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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 20

Ashley's pov

My eyes widen as I stared at his enraged face. ‘This is the girls bathroom Blake, you’re not allowed in here.’ I rush out in a panic. If someone caught him here with me, the rumors will get worse than they already are.

He raises a dark brow, his eyes flickering with mirth. ‘Yes I know it’s the girls bathroom but you should know me by now bambina, I do anything to get what I want.’ He smirks sauntering towards me until he is a breath away.

His black hair is messy on top of his head. Eyes so blue that I wanted to drown myself in them. Straight nose that had gotten broken many times during his fights. My eyes fall down to his lips and I involuntarily lick mine.

He sees this and his eyes darken as he follows the sweep of my tongue with keen interest. ‘What are you doing to me Ley?’ His voice cracks as if he was restraining himself from doing what I know deep down I wanted him to do.

Muffled voices are getting closer to the bathroom. My eyes widen in panic as I look at the bathroom door. Blake sees my unease and pushes me inside one of the empty stalls. My heart skyrockets in my chest as he comes in after me, locking the door of the stall.

I’m pushed up against the cold metal with barely any space to shift, unless I want to enter inside the toilet. Blake was huge, taking up all the space in the tiny stall. Every part of his body is pressed against mine in a delicious way.

I feel the now familiar tingle in between my thighs. His huge hand comes to brace on the metal wall beside my head. His muscles flex in the process that made in between my legs moisten. He had me trapped between him and the wall with no means of escape.

My eyes flicker up to stare into his. The intensity takes my breath away as I feel my heart pound violently in my chest. His now darkened eyes cast down to my lips and I see all his control disappear.

‘Fuck talking for now, I need to taste you.’ He grits out through clenched teeth. I hear the soft creak of the bathroom door open and hear the voices get louder. But I didn’t seem to care as Blake hungrily captures my lips. The voices drown out as he takes my lips like he would do to a lover.

My pulse quickens when his hands travel down to my hips then to my bum and kneads the soft mounds. His breathing is rough and uncontrollable as his tongue slides against mine.

I run my hand across his muscular contours, reveling in the fact that he shuddered from my touch. My hands glided up to thread my fingers through his soft hair.

He detaches his lips from mine only to glide his nose from under my ear down to the hollow of my neck. My mind is clouded, unable to focus as he nibbles on the soft skin of my neck. My fingers are tightly clutching on to his hair as a way to not lose my sanity and moan out loud.

One of his hands moved dangerously close to my inner thigh. As if having a mind of it’s own my body arches more onto him, encouraging him to move forward. To touch me where I wanted him so bad.

And he does just that, as his long fingers brush softly against my clit then slips down to my core and adds pressure. I gasp at the sudden pleasure that courses through me as I roll my hips slightly, wanting more. I’m soaking wet, my panties felt drenched.

He moves away from my neck to look down at my flushed face. I met his gaze and my breath caught at the primitive look in his eyes. We were too far gone now to stop.

‘You’re already soaking wet bambina.’ He whispers and comes forward until his lips brush against mine.’ I want to taste you so bad. Let me taste you please Ley.’ He whispers in desperation as he presses the finger more into my core. The only thing stopping him from entering all the way in was the material of my panty.

The desperation in his voice has me letting go of the little restraint I had left. I nodded even though I didn’t exactly know what he meant. I was desperate too.

He groans lowly and sucks the bottom of my lip in his mouth. My lower regions clench painfully, aching for something he alone could give me.

Slowly letting go of my lip he kneel down in front of me. My brows furrowed at his actions then gasp when a wicked glint flickers in his eyes. My legs felt limp as he lifted one and draped it over his broad shoulder.

My throat goes dry when he guides my hands to pull up my dress until the purple lace panty I wore is visible to his eyes. He used a finger to move my panties to a side until my bare pussy was in front of him. He licks his lips in hunger as he eats up the sight of me. He tucks the ends of the dress in the top of my panty so it wouldn’t fall back down to cover me.

My breathing is coming in rough pants as I waited for what would happen. My core tingles and I felt the silkiness of sensual need between my thighs. The chatter gets louder and I bite my bottom lip harshly to prevent from moaning out loud.

Blake sends me one last look of hunger before bringing his face in between my legs. I feel the soft wet touch of his tongue slid along my drenched core to my clit. My thighs tremble as an electricity feeling courses through me.

I gasp bringing a hand to press against my lips in a desperate way to suppress the moans. My eyes cast down to stare at him, loving the way his eyes were closed like he was savoring the taste of me.

His tongue slides into the lips of my pussy and swirls. Creating a delicious feeling that has me reaching out to curl my fingers into his hair roughly. My body feels hot all over as he pushes his tongue into my core, fucking me with his tongue.

I gasp, throwing my head back on the cold metal and bite into the flesh of my palm. Blake’s hands grip my hips tightly and pull me more to him. The action has his tongue entering more into my core. My heart leaps.

I moan softly, unable to keep it in any longer. I felt my hips buck as I rode his face, wanting more. He sucked my bundle of nerves, nipping it softly then blowing on the flesh.

My eyes fall to stare at him, watching as he sucked me like a starved man. His eyes shoot open and our eyes lock. Blue and green. And that’s exactly what I needed to get off the edge. My thighs tremble as I came, moaning his name softly on my palm. The slick of his tongue felt so good that I didn’t want it to stop.

He groans on my pussy, the vibration has me cumming again as my eyes roll back in my head at the intense pleasure. He continues to suck me dry as I ride the waves of pleasure. My body is still coursing with electricity.

‘I’ve been wanting to do that for years now. Finally I got to taste you and you taste so fucking good.’ He whispers loud enough so I can hear but not the students that were literally a few feet away from us.


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