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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 29

Ashley's pov

Blake has been giving me the silent treatment the entire ride home. He wasn’t exactly my number one fan right now. Not after hearing that I didn’t want to press charges against the boy I now know as Peter William.

I sighed and rest my head that was protected by the helmet on his back. I feel him visibly stiffen before he relaxes. My hands were securely around his waist, loving the prominent shape of abs through his thin shirt.

The sight of my house is now visible and I sigh. I didn’t want to be alone right now in fact I wanted to stay like this forever. Though it’s impossible I wish for it. Blake parks the motorcycle beside the walkway.

It belonged to his mom and she gifted it to him when he showed interest in what others considered a death trap. He holds it dear to his heart. In his words ‘it was his baby’.

I remove the helmet, shaking my hair out. It wouldn’t matter it still was as ruffled as before. Blake removes his helmet and then helps me down.

‘Thank you.’ I said and kept my head down while adjusting the straps of the bag.

‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ That was the second time he asked me this.

The first was after I had spoken to his mom, then after hearing what I told her, he stayed mute after voicing out his anger towards my decision. So it was heartwarming that he asked me even though he was still mad.

I finally got the courage to look up and instantly our eyes are locked. I missed this, I missed how close we were before everything changed between us. Was it bad that I wanted to tell him how much I loved him right there and then?

I nodded to his question and found myself smiling a little. ‘I promise that I’m fine Blake.’

Was I really fine? I could still feel Peter’s slimy hands all over my body. Touching me where I only wanted one person to touch. The image floats back in my head and it takes everything in me to hold back the vomit that was ready to come out.

He sighs, not believing me at all. It was fine, I didn’t believe myself. ‘You know I’m always here for you Ley. If you need me I’m just a phone call away. ‘

I smile and my heart skips a beat at his words. This is exactly how I fell for you Blake. ‘I know Blake, now get home before your dad burns the kitchen.’ I joked but it comes out forced and shaky. He snorts.

‘ Oh Say hello to Reagan for me and give Asta a kiss on the cheek for me.’ I chirped.

Reagan was Blake’s little sister who was six years younger than him. She basically was made a couple of months after Blake’s dad got out of jail. With her maturity at such a young age you’d think she was the older one out of the two.

Asta on the other hand was a very troublesome little fellow at the age of five. He’s the last and has Blake complaining about getting all of the attention. I think Blake was just a jealous big baby.

Blake gave me a lopsided grin. ‘You know I’m beginning to think that you have a crush on my five year old brother. You never showed me this much attention. I mean I don’t even get one of those famous cheek kisses. The least you could do is give me some love to.’ It comes out in a joking manner but then his eyes fall down to my lips and they darken.

‘You know what, I think I much rather kiss you on the lips. Both of your lips.’ His tone is husky as he drags out his words. Understanding his words my cheek flamed with heat.

I stumble on my words and say a quick goodbye before leaving him chuckling behind me. After hearing the roar of the motorcycle then hear him drive away made me smile like I had won the lottery.

It felt like we were finally going back to how we were, with him teasing me and me liking it. But deep down I feared it wouldn’t be enough, soon I’ll want more. So much more.

I opened the door and I’m utterly shocked to see dad already waiting for me. His arms are crossed over his chest. He probably had just come back from work because he still dressed in his work clothes.

I make a mental note to tell him that the dress shirt is too tiny for him now. Though I was a hundred percent sure that he wore them for mom since she loved seeing it on him.

His eyes are angry as they study me. ‘And where have you been, young lady? You’re grounded remember?’

I sighed and closed the door. ‘I know daddy but I had something to research on so I stayed after school.’ I knew how to get away with everything. Just one look at my puppy dog eyes and he would fall for anything I say.

I hear him sigh and just like that he lost his angry persona. I got to admit he was funny when he tried to act mad. He looked like a cat instead of a lion. ‘I was worried baby. You should’ve called to tell us that you would be late.’

My throat tightens seeing his worried face. And I knew that if I told him what happened he would be ten times as worried than he is now. I’m doing a good thing in keeping this from them. One secret wouldn’t hurt. I chanted in my head over and over until it stuck. Yet why do I feel that I was doing something atrocious?

I hear footsteps heading our way and I just knew it was mom. And I was right, her brunette hair came into view a second later. With a pink yoga tights and a lime green sports bra mom was the optimum of sex appeal even at her age. Everyone said I was exactly like her and I was happy to hear that.

She stops beside dad and furrows her brow while staring at me. ‘Where’s your glasses baby? And what happened to your hair?’ She gasped coming over to run her fingers through my lengthy tresses in an attempt to fix up my hair.

My heart beat thumps in my ears the rhythm so quick that I thought they could hear it. The image of my broken glasses on the floor of the school has me internally groaning. How am I supposed to explain this?

‘I missed a fall today and it broke. I must’ve forgotten to pick it up afterwards since I was already late for class at the time.’

Was this the best excuse I could come up with?

‘Oh, then we’ll get you a new one by tomorrow.’ Mom says but dad stays mute and I’m afraid that he has caught on to my lie. Whether he did or not he didn’t voice it out and I’m thankful for that.


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