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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 45

Rosalie's pov

Anxiety swirls in my stomach as I rocked back and forth on my heels. I looked at the door trying to gain enough courage to finally knock. I had been standing there for about two minutes just gawking at the wood.

Today was Saturday and I’ve been prolonging to see, him. I sighed I should’ve come over sooner, it was my fault that he was suspended. Finally getting my nerves under control, I lift my hand to knock.

My fist was an inch away when the door swung open. Aunty Lily and uncle Asher appear before me. They looked surprised to see me but smiled nonetheless.

‘Oh Rosalie, It’s been forever. What brings you here?’ Aunt Lily questions pulling me into a warm hug. Call me weird but I always loved the scent of her, she smelled like roses.

‘You’ll suffocate the girl babe.’ Uncle Asher jokes prying aunt Lily away from me only to give me a hug himself.

‘Haven’t seen you around here for a while kiddo.’ He chuckles playfully ruffling my hair. They weren’t related to me by blood but I considered them family. They were my parents bestfriends.

I smile as we pull away from each other. ‘Sorry for not coming to see y’all earlier, been busy with cheer practice.’ And it’s true, our captain has been a raging bitch ever since her college boyfriend dumped her. She’s been having us practice for hours and by the time I got home, I would be lost to dreamland.

I chewed on my bottom lip and force down my nervousness. ‘I came to speak to Arden.’ I stated. They looked stunned at my declaration.

I wasn’t surprised at their shocked faces, everyone knew Arden and I didn’t get along. It would be absurd for us to even stay in the same room for five minutes without hurling a plate or something dangerous at eachother.

We were like water and oil, we never got along, never mixed well. And he even became a huge pain in the ass since he was Liam’s best friend and I could never get rid of him. He hated my guts and I hated his. It was that simple.

Aunt Lily opens her mouth to speak but no words come out. Looking embarrassed she looks at her husband for help who looks equally as shocked. He shakes his head and clears his throat.

‘Well we were actually on our way to have lunch with my father but Arden’s upstairs in his room.’ He smiles.

My lips curved into a thankful smile then my brows furrowed in confusion. ‘Where’s Ashley?’ I voiced out. I needed to speak to her too.

‘She’s out with Blake and wouldn’t be home until later tonight. So it’s only you and Arden. Please don’t make us come back home to two dead bodies.’ It’s aunt Lily who responds.

I giggle and nod. I wish them a safe drive then a few seconds later watch as the car disappears from my sight. I sighed and close the door.

I walked up the stairs and noticed the picture frames that hang on the cream colored walls. I smile when a photo of a young Arden catches my attention. He was always so handsome, so carefree. But now he was cocky and an idiot. I scowled.

A few seconds later I’m in the hallway. It doesn’t take a genius to know which one was Arden’s room. He had a torn up do not enter sign on his door with drawings of the middle finger. I rolled my eyes and twisted the handle of the door.

It swings open and a squeal leaves my lips at the sight of a freshly showered Arden coming out of his bathroom. The white towel hangs lowly on his hips as a bead of water trails down until disappearing inside the top of the towel.

Oh God. Oh God indeed. It was no wonder the guy was cocky, he was the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. My heart rate quickened and a pleasant feeling settles in my stomach.

‘What the hell are you doing here!?’ He hisses slamming the door of the bathroom shut. I’m a flustered mess and swiftly turn around to block my eyes.

‘I’m sorry for not knocking.’ I apologize, feeling embarrassed. I knew he noticed my gawking.

‘That didn’t answer my question.’ He says in irritation. I could hear him shifting around in his room and hoped that he was getting dressed.

My eyes are still blocked and clenched shut but the image of his half naked body is printed on my mind. I find my tongue darting out to lick my lip. ‘I came to talk to you, apologize for being the cause of your suspension.’ I stated feeling the air in the room turn tense.

He snorts. ‘I was expelled babe, not suspended. Dad just did his magic and principal William agreed to let me come back to school.’

The way he says babe sends pleasurable shivers down my spine. I found that I loved it when he called me that. ‘You can turn around now idiot.’ I hear the annoyance in his voice but try to not let it get to me.

I turn around only to gulp at seeing him in only his plaid boxers and white t-shirt. ‘I thought you said you were dressed?’ The question comes out more like a whine. The sight of him was awakening unknown emotions inside of me.

He rolls his blue eyes, his hair a wet curly mess on his forehead. ‘I am.’ He huffs and plops down on his bed. He reaches for the remote and puts on the TV. It’s loud and overbearing.

I breathed out an annoyed breath and walk over to him, pry the remote out of his hands and turn the volume lower. He glares at me menacingly. ‘What the fuck?’ He questions slowly as if talking to a child.

‘Why did you do it?’ I question. This had been eating at my mind for the past few days.

He rolls his eyes. ‘Do what? Elaborate genius.’

‘Why did you fight Sam?’ I asked and sat down on the edge of his bed.

‘Because he touched you inappropriately.’ He said bluntly and tried to pry the remote away from me.

I move it away from his hands. I knew he was hiding something, I could hear it in his voice. I knew it was more than what he was letting on.

‘Tell me the truth Arden. Why did you become so enraged? You’ve never cared before-‘

His eyes turn to steel of rage as he scowled at me. ‘I always fucking cared!’ He spat.

I flinched away from his tone but then regained my composure and glared at him.

‘Then you never showed me! You always called me a witch and other indecent words. You never acknowledged me as your cousin-‘

‘Because I don’t see you that way! I never did and I never will!’ He roars, cutting me off.

I feel hurt for some unknown reason. It hurt me that he hated me so much. ‘Why don’t you?’ I feel vulnerable and beyond hurt.

I never hated Arden, I was annoyed that he was the only boy who ever made my heart skip a beat. Always made me want to dress up cute for him even though he never noticed and instead called me a witch.I liked him a lot, even may love him. But that arrogant fool could never get out of his ass to notice.

He sighs and moves his eyes away from me. ‘Because I see you more than that Rosa, I see you more than a cousin should.’ He confessed but didn’t look at me.

I feel my heart start to race through my chest, tingles crawling inside my body. ‘What do you mean?’ I had an inkling feeling what he meant I just really wanted to hear him say it.

He finally looks at me, his eyes portraying nothing but honesty. ‘I see you how a man sees a woman. I want you Rosa. I always have.’ He breathes out.

His blue eyes are studying me like a hawk, waiting for my next move.But I shock him by crawling into his lap and straddle him. My skirt hunches up to my waist and I was sure he could see my red lace panty.

His big warm hands come securely on my hips as he stares at me in shock. I could feel him swell under me and I resisted the urge to reach in his boxers and touch him.

I lace my hands around his head and bring him forward. His blue eyes are wide staring at me in longing. My forehead presses on to his as I smile at his adorable confused face.

‘What took you so damn long?’ I question and pull him into a toe curling kiss that soon heated up more.Ten minutes later I found myself losing my virginity to my brother’s bestfriend that I thought hated me.


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