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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 46

Ashley's pov

My forehead rest on the window pane as I watch the overhanging branches of the trees as we drive past. Blake had asked his dad to borrow his jeep for the day and he’d happily obliged.

With the faint sound of music in the background and the continuous vibration of the moving vehicle was relaxing. I sighed, enjoying the scenery. Blake had come to pick me up early for our date.

It had just been five minutes after nine. Apparently it was a long drive. And it was indeed because we’ve been on the road for at least forty minutes and I still didn’t know where he was taking me for our date. I’ve been asking him but he answers with the famous ‘ It’s a secret.’

I move away from the window and look over at him. He looked nervous, bottom lip sucked in between his lips and tense form. I cracked a soft smile.

‘You know I’m beginning to think that you’re going to kill me and dump my body in the woods.’ I joked watching as he turn on a narrow twisted path.

His heated palm comes to lay on the top of my bare thigh. With the heat of today I had chosen to wear a cut up short jeans and a tight fitted t-shirt. Tingles crawl up my thigh and I feel in between my legs throb.

He turns to me for a second and smirk before going back to stare at the road. ‘Now why would I want to kill my future wife?’ He jokes but I could hear the seriousness in his voice. My heart pounds at his declaration.

Future wife? Why did I like the sound of that?

He squeezes my thigh as he slows down until stopping beside a cabin. It’s a reasonable size and looks to be well looked after judging by the very alive potted flowers on the porch.

Thick forest trees surrounded the cabin and the green leaves created a shadow over us as we got out of the jeep.

My converse hit the earth and the scent of mulch and wildflowers reach my nose. I inhale the smell and I found out that I loved the scent. Birds are chirping a beautiful tune high above the branches of the trees.

Rays of sunlight penetrate through the rustling leaves and cast a soft glow over the ground. I smile and look up to see a tiny bird flying high above.

‘This is beautiful.’ I breathed out following Blake inside the cabin.

‘What part?’ He teases and turns around to raise his brow. I rolled my eyes and shrugged.

‘Everything.’ I admit and looked around the cabin. It had a homely vibe to it that could soothe anyone. ‘Nice cabin.’ I complimented.

He smirks. ‘This used to be my aunt Rebecca’s but since I was conceived here she gave it to my mom and dad. We make sure to come here often since my sister loves the flowers.’ He says.

I choke on my spit and raise my brows. ‘Hope you didn’t bring me here to conceive here too. At least not until for a few years.’ I joked.

He throws his head back letting out a laugh. ‘So does that mean you’re already planning our kids in a few years?’

A light blush coats my cheek. ‘ Don’t flatter yourself.’ I rolled my eyes. He laughs clearly knowing that I was flustered.

‘You know this isn’t exactly where we’ll have our date.’ He declares and sidesteps me to walk out of the cabin.

I turn around and watch him with furrowed brows when he opens the boot of the jeep and pulls out what looked to be a picnic basket.

My heart warms knowing that he actually put effort into our date. I smile and walk over to him when he calls me over. ‘You know I was supposed to give you a tour of the cabin but I’m impatient to have that date with you, so that’ll have to wait.’ He breathes out.

My heart squeezes and a soft smile curls on my lips when he interlocks our fingers and starts to guide us through the trees.

‘Is the basket heavy?’ I question after five minutes of walking . He held my hand while the other held onto the basket. I could hear the soft sound of water hitting rocks in the close distance.

‘Your man can handle a picnic basket babe.’ He snorts and squeezes my hand. I smile and jump over a branch.

‘Always so cocky.’ I giggle. My converse crunched the dead leaves under my feet as we walked along the narrow path.

The more we walked the louder the sound of rushing water could be heard. Excitement crawled in my stomach knowing that we’d have the picnic hopefully by a body of water. And I was right because after a minute the path brought us to a beautiful waterfall.

I gasp in astonishment at the clarity of the waterfall. Its waters spurted over the rocks and created a very relaxing sound. Blake drops the basket on the soft green grass and turns to stare at me. ‘Well, do you like it?’ He asked nervously scratching the back of his neck.

‘Are you insane?’ I asked with wide amazed eyes and run to him. Jumping on him, he stumbles a little before bracing himself. His hands came to hold my ass to keep me from falling. ‘I love it!’ I said honestly and brought my lips down to his.

He groans in the kiss, squeezing my ass until I was sure I’d feel it afterwards. Pulling away, I smile. ‘Thank God, I wanted our first date to be special.’ He admitted and kissed the tip of my nose.

‘And it is.’ I stated and kissed him one last time before he placed me down gently on my feet. ‘You know we’ve been bestfriends for forever and I didn’t know you were such a softy.’ I gushed when he pulled out a blanket that was in the basket and spread it on the grass.

Flowers growing nearby were nodding as the gentle breeze passed by.Their scent like honeysuckle. ‘I’m only a softy for you so don’t tell anyone. This is our secret.’ He laughs placing the food he brought in the center of the blanket.

I nodded and giggled. ‘Secret is safe with me.’ I crossed my fingers over my heart and laughed when he sent me an are you serious look.

Finally happy with how he placed the food he looks up and gives me a shy smile. ‘Lunch is served.’


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