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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 28

Ashley's pov

We’ve been sitting on top of a desk for approximately five minutes. My eyes stayed glued on the clock as every second ticked by. It was nerve-racking having to wait for the cops to arrive.

My hands were folded under my breast, acting as a protective barrier for what was about to happen. I knew I had to eventually explain what transpired here. But it didn’t make it easier. In fact I felt revolted just thinking about speaking about it.

The security had been wiping a wet rag over the boy’s face. He had finally regained his consciousness and had started to curse softly when the man pressed the rag on his cheek.

Blake had been silent but I could sense the anger that still radiated off of him in waves. I knew he was upset and by the way he glared at my attempted rapist I knew he was still thinking of ways to murder him.

The sound of the sirens has my skin prickling with anxiety and I start to sweat profusely.They were here. ‘Blake I’m scared.’ I whispered for his ears only. He moves off the desk and comes towards me, pulling my head to his chest. ‘It’s okay bambina. Nothing bad will happen.’

I know he was trying to ease my worries but even he didn’t believe his own words. There was no assurance that the cops would believe us or listen to what happened. For all we knew, the guy could come up with the most ridiculous thing and get away with it.

‘I’m afraid they’ll arrest you-‘ I choked up pressing my nose on his black shirt. ‘They won’t.’ He assured brushing a hand down my hair in comfort.

‘You two better not be plotting a way out of this. The cops are here and will get to the bottom of whatever happened here.’ The security mumbles.

I tear myself away from Blake and look over at the security. Not once did he think that I was the victim and not the boy he was cleaning up. I couldn’t blame him, I haven’t exactly explained to him what happened.

‘Cops?!’ The attempted rapist screeched out. It was like he now understood what was happening around him and he didn’t look a bit happy to hear the news.

At that second the door bursts open and in strides one of the most beautiful cop I’ve ever seen. My anxiety and fear diminishes as officer Ryn and officer Nate enters. Blake visibly sighs in relief when he spots his mom and his uncle.

‘Blake Tyler Reed what have you done!?’ Ryn’s voice is a mix of annoyance and anger. Behind her, a very amused Nate stifles his laughter. The security’s face is imprinted with a confused frown.

‘Why do you always think I’m at fault mom?’ Blake says with a whine.

Her eyes narrow. ‘You’re your father’s child. The exact replica in every way.’ She says in a matter of factly voice and walks over to us. But stops when she spots the teen boy on the floor with a barely recognizable face.

‘Oh Blake, what did you do?’ She whispered in horror.

Blake groans beside me. ‘I wasn’t the one at fault this time. This bitch-‘

‘Can I speak to you in private officer Ryn?’ I asks, cutting off Blake. I knew he was confused but didn’t word it out.

Ryn’s eyes widen in shock as if just realizing I was there. Gaining back her composure she nods quickly. She nudges to the corner of the room and says something to Nate before walking over to the corner.

Blake hand wrap around my arm, stopping me.’ Do you want me there with you?’ He questions in a worried tone. I turn to him and send him a reassuring smile.

‘It’s okay, I got this.’ I answered and strut over to a waiting Ryn.

It felt like I was reassuring myself. I admit I was afraid to tell anyone what happened. I felt gross and wanted to scrub my skin until it turnt red. But that’ll have to wait.

It only took one glance at my tense body and ruffled hair to have Ryn’s face turned into the shade of a ghost. ‘Please tell me that’s not what happened here.’ It comes out like a plea and my eyes fill up with tears.

‘Oh God.’ Ryn whispered in pity.

I sucked in a breath and avoided her stare. It now felt so real. I was now one of those girls who had gotten sexually assaulted and I hated it.’ Blake isn’t at fault.’ I started and cleared my throat of the lump.

‘ I had stayed back to get some information on a topic. I was just leaving when he.’ I said shakily pointing at the guy who now looked scared. ‘Pulled me into an empty classroom and tried to rape me.’

The tears I held back now flowed freely. I finally got the courage to look at Ryn and see the anger in her eyes. ‘Blake came just in time before the situation escalated.’

She pulls me into her embrace, stroking my back to comfort me as I sobbed on her uniform. ‘Oh darling, I’m so sorry this happened to you. We’ll make him pay I promise. ‘She whispered beside my ear.

She pulls away and looks at me in worry. ‘Want me to call your mom and dad?’

‘No!’ I rushed out. ‘Please don’t make them know what happened. I want to tell them when I’m ready. Please just don’t involve them.’ I pleaded. I didn’t know how I would face them knowing that I was this close to getting raped.

I felt ashamed that it happened to me. And in a way I was scared that mom and dad wouldn’t look at me the same again. I just knew they would be walking on eggshells around me.

I didn’t want that and I definitely didn’t want to worry them either. If dad has his way I’d never get out of the house and be homeschooled for the rest of the semester.

Ryn’s brows furrowed in confusion. ‘They’re going to get involved Ashley when you file a report-‘

I shake my head feeling fear creep up my spine. ‘No, no I don’t want that.’ I rushed out. Ryn blanches back in shock.

Was I stupid for not making the boy pay for what he has done? ‘ Just make him stay away from me please, that’s all I want.’ I whispered.

She breathes out and looks at the boy who looks like he had seen a ghost. Nate had now walked up to him and was busy questioning him.

‘Look Ashley, your head isn’t clear right now to make a decision. I’ll give you time but I would advise you to file that report. I do not like that you don’t want me to inform your parents about this, but promise me that’ll you’ll tell them when you’re ready.’ She says in a stern voice.

‘Well that asshole doesn’t look like he needs a hospital but he does look like he needs a prison cell.’ She grits out and starts walking over to the injured boy.

My eyes widen as I’m quick to follow her. ‘But I didn’t file-‘

‘He still sexually assaulted you Ashley, he deserves to be inside a cell. Look I said I’ll keep this away from your parents but I never agreed to keep this attempted rapist a free pass. Now go home and I’ll take care of it.’ She says and roughly forces the boy to stand up.

Turning him around she turns to face her son. ‘You did a number on him son. I taught you well.’ She smirks then goes serious.’Get Ashley home and start cooking dinner before your dad burns the kitchen again. Oh and if your sister needs help with homework you help her.’

She turns the boy around roughly and earns a groan of pain from him. ‘Doesn’t feel too good being the one helpless now does it little boy?’

‘Ryn you’ll break the guy’s arm.’ Nate says in an amused chuckle.



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