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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 47

Ashley's pov

My head rested on his lap as one of his hands tangle through my tresses whilst the other fed me grapes. I sighed looking at the clear blue sky that peeked through the swaying branches above.

I don’t know how long we’ve been like this but I was sure it has passed a couple of hours. Being like this, so calm and peaceful in his arms felt surreal. I never wanted it to end.

‘This is beautiful.’ I breathed out. A blue and yellow butterfly flies by and I giggle as they playfully fight each other. Or were they mating?

‘The most beautiful.’ Blake says. I turn my head to face him but he’s already staring at me. My heart flutters and butterflies make havoc in my stomach.

His blue eyes shine with yearning and love as they scan over my features then settle on my lips. ‘You’re so beautiful Ashley.’ He sighs and brushes his fingers through my lengthy inky black tresses.

I smile shyly and lift my hand to run my fingers through his soft hair. He sighs and clenches his eyes shut, enjoying the feeling of my fingers brushing through his mane.

His eyes snap open and his blue eyes twinkle. The sight takes my breath away as I suck in some air. ‘Let’s have a swim.’ He blurts out. His head looks up to gaze at the waterfall.

I drop my hands to my sides and furrow my brows in contemplation. As much as it sounded really good, I really had not come prepared to have a swim.

‘I didn’t bring anything to swim in.’ I trailed off, turning my head to the side to eye the waterfall. The crystal clear water looked inviting.

‘Who says you need anything?’ The mischief in his voice lets me know exactly what he meant. I bite my lower lip and turn to stare at him beneath my lashes.

‘Are you talking about skinny dipping?’ I asked. My heart beat increased when he nodded with a playful smirk. Blake and I naked? Could I handle myself? I doubted it.

‘Don’t go shy on me baby.’ He coos and trails a hand up my thigh. His fingers created a heated trail as they crawled up my flesh. I gasp when his hands start to unbutton my pants.

‘I’ve already seen everything.’ His tone is now deeper than usual which makes me know that I wasn’t the only one affected by his actions.

My fingers wrap around the bone of his wrist tightly to stop his tantalizing movement. If I don’t stop him now, we’d not get the chance to actually swim.

‘Then I guess I better strip then.’ I said in a sensual voice.

What has Blake turned me into? I move off his lap and got up. I face him as I pull the t-shirt off my body. His blue eyes burn through my skin, watching my movements in raw desire. He gulps when I unhook my bra and let it fall on the blanket.

My rosy peaks harden when the cool breeze hits them. He’s breathing roughly with his hands fisted at his sides. He was enjoying this and so was I.

Since he had already unbuttoned my pants all I had to do was slide it down. And I did, taking my lacy panties along with it. I was now bare before him.

Blake sucked in a sharp breath and his eyes turned a dangerous shade darker. He was aroused, I could tell by the tent currently pushing at his black jeans. I smirked. Did he really think he was the only one who could tease?

I throw my pants at his face, turn around quickly and run towards the pool of water. ‘Meet you there.’ I shout over my shoulder as I run into the shallow of the water. It’s cold but it instantly soothes my heated flesh.

I hear him groan behind me as I dived into the water. This part was deep, so deep that I could not see the bottom. The cool water envelops my naked flesh as I swim through its current.

I swam until I got to a place where I could touch the bottom with my feet. I gasp when I come up for air only to see Blake’s feet being devoured by the water.

A couple of seconds later fingers curl around my waist and Blake’s head pops up. He smirks shaking his hair to get the water out of it. I squealed and laughed. ‘You know you’re a tease.’ He grins and pulls my body towards his.

I gasp feeling his enlarged member on my inner thigh. He was both naked and hard as a rock. ‘Only for you.’ I smile making him grin.

We turn around in the water, holding eachother close as if having a dance. It felt amazing to have his naked flesh pressed to mine, my hands laced around his neck.

My naked skin pressed against his bare flesh and it makes us both moan in desire. His aroused blue eyes dip to stare at my lips. My pink tongue darts out to lick my lower lip and he follows that movement with heated desire.

He lowered his forehead so it could touch mine.

I met his gaze and sucked in a breath when I caught the intense look in his eyes. Before I could catch my breath, he lowers his mouth on mine.

My heart rate cranked up several notches as his tongue tangles with my own. He groans, pulling my naked body to his. I moan and wrap my legs around his waist. I could feel him now, so close and big, touching the sensitive flesh between my thighs.

‘Shit.’ He grunts when the head of his cock touches the folds of my pussy.

This was the closest we’ve ever been. He was basically almost fucking my opening. My pussy clench, feeling his shaft between my folds.

I lace my fingers through his wet mane and tug harshly at the nape. He hisses pulling away from my lips to stare at me in longing.

His hands glide down my waist to my ass and grips. His head dips to suck at the sensitive skin between my neck and shoulder.

‘Blake.’ I moan turning my head to the side to give him more access.

His breathing roughly against my neck and even though the water was cold I could feel his heated cock at my entrance. Just one push and he’d be inside of me, taking what was his.

‘I want you.’ I begged and almost cum right there and then when he sucks the skin of my neck. I was sure he left his mark and I really didn’t care. ‘I want you inside me now Blake.’

It seems that my words must’ve shocked him because he pulls away from my neck to stare at me.

He stays silent for a few seconds before speaking in a husky tone. ‘You want me to make love to you?’

I nod and smiled shyly.’ I’m ready.’


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