Chasing Love: Chapter 44


I blink my eyes.

It hurts. But why?

I try again.

Fuck, it’s the sun causing the pain.

There’s a ringing in my ear. I can’t figure it out and every muscle hurts when I try.

“Lex… Lex?” The voice is getting closer. The ringing is a voice, and my name is being called. “Lex?”

I open my eyes, barely able to make out that it’s my sister. “Adriana?” My voice is hoarse, and when I swallow, my throat burns. Tequila, vodka, strip poker—it’s all coming back to me now like a slap between the eyes.

“Yes, it’s me. What the hell happened last night?”

I attempt to sit up, only noticing now I crashed on the couch. So much for trying to sneak into Charlotte’s room. There’s a blanket covering me, my torso exposed, and thankfully, I’m still wearing boxers.

Rubbing my eyes, I open them as wide as I can. “What time is it?

“Eight. What happened last night?”

“We played poker, drank tequila, and I don’t know what else.”

“So why are you half-naked?”

“It was strip poker. Rocky’s idea.” I wince as my head throbs.

Adriana’s high-pitched voice isn’t helping either.

She laughs before getting up and heading to the kitchen. I can smell some aroma filtering through, and I am hoping Elijah’s cooking breakfast. Refusing to waste another minute wallowing in self-pity, I peel myself off the couch and head to my room.

I find some Advil in the bathroom. Thank God because I’m paying for last night’s shenanigans. I take the longest shower in the history of mankind, then get dressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

Back in the kitchen, Adriana pours the strongest coffee I’ve ever tasted. I welcome it along with a gourmet breakfast Elijah places in front of me. I’m starving.

Ten minutes later, Charlotte drags her hungover ass into the kitchen. She looks like hell. Gorgeous hell. She plonks herself on the chair, placing her head down onto her arms. “Don’t look at me,” she mumbles.

Adriana starts rambling on about the beach while pouring her a coffee. Moments later, Charlotte snaps, threatening Adriana to shut the hell up because her voice is too loud.

It takes over an hour for everyone to be ready for the beach. We’re all standing on the porch, towels and gear in tow. Nikki is sporting a massive pair of sunglasses, grumpier than her usual self, and biting everyone’s head off for talking.

Rocky is surprisingly normal considering he belittled himself by licking vodka off the table. I have recovered to the best of my ability, and Charlotte, of course, looks like her sexy self again. She’s wearing a kaftan, carrying the umbrella and follows the rest of us down to the beach.

We set up all our stuff, and the girls decide to catch some rays. Charlotte pulls her kaftan over her head revealing a skimpy yellow bikini. It looks amazing against her already tanned skin. The fabric barely covers her curvaceous breasts, and the bottoms sit low revealing her tattoo. I can’t peel my eyes away from her. She looks like she’s just stepped out of a Sports Illustrated cover shoot.

The sun is hot, so Rocky decides to take Will in the water. We are running low on drinks, so I offer to get some more and surprisingly, Charlotte offers to come with me.

Back at the house, I know we have ten minutes to spare before someone will come looking for us, so I don’t waste any time.

Inside the kitchen she’s standing by the fridge with door open while grabbing some water bottles. Her pretty little ass is right there in front of me, and resistance is futile. I lean in, pulling her against me. Without hesitation, I slide my hand down her front and into her bikini bottoms. I begin rubbing my fingers slowly over her pussy, teasing her clit making me so fucking turned on.

Desperately needing to taste her, she lets out a moan, my hands gripping her tight as I spin her around and carry her to the countertop.

Standing in front of her, I use my mouth and tug her bikini top down, exposing her beautiful tits. Her nipples are hard, the desire ravaging within me as I roughly take them in my mouth.

She tugs on my hair, begging me for more. Bending down, I push her bikini bottoms to the side and plunge my tongue into her drenched pussy. Her moans echo in the room, and with a sense of urgency, she guides me, telling me how she wants to be eaten, exactly how hard she wants me to suck on her clit.

Knowing she’s close, I pull away, out of breath.

“Lex…” her breaths are uneven. “Don’t stop… please.”

I want her like this, begging me for it. I want her to be left in the same agony I felt. When the time is right, I’ll make her come, and it will be something she never forgets.

I kiss her shoulder. “Sorry, baby. We’ve got to get back.”

Narrowing her eyes, she mumbles under her breath while fixing her bikini. Stopping mid-foreplay hasn’t helped me either. I’m fucking hard and need to blow to release the built-up tension.

