors wouldn’t be circulating around. Please don’t pay attention to them Ashley, this is my fault and I’ll fix it.

‘You can’t fix it Ryan, everyone sees me as a slut who made out with her best friend that is taken. I feel bad that I enjoyed kissing him knowing he was with Stacy. I’m the laughing stock of the entire school.’ I say softly not having the appetite to eat.

‘That best friend wasn’t complaining when you kissed him Ashley. Look, I didn’t make that dare only to benefit you, I did it for Blake too. And as for Stacy, that relationship was doomed to end.’ He sighs and pushes another forkful of macaroni in his mouth.

My brows furrowed. ‘What do you mean about it benefiting Blake? He probably hates me now for putting tension in his relationship with Stacy. ‘

Ryan sighs as if talking to me was giving him a headache. ‘I don’t see what’s so difficult to see here. You love him and he lo-‘

‘ Ashley’s in love with who?’ Blake’s rough voice joins in on the conversation. Ryan stops mid sentence and pushes a forkful of macaroni in his mouth to not answer Blake’s pending question. I stiffen feeling his looming presence behind me.

Blake settles down beside me, closer than necessary. His scent engulfs my entire senses and I clench my thighs together at the sudden tingling in between my legs. The tiny hairs on his arm brushes against my smooth skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

He sets his tray down on the table. I could feel his burning eyes on me, feel the way it heated up my body. I looked forward, avoiding his intimidating stare. ‘You’ve been avoiding me Ley. Why is that?’

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nearly groaned aloud when his voice sends pleasurable shocks through my body. ‘ I wasn’t avoiding you.’ I mumble, I still didn’t have the courage to look at him.

‘Really, then why were you running away from me?’ He questions with a slight tinge of amusement.

When I don’t answer he breathes out a sigh. ‘Ley we need to talk eventually.’ He mumbles. ‘We need to talk about what’s going on between us.’

Between us. I always wanted to hear those words, I prayed to hear them one day. But hearing them now didn’t feel right, not when he was still taken. It all just made me feel more of a slut.

‘There’s nothing going on between us Blake, it was just a dare remember? ‘

Finally getting the courage to look at him, I stared into those blue eyes that always seemed to make my heart skip a beat. ‘Please don’t feed those rumors more Blake. ‘ I pleaded.

He needed to see that I’d only cause problems for him, a handsome guy like him could have any girl he wanted. So who was I to satisfy him? I know Blake like the back of my hand and he wouldn’t settle down for a book nerd like me.

‘I don’t give a fuck about rumors Ley!’ He roars. Of course he doesn’t. He isn’t on the receiving end of those malicious words.

My nostrils flared in anger. ‘You may not care about the rumors but I do! I do not want to be classified as the school’s slut just because I was dared to kiss you!’ I hissed and got up.

All I saw was red as I walked away from the table, not caring that he was calling after me. He wouldn’t understand how I felt when I heard the rumors, he never will. He was after all the school’s heartthrob, he’d never look bad to anyone.

I trudge to the bathroom, the only place I could be alone for now. Everyone was busy eating lunch or doing god knows what, so luckily the bathroom was empty.

I slammed the door to the bathroom roughly and sighed, walking over to the stall. But the quietness doesn’t last long. The door suddenly opens and the presence of someone comes behind me.

‘You’re not getting away from me this time. Not until we talk.’ Blake declares, the door closing behind him with a soft thud.


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