Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 56

Ashley's pov

‘Can I talk to you in private?’ I ask Blake coming up behind him. He was already seated at the lunch table, Ryan on the opposite side of him eating and talking about God knows what.

I had placed the test in the front pocket of my bag. I wanted nothing more to throw it away and pretend nothing happened. But my conscience would not let me.

Blake noticed the tone of my voice because he turned to face me quickly, brows furrowed. I tear my eyes away from him, not having the courage to look at him. I could not see him the same anymore. It hurt to look at him now.

‘Ooh Blake what did you do?’ Ryan asked in a teasing voice and laughed. Seeing that I was not a bit amused he stops.

‘What’s wrong Ley?’ Blake asked in worry.

I sighed not once looking at him. ‘We need to talk in private Blake. There are too many eyes and ears here.’

My eyes skittish around the many faces. The cafeteria doors open and in walks in Stacy. Her eyes burn into my own before a smirk crawls on her face. She tears her eyes away from me and looks at Blake.

I stop breathing when she starts proceeding towards us. Her face hard with determination. My heart thuds and sweat begin to coat my skin.

‘Are you okay Ley? You look sick.’ Blake’s voice is worried as he reaches for me. His fingers wrap around the bone of my wrist to get my attention.

But I cannot seem to move my eyes away from the blonde marching towards us. Somehow I knew that whatever would happen next,Blake and I would not be the same anymore.

And that thought tore me completely.

‘Ley?’ I could barely hear Ryan’s voice. I felt like their voices were going on deaths ears. I could barely hear anything other than my own heartbeat.

Before I knew it she had reached beside us, barely a foot away. Her arms in the front pockets of her sweater.

She smiled cruelly at me.

And it is then Blake seems to notice her presence. His grip on my wrist becomes more firm as he jerks me closer to him.

‘What the hell do you want?’ He hisses lowly as to not cause a scene. Oh Blake baby, this is why she came here in the first place. To make a scene.

She turns to him, her eyes widening in innocence. ‘Don’t go all hulk on me Blake, I simply came here to talk.’

‘I don’t want to talk to you Stacy, be on your way.’ He grumbles. He feels my unease and stands up.

His warm body coming closer to me, to ease my worries. But it doesn’t help, even though he turns me around and drops his head to my level to look in my eyes.

‘Did she do anything to you? Tell me Ashley I’ll deal with her.’ He urges gripping my shoulders.

No matter how much I tried I couldn’t speak. It was like fear clutched me tightly and prevented me from speaking. I feared that if he got to know of this pregnancy then he’d leave me. My insecurities would not let me think otherwise.

‘Relax Blake I didn’t do anything to your precious Ashley. What you did to me otherwise…’ She drawls out shifting on her foot as she glares at Blake.

His brows furrowed as he tore his eyes away from me to look at her. ‘What the fuck do you mean? I never did anything to you.’ He grits out moving his hands off my shoulder.

He fully turns to her, his fist clenched at his sides, blue eyes dark with rage and impatience.

‘Now stop fucking beating around the bush and tell me what is going on!’ He hisses out glaring at her.

By now the entire cafeteria had gone quiet. Not even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. No one dared to speak because they wanted to know what was going on too. Ex lovers arguing, well that was something to listen to.

‘Why don’t your little girlfriend over there tell you, she knows.’ She nudges her head to me, smirking. Blake snaps his head in my direction. I squirm and move my eyes away.

‘What is she talking about Ashley?’ He asks.

‘I-I.’ I stuttered.

Stacy breathes out a heavy sigh.’I knew you couldn’t do it. You’re too weak.’

Blake turns to her glaring in warning.She just smiles cheekily and shrugs. ‘You can’t do me anything Blake, I am carrying your child.’ One of her brows raised in mischief.

Blake stiffens, the entire cafeteria buzzing with noise. Ryan’s chair falls as he stands up quickly, lips parted in shock. Even the mushed fries in his mouth falls on the table.

I feel myself back away slightly. I wanted to get out of there. Blake seems to regain his voice. ‘The fuck you mean carrying my kid? Stacy you’re not pregnant.’

She rolls her eyes and again nudges her head to me. ‘Ashley has the test. Don’t you Ley? Unless you were too much of a pussy to pick it up and show him. Or were you trying to keep it away from him like the snake you are?’

Her words angered me. Only Blake could call me Ley and I would not have her disrespect me like this. ‘You know Stacy I really thought you’d grow up by now, seems to me that you’re getting more dense. If you must know I have the test in my bag.’ I grit out taking the test out of my bag. ‘It’s wrapped in tissue because I didn’t want to risk catching a disease.’

I fling it to her, she did not have time to catch it. It drops on the floor and Blake is the one to pick it up. He unwraps it and turns white. ‘That’s not possible. Is this a fucking joke Stacy?’

He rushes out getting more nervous.

She smiles sadly her features a huge contrast to how it was a mere second ago. ‘Sadly I am infact pregnant. I found out today. You’re going to be a dad Blake.’

He stumbles back into the table behind him, dropping the test. He shakes his head. ‘That can’t be. I can’t-‘ He sighs raking a hand through his hair.

‘Stacy, we broke up the night of the party, the night I kissed Ley. We never fucked without protection and the last time we did was a month before the party.’ He states.

Her eyes widen in disbelief. ‘We had unprotected sex when you were drunk at the carnival. And we did have sex two weeks after that party, remember?’

It was my turn to turn ashen. Vomit rushes in my throat but I force it down. I needed to leave, I couldn’t bear it any longer. Two week after the party? Blake and I were already doing much more than what normal bestfriends would do.

Was he with her whilst he was with me? The thought sickens me.

I turn to leave and before I know it my feet had taken to a full sprint. ‘Ashley! Baby wait!’ I hear Blake shout behind me, heavy footsteps running behind me. I needed to leave.


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