My eyes divert to her hand, where the ring I placed on her finger last night sits. I’m thrilled she’s still wearing it despite the circumstances of how I placed it on her. It may not have been a real proposal, but it still means something to me.

“Apparently, this is what happens to married couples all the time. Remember you agreed to be my wife for the weekend,” I remind her, holding up her hand and kissing her finger.

Charlotte jumps off the countertop, ignoring me as I try to grab her ass one more time.

“Well, honey, if you’re my husband for the weekend, watch out because I don’t play fair.” She grabs the drinks, and I follow her out the door, taking the rest. Fucking cocktease.

Back at the beach, we head into the freezing water. Afterward, we lay on our towels drying off and soaking up the sun. As we lay there, we talk about things, life in general. She opens up more about her grandmother and her time at Yale. She tells me stories about people we knew back at home, the ones she still keeps in contact with, mainly Finn.

“So, what, is he still pining after you?”

“He was never pining after me,” she says, rolling her eyes. “He married Jennifer. Remember, he was dating her back then? They have four kids. Kasey, Lauren, Jessie, and Milo.”

“So, you guys never hooked up after I… you know?”

“No, Lex. We remained incredibly good friends. He even came with Jen to my graduation.”

So that explains the photograph I found on Google. I’m relieved. One more question in the big book of Charlotte mysteries answered.

We talk a little more before deciding to head back. It’s lunchtime, and we were all famished. Before heading back to the house, Charlotte suggests we take a shower in the outdoor area located on the property. I’m quick to notice it’s hidden behind some bushes.

As we stand there under the water washing the sand off us, she leans in to me and places her lips on my mouth, kissing me deeply.

“Since I’m your wife, I guess I should keep up my end of the deal. What was it Nikki said? And blow jobs every other day?”

Hearing her say that she’s my wife is enough to send the general out. She places her hands on my chest before sliding them down and into my shorts. Firmly, she wraps her hands around my shaft, stroking it gently all the while kissing my lips. Unable to talk, I groan into her mouth.

She slides down, unbuttoning my shorts. As she squats before me, freeing my cock, I beg for her to take it all in.

With her eyes staring up at me, looking so innocent and pure, I expect her to wrap her mouth around my hard cock. Instead, she latches on, sliding it between her perfect tits. I can barely breathe, cursing under my breath, warning her I can blow any second now.

“You want me to taste you, baby? Is that what you want?”

“Fuck, yes… please,” I beg.

She runs the tip of her tongue along the head of my cock. The cold water still falls on us, but for the life of me, I can’t feel anything. My skin is burning, and the way she teases me with her tongue is only adding to the fire. I’m close, fucking ready to blow in her mouth when she pulls out, placing my cock in my shorts and standing up with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Charlotte, what the fuck?”

Looking smug, I knew it was coming. “I’m sorry, dear husband of mine. It’s time to go have some lunch.” She turns off the shower with the biggest smirk playing on her lips. No one leaves me unfinished. As she begins walking away, swaying her hips on purpose, I grab her body, roughly pulling her back to me. Pushing her against the shower wall, I tug her bikini bottom aside, ramming my cock into her. Her groans intensify as I thrust harder.

“It’s not nice to leave me hanging,” I grit, barely keeping myself together. “If you were my wife, I’d fuck you like this wherever and whenever… in our bed all night long till you begged me to stop.

A few more thrusts, and I pull out. She whimpers, her body collapsing onto mine.

“Lex, nooo. Please… keep fucking me… please.”

“I’m sorry, honey. You said it yourself, lunch is ready.”

Adjusting her bikini bottoms back in place, I kiss her shoulder and start walking back to the house. I know I just pissed her off, but she takes it in her stride. She runs to me, jumps on me, and I piggy-back her back to the house. She keeps taunting me and I laugh. She’s too cute when she is angry.

We are walking past the pool when she warns me, “Don’t you dare, Lex. If I go in, you go in.”

I ponder what I should do, but it’s too easy to pass up. I jump in the water with her still on my back. She screams, and I accidentally swallow some water from laughing so hard. We swim for a few minutes before Elijah calls out for us.

As we climb out of the pool, I make sure I’m behind her just so I can see her sweet little ass wet in front of me. She’s so fucking sexy in this bikini.

We sit around the outdoor table as Elijah feeds us. My sister is so lucky to have him, especially because she can’t even boil water without burning it. Tonight, we had planned to go to a carnival—typical amusement rides, junk food, and games. Will is excited and wants to go on every ride, begging all of us to join him.

