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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 48

He pushes me gently on the blanket. My black wet hair sprawled on the material as his body comes to rest on top of mine. His lower body in between my legs. His arousal was hot and huge on my inner thigh.

I stare into the blue eyes that I love and trust. The boy who is my bestfriend and now my lover. As much as I wanted him to just penetrate me in the pool of cool water, I knew it was best we did it on land.

This way I could feel every hard muscle touching my body and kicking up my heart rate. I wanted to feel him everywhere possible, I wanted him to take what was his.

His lips are parted, tongue peeking out to swipe against his bottom lip. He was staring at me in admiration,soaking in the look and feel of me, naked and ready before him.

‘You’re so beautiful Ley.’ He groans and dips his head in the crook of my neck. I feel it, the wet and soft touch of his tongue as he licks my flesh. He kisses my pulse and trailed a hand down the side of my body.

My back arches as tingles race up my spine and I gasp, closing my eyes at the pleasurable feeling. Our wet bodies are pressed to eachother leaving no space in between.

His head comes up only so that he can hungrily capture my lips in an intense kiss. I’m panting and so is he. His tongue is sliding against mine, dominating me until I submit to him.

I tasted the minty tang on his tongue as I sucked it softly. He grunts and his hips push forward, that lets the head of his cock slide towards my slit.

I hiss opening my legs further so that the head could slide into my folds slightly. He groans as if being tortured and breaks away from my lips.

His eyes glazed with love and desire that I stirred. It makes me warm and fuzzy as I give him a shy smile. My pulse quicken when he gives me a soft smile in return.

‘How did I get so lucky?’ It was like he was asking that to himself and not me.

Before I could respond he dips his head so that he could glide his nose under my ear down to the hollow of my neck and suck. I gasp and feel my fingernails scrap his back.

One of his hands slid up between us to mold my breast. My rosy peaks tingle when his thumb brushes over it. ‘Blake.’ I moan not knowing what I wanted at the moment but knew that I didn’t want him to stop, not now not ever.

His lips trail down to the area between my breast then he takes a rosy peak in his mouth and groans in satisfaction. A wetness grows in between my thighs and I tremble in his arms. He swirls his tongue around the peak and gently nips it.

It stings a bit but it’s pleasurable enough to have me arching more into him. I could feel him undeniably swell in between my thighs but he was yet to penetrate me. He licks the creamy skin of my breasts and tortured my nipples with his tongue and teeth.

Pleasure, Pleasure, this was all I could feel when he trails his lips down to my stomach stopping to swirl his tongue around my belly button then dip inside. I never knew such pleasure before, it felt so good. I moan gripping the blanket in a tight fist.

He continues his venture, his throbbing cock now out of my folds. As much as I hated that his cock wasn’t where I wanted it, I knew that soon I’ll be filled with it.

I could tell by the slight tremble in his body that he was holding back from just thrusting into me. He wanted me to enjoy this.

‘Ahhh…..Blake.’ I cried out when his tongue dipped into my slit and started to lap at my pussy like it was the last meal on the planet.

I shudder and try to close my legs, the pleasure so unbearable. But he stops me by holding my thigh in a deathly grip, keeping me from moving away.I could feel my lower stomach tighten, and look down at where I was being pleasured.

And that gets me over the edge, his blue eyes locking with mine as his tongue fucks my opening.He smirks against my pussy when I tremble in his hands as I cum. He’s enjoying this, drinking every last drop of my juices like a starved man, moaning in ecstasy.

He pushes up and kneels between my parted legs, lips still glistening with my juices. He reaches for his jeans that he had discarded on the blanket and pulls out what looked like a condom.

I narrow my eyes watching as he tears the packet with his teeth. ‘Did you come prepared?’ I asked in fake accusation. We both know this would’ve happened sooner or later.

He smirks and shrugs. ‘I always have a condom on me Ley, especially ever since we started dating. I always walk prepared, I knew I wouldn’t last long with your sexy ass teasing me every chance you got.’ He chuckles rolling the condom on his impressive size.

