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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 52

Ashley's pov

I knock on the wooden door and waited patiently for someone to open up. I sighed looking around the patio. Flowers of different species littered everywhere accompanied by wooden chairs.

The door opens and I turn back around. I smile as aunty Roro greets me.’Oh Ashley you’re here.’ She chirps, pulling me into a hug.

I breathed in her floral scent as I hugged her. It’s been such a long time, okay it was probably two weeks.

‘Yeah I came to check up on Liam.’ I say when she pulls away.

‘And I thought you came here to check up on me.’ She pouts playfully before giggling then steps aside to let me in.

I laugh and step inside. The house smells like vanilla scented candles.

‘Luke is in the living room watching a show. Your brother is here also.’ She notifies shutting the door behind her.

Doesn’t surprise me that Arden’s here.

‘What show is uncle Luke watching this time?’ I laughed knowing that aunty Roro had a habit of forcing him to watch one of her animated movies.

She smiles sheepishly walking ahead of me. ‘Well it’s not a show per say, I’m making him watch the amazing world of gumball.’ She laughed entering the living room.

I cringe. Poor uncle Luke never knew how to tell his wife no. At the age aunty Rose was,she sure didn’t give up watching anime. She even tried to make me watch it but I prefer books.

Erotica books that Blake has taken a liking to try out the different positions and scenes it has. Thinking about it has a blush crawl up my neck. He really meant it when he told me he’d need the books for future purposes.

I giggle silently when uncle Luke lets out a yawn only to look really interested in the cartoon when aunty Roro enters.

‘You didn’t fall asleep this time, I guess this one is good?’ Roro asks, sitting down beside him and placing her legs upon his thighs.

He had not noticed my presence as yet, too busy trying to stay awake. He nods quickly.’Yeah it’s good baby.’ He answers nonchalantly.

I snorted and walked in further. ‘Uncle Luke, lying won’t get you anywhere.’ I teased. ‘Besides you’re half asleep already.’

He swiftly turns to me, grinning when he sees me. ‘Ashley what a pleasant surprise.’ He laughs getting up to pull me into a hug.

‘Your hair has gotten longer the last time I saw you kiddo.’ He chuckles pulling away to stare at my inky black strands that I let loose today.

I rolled my eyes playfully. ‘Uncle Luke you saw me two weeks ago, my hair has not skyrocketed since then.’ I laugh at his exaggeration.

He shrugs. ‘Probably. I am an old man, my eyes aren’t the best anymore.’ He laughs.

‘Luke shut up, you’re not that old.’ Rose snorted, switching the channel to something more to uncle Luke’s taste.

‘You’re right baby, I sure can still perform in the bedroom-‘

Okay that was my cue to leave. They sure acted like newlyweds. It is know wonder they’re bestfriends with mom and dad.

‘Well I’ll just go check Liam to go. I’m not staying long, I have homework to get done.’ I said already halfway out of the living room.

‘Be sure to tell us when you’re leaving, I need to give you something for your mom.’ Aunty Rose yells.

‘Sure will!’ I answered over my shoulder as I treaded upstairs. Liam’s room isn’t hard to find since I’ve been here half of my life.

I opened the door already expecting him to be there. He’s laying on the bed, feet kicked up on some pillows as he switches the channels on the television hanging on the wall before him.

His head snaps in my direction when he notices a presence entering his room. ‘Oh hey Ashley.’ He smiles. I return the smile.

‘Well you look like crap.’ I teased coming over to ruffle his already messy blonde hair.

‘Hey.’ He whines. I drag my eyes to look at his foot noticing a brace around his ankle.

‘Does it hurt?’ I ask in worry.

He nods, wincing when he tries to lift it up. ‘Like a bitch.’

‘How did you even manage to-‘ I drawled out getting distracted seeing that he was watching Riverdale.

‘I was just trying to skate, it’s no big deal.’ He shrugs turning up the volume.

I raise a brow turning away from the show.’Not a big deal you say.’ I said sarcastically.

I look around his room, noticing that a presence was missing. Didn’t aunty Rose say he was here too? Then where was he?

‘Where’s Arden?’ I voiced out.

Liam brows furrowed as if just realizing Arden was missing from his room.’ He said he needed to pee but that was like ten minutes ago. He’s probably shitting.’

I nodded. ‘Is Rosalie here or is she at practice?’ I question. I can’t check up on her brother and not her. If she found out I was here without coming to see her she’d throw a fit. An angry Rosalie is nothing pretty.

He nods. ‘Yeah she skipped practice today. ‘

I nodded.’ Well I’ll just go check on her.’ I say striding over to the door.

‘Okay.’ He responds.

What I didn’t expect to see when I entered Rosalie’s room was a half naked Arden on top of her, kissing her like he was a starved animal. Her legs wrapped around his torso as she threaded her fingers through his hair.

‘What the hell!’ I gasped utterly shocked at finding them in this position. Was I hallucinating?

At hearing my voice she pushes Arden off who falls on the floor with a thud. Rosalie is fast to sit up and to fix her hair. She looks up and sees me sighs in relief. ‘Oh I thought it was mom or dad.’

Arden grumbles standing up. Finally noticing my presence he turns to stare at me and instantly his face lifts up in mortification. Yeah I guess he’s embarrassed that his older sister just caught him making out with who supposedly his enemy.

I cross my arms over my chest and raise my brow. ‘When did you two start dating?’ I was honestly intrigued. They hid it well.

‘The same day you went on a date with Blake.’ Rosalie responds with a tiny smirk.

I flinch in surprise, heat crawling up my neck to settle on my cheeks. ‘I did not go on a date-‘

‘You know I saw you that day, you and Blake coming out of the bathroom. I knew you two were inside, I heard y’all voices after I told the two bitches off.’ She laughs.

She was referring to the first time Blake ate me out in the bathroom. I feel the color drain from my face. If she saw us then probably-

Seeing my anxious face she eases me. ‘Don’t worry Ash, I was the only one who saw you two. Y’all secret is safe with me.’ She smiles.

‘So you knew already?’ I question blushing like a damn tomato. She knew all along and here I thought Blake and I were slick. She nods winking.

‘Wow who thought my nerdy sister would grow some balls and have a boyfriend?’ Arden laughs pulling his shirt over his head.

I narrow my eyes. ‘I didn’t see you growing some balls to tell Rosalie how you felt.’

Rosalie burst into giggles as Arden glares at me. Guess secrets were coming out today.


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