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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 49

Ashley's pov

The ride back home is so calming with the soft music playing in the background. Blake’s hand is firmly placed on my bare thigh and occasionally squeezes.

Today was perfect, the date was perfect, Blake was perfect. I couldn’t help but smile as I recall the way he insisted on washing me in the stream after we made love.

He was so gentle and caring and had not tried to touch me inappropriately knowing that I was still sore. He really was perfect,how did I end up so lucky?

‘What are you smiling at baby?’ He questions.

I turn to stare at him and find him already staring at me in adoration. I feel my cheeks heat up with a blush and turn to stare back at the road.

‘Watch the road please. ‘I mumble. Why was I shy all of a sudden? There was no reason to be. I certainly wasn’t at the waterfall.

‘Are you shy right now Ley?’ Amusement is thick in his voice. I turn to stare at him and thankful that he was at least looking at the road now. I wouldn’t want to die when only just a few hours ago I was in bliss.

‘No I’m not.’ I humph, noting that the sun was already setting below the horizon. It casted a golden glow that covered our frames. It made Blake more handsome than he already was, like a golden god.

‘Then dare I ask what you were smiling at earlier? You seem to be thinking about-‘

‘Shut up.’ I grumble cutting him off. Whatever he would have said next surely would’ve made me redder than I am now.

‘I was smiling at finally knowing your weakness. You’re scared of centipedes.’ I gloated.

I smirk at the memory of Blake screeching not so manishly when a centipede had seemed to crawl past us, beside his foot when we were walking back to the cabin. I had never been more amused or had laughed so hard my entire life.

‘Don’t you dare let anyone know about this. Or else I’d have to punish you and I’d enjoy that very much.’ His tone had taken a more husky one. I bet he was thinking of very sinful things to do to me.

‘Punish me how?’ I questioned in a very sultry tone. Even though I already knew it was something to have me begging him to fuck me. Blake was unpredictable that I knew for sure. But I do love to tease him, like now, I knew I had lit him with desire.

‘Well I do love your supple ass, it is the best to spank.’ He takes his eyes off the road to stare at me again.

‘Then I’d fuck you until you won’t even remember your name and your pretty ass would no longer be able to walk for days.’ His words have a shudder of pleasure rock through me.

I clench my thighs and he notices because a cocky smirk etches on his face.

He turns back to face the road and squeezes my thigh. ‘Relax baby, that’ll not happen only if you don’t go around saying I’m terrified of centipedes. Though I much rather you say it, it’ll give me an excuse to fuck the shit out of you.’

‘You’re a horny idiot.’ I giggle.

‘Only for you baby.’ I hear the sincerity in his voice and I couldn’t help but let a tiny smile flutter on my face.

Minutes passed by and now we were slowing down beside my house. It was already dark and the lights inside my house were on. I wondered if they’d be mad at me for being a bit tardy.

Blake parks the jeep and pulls up the windows. My brows furrowed in confusion before I understood what he’d been planning. He unbuckled my seat belt and pulled me onto his lap. I gasp really not expecting him to do it so swiftly.

With the tinted glass, no one would be able to see what we were doing. Unless they walk towards the front of the jeep and happen to see us in a very inappropriate position.

Blake doesn’t waste a second, grip the back of my head and pulls me down to his lips. I sighed into the kiss, melting when he pries my lips open with his tongue.

He was tasting every single corner of my mouth. I was always submissive to him but I didn’t care. I wanted him to dominate me, I crave it.

By the time we pulled away I was as breathless as I was when Blake finally had thrust into me at the waterfall. And even though I was sore, I wanted nothing more but to make him have his way with me, under him, on top, I don’t care as long as he’s inside me.

I brush my thumb over his now more plump lips, my eyes following the movement with hunger. Hunger for him. ‘I love you.’ I whispered. He rest his forehead on mine.

‘I love you too Ley.’ He kisses the tip of my nose before drawing back. ‘Now is best you enter inside before your dad comes out of the house and kills me.’ He jokes.

I giggle. He was right, dad would throw a huge fit and probably would make Blake marry me right away if he saw us in this kind of position. I was still his little girl in his eyes.

I moved off him and got back to the passenger’s side. Opening the door I got out and turn back to look at him. ‘Hey Blake.’ I called for his attention though he was already looking at me, well my breast to be precise.

He looks up and has the audacity to look embarrassed at being caught staring at my tits. ‘That was the best date ever.’ I said honestly.

He smiles. ‘I’m happy you think so but baby I don’t think you have anything to compare it to. It could’ve been rather dull to someone else’s idea.’

It was my turn to smirk in cockiness. ‘Now who says I don’t have anything to compare it to? I’ve been on a date before Blake.’ I drawled out and closed the door.

He puts rolls down the glass, eyes seething in jealousy. ‘Who was it?’ He hisses.

I whistle and turn around to walk towards my house, leaving him shouting my name. I smile and open the door, turn around and waved him before entering.

I close the door behind me and later hear the sound of screeching tires. I prayed that he’d not crash the car. Maybe I shouldn’t have teased him.

I sighed and looked around the house. Where was everyone? Something was wrong, the air seem tense. I could spot the light of the television and walked to the living room, hoping there was someone there.

As soon as I entered I spotted dad on the phone, mom seated on the couch head lowered as if she was sad and Arden looked lost, seated beside her.

‘What’s wrong?’ I whispered, already knowing I would not like the answer.

Mom head lifts and she sighs sadly.

‘Your dad got a call today that your grandma Margaret hanged herself last night.’


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