It looks ready to claim me but just the size of his girth and length has me uneasy. He was big and I doubted it could enter my vagina. He sees this and settles his lower body back between my thighs and kisses me.

‘I can’t promise you it won’t hurt because it will at first. But I will promise you that I’ll do my best to ease the pain.’ He promises, his forehead touching mine.

I nodded and gulp opening my legs to accommodate his size. He pulls back to stare at me, his eyes eating the sight of me beneath him. ‘Are you sure you want this Ley?’ He was now nervous far from how he was a mere second ago.

‘I don’t want to hurt you baby.’ He admitted brushing a thumb over my lower lip.

My heart leaps as I stare into the eyes of the boy I love without a doubt. ‘I want this with everything in me. I love you Blake.’ I answered honestly and trail a finger down the curve of his jaw. He shudders as if hearing me say those words pleasured him to a great extent.

He nods, his blue eyes glazing with love as he guides his cock to the entrance of my pussy. I’m soaking wet and I could feel it lubricate the head of his cock that was safely inside the latex.

‘I love you so much Ashley.’ He grunts then surged all the way into me, breaking my hymen.

I gasp in pain and grip his shoulders, my nails digging into his flesh. He stays still for a few moments watching me, gauging my reaction. I was in pain, I’m not going to lie. His cock was really a tight fit, I felt my pussy stretched to its capacity.

He was filling me up, I felt every inch of his throbbing cock. Inch by inch pushed into my once unmarked territory. He looked at me worried, his dark brows furrowed into a frown. I smile at him in reassurance.

‘I guess I just need to adjust to your size.’ I joked but winced when I wiggled too much.

‘Don’t move baby.’ He rushes out seeing the painful look on my face. His eyes start to fill with moisture as worry and self hate crawl on his handsome features.

‘I’m so sorry I hurt you Ley, fuck, I’m so sorry.’ He panicked trying to pull away.

I wrap my legs around waist so he’d not move and shake my head. ‘Don’t you dare stop now.’ I warned. Besides, the pain was now subsiding and was just a now dull throb.

‘I want this.’ I breathed out and lifted my head to peck his soft lips.

He sighs and rests his forehead on my own. ‘You can move now.’ I told him after we stayed locked and unmoving for a few more minutes.

He looked reluctant.’Are you sure baby?’

I knew it tortured him to not move, I could hear it in the way he breathed. I nodded and smiled at him in reassurance. ‘I want to feel you Blake. Inside me, taking what has always been yours.’

He moans, dropping his mouth to mine as his hips pull away only for him to slide back into me. I gasp feeling the pressure of being filled up by him. It was oddly satisfying and pleasurable.

I moan as the walls of my vagina suck his cock, milking him and welcoming him inside. It felt like he was home, where he should be, where he belong. He pants as he thrusts into me slowly, testing the waters. I curl my fingers into the blanket beneath my naked flesh.

His fingers come to interlock with mine as his head dips in the crook of my neck, breathing harshly. ‘Oh fuck Ashley.’ He grunts thrusting into my core.

I moan in pleasure as he kept on filling me up. ‘Fuck don’t stop.’ I cried out as he surged all the way inside of me. As the words leave my parted lips it was like it flicked a switch inside of him.

Because Blake was now pounding into me relentlessly, groaning, panting my name. ‘Fuck baby you’re so tight and warm around my cock.’ He moans, biting the flesh of my neck.

The slap of our skin hitting eachother and the continuous moans filled the silence. I could only feel him, everywhere, inside and out. He’s hissing as his cock fucks me continuously.

It felt like an eternity being taken by Blake over and over until I felt myself get closer to my orgasm.

‘Mmmm.’ I moan feeling my lower stomach clench before I tremble in his arms. My pussy squeezed him tightly as I cum, sucking him in, not wanting to let go.

‘ Blake.’ I cried out, thighs shaking around his waist.

‘Fucking shit Ley.’ He pants and I feel him shudder and I knew he was also cumming. He comes forward to mold our lips together while my pussy refuses to let him out.

‘I love you so much.’ He groans on my parted lips. ‘I love you too.’ I sighed in bliss.


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