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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 51

Ashley's pov

The week flew by pretty quickly. And every single day it got more difficult to keep Blake and I’s relationship a secret at school.

It was annoying to not kiss him in the halls how I wanted to and I knew it bugged him that he couldn’t hold me the way he wanted. I was this close to saying fuck it and let everyone know exactly what was going on between us.

I groan, dropping on the mat beyond exhausted. My arms and legs sprawled out like a starfish. The muscles in my stomach burned and I seriously thought I was dying.

I had just finished some cardio exercises and let’s just say I wanted nothing more than a fresh cold shower and my bed. Will I even be able to get up after this?

Blake’s face comes above me and I blow a strand of hair away from my eyes. He stares for a couple of minutes, drinking in my features before smirking. ‘I really love when you’re at the bottom of me, sweating and exhausted-‘

‘From working out.’ I cut him off knowing he would say something inappropriate. His smirk widens.

‘Yeah working out.’ He drawled out amused.

‘You know when I said I wanted you to show me how to box. I didn’t mean to kill me. ‘ I humphd.

A dark brow arches and his arms come to rest either side of my face as his body settles between my legs. I gasp feeling the length of him swell in between my thighs. The only barrier was our clothes.

‘This is highly inappropriate for a trainer to do, don’t you think?’ I asked in a calm and collected voice even though I was itching to get rid of the clothes blocking me from feeling his naked flesh on my own.

He grins dipping his head in the crook of my neck. ‘It is, isn’t it? But how could I resist when you’re so fucking alluring looking like that?’ He grunts and bites the tender flesh between my shoulder and neck.

I sucked in a sharp breath and found my hands come to tangle through his soft hair as he circles his hips. The friction has a tiny moan escaping my lips.

‘What if someone walks in on us like this?’ I breathe out, now too turned on to tell him to stop.

‘The gym is mine around this time remember?’ He groans, nipping the tender flesh of my neck.

I hissed biting my tongue to stop a loud moan from escaping. I was still unsure if I’d want things to get heated up here. Not when at any moment someone could just walk in.

He feels my unease. He sighs and moves away from my neck to look at me. ‘Do you honestly think someone will walk in on us fucking?’ He questions, half interested in knowing the answer and the other half, interested in rubbing his harden cock between my thighs.

I cringe at his use of words but feel myself pool between my legs at the way it comes out of his mouth.

I nod. ‘There is a possibility.’ I turn my head to look at the door. If someone walks in right now, they’d definitely be walking in on a show. I turn back to stare at him and see the gears working in his head.

He sucks in his lower lip then nods. ‘Alright. I won’t give into my desires here.’ He grumbles then smirks. ‘But there is somewhere I can.’

I narrow my eyes and gasp when he pushes his harden member more on my pussy. I was itching to feel him inside of me, without any barriers.

‘Where?’ I asked impatiently.

‘I suppose I could put the gym shower to some use.’ The corner of his lips curl into a smirk.


‘Mmmm.’ I moan as my back hit the cold tile of the bathroom wall. My legs are wrapped securely around Blake’s waist. He curses under his breath as he lets the water flow out of the shower head.

Water soaks the both of us, including my gym clothes and his sweatpants. Honestly we were too far gone to care that we were soaking our clothes.

He trails kisses down my neck to the top of my breast, nipping the soft flesh.

I arch my back, feeling tingles and fire lit me up everywhere he touched.

‘God I’ve been fantasizing about fucking you like this for so damn long. ‘ He grunts and pulls my sports bra over my head and drops it on the tiled floor of the shower.

My rosy peaks are already hard. ‘Blake.’ I moaned pulling him forward to kiss him. I love his taste, minty, masculine and all mine. He groans in my mouth, the vibration has my pussy clenching. I want more.

Trailing my fingers down his toned chest down to the top of his sweatpants. He shudders waiting for what I’d do next. But I don’t give him what he wants now, instead I pull away from his lips to kiss my way down his neck.

‘Shit.’ He moans, pressing his lower half to my own. I lick his flesh, loving the salty taste as water poured over us. Soon he couldn’t take it anymore and places me down, turned me around and placed my hands on the wall.

‘Remember when I said I wanted to make love to you for your first time?’ He asked.

His voice deep with desire. I nodded, not finding my voice. I feel his hand bring my ass to his front so I could feel his bulging member pressing on my ass.

His lips brush against my ear.’Well now I want to fuck the shit out of you until you know who this pussy belongs to.’ He hisses and in a swift move pulls down my yoga tights and exposes my bare flesh.

I feel his palm come down harshly on my bum. I squeal, feeling the sting.’You naughty girl.’ He chuckles.

‘Not wearing anything underneath. It’s like you’re begging to be fucked.’ He grunts. I pant feeling in between my legs pool even more.

‘Blake.’ I moan since that was the only thing I could let out right now.

‘Keep your hands on the wall at all times.’ He warns.

I gasp when I feel the head of his cock gently pushing against my opening. I spread my legs further, arching up my bum so he could easily slide in.

‘Of fuck!’ He hisses pushing into me as he holds my hips in place. I feel myself stretch around his throbbing member as it slowly sinks into me.

‘Ahh.’ I scream when he plunges all the way in, fillng me until I could only feel him.

‘That’s right baby, take every single inch of me.’ He grunts slapping my ass.

I moan, pushing back on to him then slowly pull away. I feel my pussy grip his cock tightly not wanting to let go as I push back again, pulling him further into my core.

I’m soaking wet everywhere especially in between my thighs. I nearly scream aloud when he pulls his cock out only to ram all the way in. The force tears out a moan as he continuously thrust into me.

‘Good girl, take all of my cock in that tight pussy of yours.’ He grunts squeezing my hips as he relentlessly pounds into me over and over.

‘Blake.’ I breathed out feeling my thighs quiver as he continues to fill me over and over. His cock pushing into me and stretching me out deliciously. I reach back and grip his hand. I get a firm slap on my ass.

‘What did I say about removing your hand off the wall?’ He hisses and places my hand back on the wall. I couldn’t help but feel more turned on by his actions.

‘Ooh Yes!’ I shout when he pounds into me more ruthlessly. I could only feel him everywhere.

I moan knowing I was close to cumming. One of his hands came between my legs to rub my sensitive nub. I feel myself clench around him as I throw my head back. My legs shake as I cum, milking his cock.

‘That’s it baby, cum all over my cock.’ He grunts jerking into me now sloppily as my pussy refuses to let him move.

‘ Oh fuck.’ He grunts shuddering behind me, quickly pulling his cock out of me. I feel his warm sticky cum spread on my ass and I moan at the feeling.

He slumps on my back, holding his weight. ‘Fuck I swear you’re going to be the death of me.’ He breathes out. I couldn’t help but giggle.


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