After lunch, we all do our own thing, and when I say we, Nikki asks Charlotte to watch Will, so she and Rocky disappear as do Adriana and Elijah. Those greedy fuckers with their afternoon fucking sessions. What I wouldn’t give to be doing that with Charlotte right now. Charlotte, of course, is more than happy to spend some time with Will. We spend the warm afternoon swimming in the pool with Will keen to show off his swimming skills.

“Lex, can you teach me how to dive?” he asks after doing a few laps.

“Sure, buddy.” We swim to the edge, and I motion for him to put his hands together and stick his arms out.

Charlotte is sitting on the sideline observing us with this strange look on her face.

He dives in but belly-flops. Ouch. He’s quick to return to the edge and try again. I love this kid’s determination. After the fifth go, he finally gets it causing Charlotte and I both to cheer. I’d never spent any time around kids, but he makes it easy. He’s such a laid-back kid, not like those little brats you see in shopping malls.

“Lex, are you Charlie’s boyfriend?”

I don’t know how to respond to this, and Charlotte simply watches on with amusement. I search my brain for the easiest explanation I can give him, after all, the kid is only seven.

“Uh, not really, buddy. I’m just her friend.”

“But you act like Mommy and Daddy. All in love and stuff.”

The observation catches me off-guard. Is that how people see us? Well, from my point of view, it’s the truth.

“You know what, Will? Sometimes really good friends can love each other, but it’s a different type of love,” Charlotte intervenes.

“But, Charlie, why don’t you marry Lex? Then you can have babies, and I can have someone to play with.”

Whoa, kid. Babies?

Babies scare me.

So tiny and fragile, and I hear you get no sleep in like forever. Plus, dirty diapers. But then again it will be a tiny piece of Charlotte and me, and there’s also the trying to have a baby? That’s the fun part, right?

“I’m not sure how to answer that. But look, Will, the sun is going down, and we have a fair to go to. Will you go on the bumper cars with me?”

It’s a great distraction and he knows no different.

“Oh, yes! Let’s make sure Daddy drives the other car. He can’t drive for shit.”

“Will,” Charlotte and I exclaim in unison.

What do you say to a kid who swears in front of you?

“Sorry.” He bows his head, and we try our best to suppress our laughter.

We head back inside and go our separate ways to take showers. I contemplate sneaking into Charlotte’s room, but I know she’s busy running a bath for Will. Instead, I take a shower by myself and wonder if I should jerk off, but I’d rather blow inside of her.

As we are all dressed for the carnival, I finally get a moment to pull Charlotte aside as the others walk out onto the porch.

“So, why won’t you marry me?”


“Will asked… why won’t you marry me?”

“Lex, he’s seven.”

“Answer me,” I demand in a low voice trying not to cause a scene.

“Well, for starters, we aren’t even dating. You’ve never asked me, and I recall the last time you were married you couldn’t stay faithful. What’s to say you won’t do that to me?”

“I’m not the one seeing two people right now.”

“Please don’t get into this, Lex.”

“So, you don’t trust me? Is that it?”

“Lex, it’s not just the trust. There are a lot of things.”

“Like what? Tell me, Charlotte. How do you expect me to read your mind?”

Will grabs Charlotte’s hand saying it’s time to go.

The conversation may have been interrupted, but goddammit, I’ll find a way to bring this up again. Perhaps later tonight. Maybe I need to get some more alcohol in her to open up to me.

The seven of us walk to the park where the carnival is held. It’s your typical rollercoaster, bumper cars, Ferris wheel type of shindig. Charlotte, Adriana, Rocky, Nikki, and Will go on the bumper cars. There’s quite a long line, so Elijah and I stand on the sidelines waiting for them to finish.

“So, this weekend is looking promising for you two,” Elijah mentions.

“Is it? I can’t read her. One minute she hates me, the next minute she wants to be friends. But she’s holding back and I don’t know why.”

“Even though you had your reasons at the time you left her, imagine if the roles were reversed. It’s hard to get over the hurt. I’m surprised she has let you get this far. Charlie is one tough woman. Give her time. She needs to make this decision on her own. Don’t push her.”

“I’m sick of waiting,” I utter with frustration. “Plus, I think she’s still fucking Julian.”

“Honestly, Lex, do you really believe that?”

“I don’t know. She hasn’t denied it. I need to get rid of him.”

