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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 57

Ashley's pov

My vision is blurry as I ran out of the school. I didn’t know where I was heading all I knew was that I needed to get out of here. My stomach churn in unease when I hear him, still behind me, close.

I feel his fingers wrap around my upper arm and turn me to face him. I stumble into his chest, my heart racing as I cried. I was losing him.

‘Ley please.’ His voice is pleading as he hugs me to him.

I only managed a sob. I shake my head, flatten my palms on his chest and push. He does not budge.

‘What she said is not true Ley. I would never do this to you. I love you too much to ruin something so good, something I’ve been wanting my entire life.’ Blake’s voice cracks.

‘ She’s pregnant for you Blake. She’s expecting your kid.’ I mumble on his shirt. My tears had now soaked through the white material.

I feel him tensed up. ‘We do not know that for sure Ashley. For all we know she could be lying. Fucking hell I have never slept with her without using protection. Not the same when I’m with you. I have only gone bare with you Ley, no other girl.’

I shake my head, my face rubbing on his shirt. ‘It wouldn’t matter if you were protected, she still could’ve gotten pregnant if the condom broke. If you really were drunk the night then you probably never put it on before fucking her.’

‘That’s the thing Ley, I always pull out even with a condom on. There was no way of the possibility of my cum entering her. I have never been drunk to the point that I forgot to put a condom on.’ He states pulling away to look at me.

He clenches his jaw. ‘I don’t like to see you cry Ley. It fucking hurts me to know I’m the cause of it.’

He reached up to wipe my tears with the pad of his thumb. ‘You should go to her.’ I whispered, my throat feeling extremely tight.

He stills, dropping his hands. ‘What the fuck?’ He asked as if he hadn’t heard clearly.

I sniffle and move out of his arms. I look up at him. His beautiful eyes, his lips that always had me begging for more, his jawline that I love tracing. He was a sight alright. And I love him.

But right now I needed to think things through. And he needed to think about what he was going to do about the news. We needed space away from each other to sort out whatever battles we were about to face.

I sighed and tear my eyes away from him and hugged my body. ‘There’s a possibility that she is carrying your child. You need to talk to her and try to sort out y’all problems. I do not want to get in y’all way. I need you to think clearly about your next move, you can’t do that if you’re thinking about my best interest. You need to think about you right now, not me.’ I feel my lower lip tremble as I resist a sob.

I turn to face him, my heart thudding painfully.His eyes tear up as if he were in pain. ‘What are you saying Ashley?’ He asked in a painful whisper.

My heart breaks when I let those words slip pass my lips. ‘We need space.’

He flinches and stumbles back. He stares at me like I had grown two heads overnight. He shakes his head. ‘Ley please-‘

‘Please Blake, we need space to think clearly.’ I cut him off with a whisper.

He looks like he was just shot three times.

‘What about the promise we made to each other? That nothing will get in between us. We would fight every battle together? Huh Ley? So you’re just going to give up on us like that?’ He was angry there was no denying it.

I squirm under his glare and hugged myself more firmly. ‘I did not say I was giving up on us.’ I uttered honestly and clenched my fist. ‘I just need time to think.’ I sighed. I really did, my head was hurting to the point that I wanted to rip it off my body.

There was no way that I’d give up on Blake, I loved him too much. But he needed space to think about what he’d do and so did I. I cannot make his decision for him and I knew he’d go with anything to please me. This is why we needed the break to clear our thoughts.

He needs to see things for his own. Whatever he does next I’d support him. No matter if he leaves me for Stacy to marry her, so they’d be one happy family. It would hurt like a bitch but I just want him to be happy. That is all I want.

He scans my features and his eyes grow hard. ‘Is that what you want?’

I nod seeming to lose my voice. He gulps and nods. ‘Okay if that is what you want.’ He turns around and starts walking back to the front doors of the school. He stops at the entrance, his hands on the handle.

He turns his head to stare at me, his features in pain. ‘I love you Ley, always, remember that.’ Was the last thing he said before disappearing inside the school.

‘I love you too Blake. No matter what you choose to do, I will always love you.’ I whispered.

I had no intentions of going back inside. I felt sick to my stomach and I really wasn’t in the mood for another class. So as the bell rang to signal the end of lunch, I walked home.


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