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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 53

Ashley's pov

Two months. Two months since Blake and I have been dating. I can surely say that I loved him more every single day that passes. Could I ever grow tired of his kisses, his heated touches? Probably not.

With each kiss or touch, it felt like the first time all over again. The only thing that was sucking the joy out of the relationship was that we still had not let anyone know about what was going on between us two. Except for Arden, Rosalie and Ryan.

‘You’re getting good!’ Blake praised as I jabbed my fist at the punching bag.

I pant throwing punch after punch.I suddenly feel Blake’s presence behind me. His hands hold either side of my waist and halt my actions. I breathed out feeling tingles race up my spine.

‘Always keep your spine straight.’ He breathes out beside my ears.

I listen to his instructions and almost whine when he lets me go. ‘Legs apart baby.’ He says now beside me.

I nod and do as told. I start to hit the bag again after he gives me the go. Blake had been training me every single day after school.

My muscles had grown used to the torturous training and now I barely felt a sting when I do push ups.

I also had been in the ring with him a couple of times and learnt different techniques. He was an excellent teacher. It was know wonder he was the best fighter down here.

‘You know if you keep looking at me like that while I’m punching the bag, it’ll distract me.’ I say between punches. Jab Jab.

‘What? So I can’t look at my sexy girlfriend punching the living shit out of the punching bag?’ Blake’s voice is playful and holds a tinge of desire.My lower stomach clenches.

‘You know how it always ends.’ I give him a side look and smirk when he sends me a longing look. He was aroused, I could just feel it already.

His voice turns deep. ‘Yeah I do. With you beneath me, calling out my name while I fill you with my cock over and over.’ He grunts and reaches over to stop the bag.

I halt my actions and turn to face him. Raising an amused brow when he sends me an impatient stare. I obviously was turned on too but I love to tease him. I hated to admit it but when I do, he fucks me harder.

‘Did you want something?’ I asked innocently, looking at him beneath my lashes and bite my bottom lip. It draws out a groan from his mouth as he eats up the sight of me.

I remove the gloves wrapped around my hands and let them fall to the mat. ‘Yeah you.’ He hisses, dips his fingers in the opening of my sports bra and uses it to bring me forward. Right to his awaiting lips.

I moan, parting my lips to let his tongue in. Blake loves to taste every single inch of me and that always made me pool even more between my legs.

I gasp when his palms come to mold my ass before hoisting me up.I swiftly wrap my legs around him and moan loud when he slaps my ass.’ You have a sexy ass.’ He grunts on my parted lips.

‘So I’ve been told.’ I giggled. Ofcourse it was only Blake who had ever said that to me but knowing him, he’d think it was other guys. I was right because as soon as the words left my lips he stopped.

He pulls away and narrows his eyes dangerously. ‘By whom?’ He nearly roars. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and dip my head to the crook of his neck. ‘Only by you, idiot.’ I grumble nipping at his skin.

He sighs in relief and I feel us move. I was too focus on kissing and licking at his neck to care where he was taking us. I am lowered down on the mat with him coming on top of me, settling between my thighs.

I pull away and notice that he’d brought us behind the boxing ring where no one would see us if they entered.

‘I know you don’t want anyone to see us fucking. I also don’t want anyone walking on your sexy naked body.’ He grumbles answering my silent question.

He dips his head in the crook of my neck and kisses the way to the top of my breast and bites. I moan arching my back. His fingers skim over my body before settling in between my thighs to rub my pussy.

‘Blake.’ I breathed out. He grunts when I grip his nape and forcefully pull him towards my lips. ‘You like it rough don’t you?’ He chuckles on my parted lips before dipping his tongue inside to taste me.

I moan and use this distraction to flip him on to his back with me now on top. He gasps not expecting my actions. I pull away to sit up, staring down at him.

I was sitting directly on his hard cock. His eyes are now so dark because of lust and his lips red and raw from my kisses. He looked hot.

‘I’m the one on top today baby.’ I smirk watching his eyes grow even more darker.

His palms come to rest on my hips and squeezes. ‘So my little Ley is going to ride my cock.’ He smirks and glides his palms to mold my ass. ‘Now that’ll be fucking hot.’ He grunts slapping my ass.

I moan biting my lip as I start to trail open mouth kisses down his bare chest. Down to the top of his sweatpants. His breathing is ragged and I smile while looking up at him.

Sending him a mischievous smirk, I pull his pants and briefs down his legs.His huge throbbing cock springs out staring at me. God that thing was huge.

‘Ash-‘ He doesn’t get time to finish when my lips wrap around his pulsing head.

I taste the salty tang of his precum and moan. He shudders and curses beneath his breath. He looks at me as I suck his cock, forcing my mouth to wrap around his girth.

‘Oh fuck.’ He pants thrusting his hips up as I swirl my tongue over his head.

His breathing is rough as I suck his cock like I was starving. You couldn’t blame me, he tasted so good. His fingers came to knot in my hair as he thrust his hips up so that I could take more of his cock inside my mouth.

I gag moving away in case it chokes me. This was my second time giving him a blow job and I was still afraid for his cock to hit the back of my throat.

‘Fuck.’ Blake grunts pulling me up so he could kiss me.

‘I need to get inside you now.’ He pants and before I knew it, he rips my yoga pants to expose my ass and pussy. I gasp staring at him wide eyed.

‘Blake this is the second time you tear my yoga pants!’ I hiss then moan when the head of his cock touches my pussy lips.

I was lucky that I brought extra clothes with me. I learnt my lesson the first time. I really didn’t want to have to call Ryan to pick up clothes for me again. It was embarrassing enough.

‘I’ll buy you new ones.’ He pants and guides his cock into me. I moan but resist. I wanted to be the one in charge this time. So slapping his hand away, I gripped his cock and sank down on him. We both moan at the feeling of him filling me.

My saliva on his cock added extra lubricant so it was much easier to take all of his cock to the hilt. ‘Ohhh.’ I moan feeling stretched deliciously.

He swiftly grips my hips and looks between us where we are joined.I lift off of him only to sink back down, this time harder than the first. ‘Oh fuck.’ He pants watching as his cock slowly disappears inside of me.

The way he stares at me makes me feel incredible and confident enough to know that I was pleasing him.

Soon I was riding his cock so fast and hard he was unable to form words. His eyes were nearly at the back of his head as I took all of him inside me.

Sucking him as he stretched me out. His grip on my waist was deathly as he thrust up to meet my movements. It feels like an eternity with us fucking eachother.

I was so wet that my juices began to leak out of me and shower around his length. I feel myself clench around him and I knew I was close to cumming. I feel him twitch inside of me and I knew he was also close.

He swiftly turn us around so I’d be below and brutally starts to pound into me. ‘Oh shit.’ I gasp out feeling my legs tremble as I cum around him. He moans and quickly pulls out, pumping his seed onto my belly.

He slumps on top of me, holding his weight as his forehead rest on my own. ‘I love you.’ He whispers staring into my eyes intimately.

My heart warms. ‘I love you too.’ Kissing his nose.


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