“Which you know is wrong because Charlie will hate you for it. Lex, he hasn’t done anything wrong. He fell in love with a woman and then in walks her ex. You gotta feel sorry for him.”

“Sorry for him?” I let out a ridiculous laugh. “The jerk should know not to mess with me by now.”

The rides finish, and the five of them come back laughing, talking about Rocky and his poor driving skills. I didn’t hear much of the conversation apart from Rocky whining about a little girl who kept ramming into him which is why he got stuck in the corner for most of the ride.

“Lex, can you play the shooting game with me, please?” Will begs.

“Sure, buddy. Let’s go.”

We sit down at the stools while the others get food. We gear up to play, and as the buzzer rings, the gun squirts onto the target, and I released my grip every so often so Will can catch up. He wins and happily picks out a large stuffed lion.

“Cha Cha, look… I won!” He jumps up proudly showing off his toy.

“Yay! Did you kick Lex’s butt?” She grins, ruffling his hair.

“I sure did.”

He runs off to show his parents while Charlotte and I decide to walk around.

“He’s such a great kid,” I say, watching him as he proudly holds up the lion to Nikki, mimicking his shooting. She hugs him tight before he finds Adriana and does the exact same thing.

“Who? Will? Yeah, I know.” Her expression softens as she parts her lips with an adoring smile. “Since the moment I held him for the first time, I knew he was special. There’s a reason why he came at that time.”

“What do you mean?” I question, confused.

Twisting her neck, she glances in the opposite direction. “I mean, like, you know, a blessing in disguise. Nikki and Rocky weren’t ready to be parents, but it worked out. They made it work.”

She bows her head, shuffling her feet nervously.

Something is off.

“What’s wrong?”


We’re interrupted as Will asks to walk over to this magic show that’s about to start. He grabs her hand, and with his other, he grabs mine. He happily chats away, and although the kid can ramble nonstop, I like the thought of having my own son one day.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. Curious to see who’s calling me on a Sunday night, I pull it out and check the screen. Bryce. Shit! I have missed several of his calls, but something warns me he’s trying so desperately to get in touch with me for a reason, so I excuse myself to take the call.

“Mr. Edwards, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I managed to get my hands on some personal information regarding Miss Mason.”

I move further away from where Charlotte stands, listening to Bryce mention dates.

“She was admitted to a Connecticut private hospital for five days. I’m unable to get any information regarding her illness.”

“Okay, so maybe she had appendicitis or something?

“Mr. Edwards, September 21st was the day Althea Mason passed away.”

Her grandmother. So she was admitted to hospital the day her grandmother passed away? Maybe it was the shock of losing a loved one. September 21st is two days away. There’s a strong possibility that her moods are up and down due to grieving her grandmother’s death anniversary.

“Mr. Edwards, there’s one more thing. The reason I was unable to retrieve any further information on her illness was because—” The phone cut out, the crackling sound barreling down the speaker.

“Mr. Edwards, are you there?”

“Yes, Bryce, I didn’t get that last part.”

“She was in the psych ward.”

The words are like dynamite, leaving me stunned and confused. My eyes drift toward where she stands, gazing at her, lost for words.

The psych ward is heavy stuff. I know this back from my medical degree. It’s traumatizing, and the grief of losing a loved one can have emotional side effects, but to be placed in the psych ward? I can’t get my head around this.

Charlotte is smart. She’s headstrong. Something else must have been plaguing her, something else weighing her down for her to break down and be diagnosed that way. My imagination is running wild, but then I think of it logically. Having your boyfriend leave town with a knocked-up wife never to speak to you again, moving across the country to live with someone you barely know and making decisions on which college to attend and what career path to choose, then to have your grandmother pass away suddenly, without any warning. Okay, that’s a pretty fucked-up six months she had to endure.

My stare fixates on her face, but something has changed in the few minutes I’ve been lost in my own thoughts. With a vacant stare, her smile has disappeared. Around her, people are laughing at the magician, but her mouth is set in a hard line, her shoulders slumping while everyone appears relaxed and at ease.

The image looks familiar, and I rack my brain as to why.

Fuck, what the hell is going on here?

Then it clicks.

The photograph of her grandmother and her on the porch swing. How gaunt her face looked, how her eyes had no spark left in them. How she so desperately tried to force a smile for the camera, but it only revealed what was blatantly obvious—she was broken.

I broke her, there’s no denying that.

But I have no idea how much.


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