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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 58

Ashley's pov

I felt like I was a shell of myself. I had not slept well the entire night, I was certain that my eyes were red rimmed.

I breathed out a tired sigh and opened my locker.

I had chosen to wear sweatpants and an oversized cardigan. It was a huge contrast to how I normally dressed. I looked like I had just woken up from sleep.

A folded piece of paper falls at my feet. I had the urge to just throw it back into the locker, let it get swallowed by my endless books. But I didn’t, instead I picked it up and unfold it slowly.

I saw you, you looked ravishing. xxx

My brows furrowed and I turned the paper around.

I left a gift for you. It’s in the envelope. Hope you will love it.

I crumble the paper and I find myself smiling for the first time today. I had not asked Blake if it were him the first time I got the note but I was certain it was his doing.

I fumble through my things in the locker until I grasp a white envelope. I felt it for a second, trying to see if I’d be able to know what was inside of it.

Not having the slightest idea as to what it was, I decided to open it. My fingers clutch what felt like photographic paper before I pulled it out.

I feel the blood leave my face as I stared at a picture of Blake and I having sex in Mr. Felix classroom. Our faces were very much visible. I quickly turned the picture.

You like it rough I see.

My stomach churn and I felt nauseous. I swiftly place the picture back in the envelope and look around. There weren’t many students as yet. It was seven fifteen, really early.

I uncrumble the paper as best as I could. My heart thuds when I noticed something for the first time. This was not Blake’s handwriting. I quickly throw the envelope in my locker and slammed it shut.

There was no way I’d throw it in the bin. I would not want anyone to see it.

I ran to the bathroom, clutching my bag tightly. As soon as I was in the stall, I locked the door and sat down on the closed toilet.

The tears flowed down freely as I sobbed clutching the paper. Who could be doing this?

The photo emerged in my head and I sobbed louder. My hands were on the desk, ass arched as Blake’s hands clutched my waist from behind. My dress was hunched up so he could’ve gotten more access and his jeans were down to his ankle.

His head was thrown back in ecstasy as one side of my face was pressed to the desk. From what I could tell the photo looked like it was taken from outside.

He or she must’ve been beside the windows. Which was unusual for anyone to be around that area. It was off limits for the student body. They could leak the photo.

I got up quickly, turn around, knelt and lifted up the seat so I could wrench into the toilet bowl. My throat burned as I vomited into the toilet, eyes watering at the putrid scent of vomit. I could be ruined.


‘Hey wait up!’ Ryan shouts as he ran to catch up with me. We had only just left our third class of today. It was now lunch time and I did not have the appetite to eat.

‘Are you okay little Ash? I know what you’re going through-‘

‘No you don’t know what I’m going through!’ I spat loudly cutting him off. I sighed seeing his hurt expression.

‘I’m sorry Ryan. It’s just that I didn’t sleep well lastnight and you know how I get when I don’t rest properly. ‘

He smiles softly. ‘It’s fine.’

He scratches the nap of his neck in nervousness. I rolled my eyes. ‘Spit it out.’ I deadpanned clutching my books to my chest.

He cleared his throat.’ Blake had been looking for you.’ He rushes out.

My eyes dart down to stare at the floor. ‘I know.’ I said sadly. Everytime he’d get close to seeing me I’d go the opposite direction. Even if it meant being late for class.

Ryan sighs. ‘Look little Ash, I know you’re hurting right now because of the news and what that witch said about Blake and her sleeping together two weeks after the party. But you should know that he’d never do that to you. The guy had been madly in love with you for years, everyone could see that except for you. Don’t give up on him Ashley especially for something that might not even be true.’

I clutched the books impossibly tighter. ‘I have not given up on him Ryan, I will never. It’s just that I need him to make a decision on his own, without thinking about my best interest. I do not want him regretting later on.’

‘Talk to him Ashley, the guy has been going nuts. He didn’t make me sleep last night. I have been listening to him yapping and crying about you, which I found amusing by the way. And you didn’t even pick up his calls. What else would he think if not that you had given up on him?’ Ryan pointed out.

I let out a breath, feeling guilty. Ofcourse I didn’t pick up his calls, I was afraid I’d cry more when I hear his voice. We reached beside my locker and Ryan lean on the one beside mine.

I opened my locker, making sure to quickly put the envelope in my bag before Ryan sees it. ‘Ooh what’s in the envelope? A love letter?’ He asked in a teasing tone.

‘Blake wouldn’t like that unless it’s him.’ He chuckles.I tensed and hoped he had not noticed.

‘Just some stupid cut up magazine pieces so I could create something with.’ I do not have the slightest clue as to why I even said that. I didn’t have a single creative bone in my body.

‘Whatever makes you sleep at night.’He snorts folding his arms across his chest. He did not believe me.

I honestly don’t know what I should do with it. I was afraid to go to the police. What if the person responsible leaks it or worse? I couldn’t let anyone else see the photo, I would die of humiliation.

But there was one person who could help me and that was Blake. He has a right to know about it anyway.

‘Well looks like your prince charming has finally caught you.’ Ryan chuckles looking behind me.

I stilled, hands on the book I placed in the locker. ‘Well that’s my cue to leave.’ He teases and winks before turning to leave.

‘Traitor.’ I hissed watching him enter the doors to the cafeteria.

‘Are you going to ignore me the entire day?’ Blake’s rough voice speaks up behind me. The little hairs on my neck stand up as I feel his towering body come close to my own.


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