Chasing Love: Chapter 46


Nine Years Ago

Why are you making such a big deal about this? I’m not going to fuck him.”

In frustration, I kicked a rock that sat alongside the path next to the back door. Alex stood outside with me, trying to control his temper. It was a Friday afternoon, and Adriana was upstairs trying on her prom dress for Samantha. I didn’t know they were coming over together, and boy was I fuming when they did. I mean, it wasn’t Samantha’s fault she was married to this great guy, and I wouldn’t want to let him out of my sight if he were mine.

I had excused myself to grab a drink from the kitchen when really I was going outside to get some fresh air and calm the fuck down. Somehow, he had slipped out and followed me.

“Charlotte, please, the jerk goes around town telling everyone he’s going to fuck you on prom night. Like you don’t care?”

“I do care, but I’d rather he spread that rumor than the one being spread about a high school girl fucking her best friend’s married brother. It’s too late now, anyway. I said yes.

“No, it’s not too late. Call and tell him you won’t go.” He motioned for me to take out my phone.

I was just about to tell him where to shove this relationship of ours when Samantha walked outside.

“Is everything okay?” she asked, looking from Alex to me.

“Uh, yeah, Alex just has an attitude with me because I covered for Adriana for prom night. She and Elijah will be staying in a hotel.”

Samantha laughed, shaking her head.

“Oh geez, Alex, like you didn’t screw around in high school. C’mon, let’s go home. You owe me something, remember?” She leaned in and kissed his lips.

I turned away, unable to watch as my heart started to break into a million pieces. It was these moments when the hurt was so deep that it made me question everything about us, about our so-called love. I had a choice. I could break down and cry right in front of them, walk away and act like it didn’t bother me, or perform a very sweet act of revenge.

I was eighteen, so, of course, it was revenge. It was always going to be revenge, and it’s a dish best served cold.

“Oh, and Alex, don’t worry. Adriana will be fine. Carter and I are staying in the room next to hers.” I smiled, then with every bit of dignity I could muster, I walked away with my head held high.

Ouch. What the fuck did she think she was doing? Holding it again close to my head, I felt the sting. Damn, did she just burn my scalp? The smell of smoke lingered in the air. I winced as I rubbed the spot where it burned.

“Adriana, you’re burning my head,” I cried.

“Sorry, Char. It’s the bleach in your hair. I’m not a hairdresser, you know. Although I’d be so awesome like in Steel Magnolias.” She continued using the curling iron, talking to herself in a southern accent.

“Please don’t tell me you’re comparing yourself to Dolly Parton. She’s about a hundred cup sizes ahead of you.” Laughing at the comparison, I shook my head which didn’t fare too well since the curling iron was still attached.

Damn, karma sure was a bitch tonight.

“Okay, done. Go look.”

I stood up and glanced in the mirror. Wow. I had to say even I was amazed. The curls were soft and loosely fell down my back. My hair was naturally wavy, but thanks to the humidity of living by the seaside, it morphed into a ball of frizz every day. I had dyed my hair this week a lighter shade of brown, almost a dark blonde. I was tired of being an ordinary brunette. I don’t know what possessed me, but it may have had something to do with the fight Alex and I had last week.

Adriana finished my makeup, not that I wanted much on me. Just a hint of blush, mascara, and some pale pink lipstick to add shine to my dull lips. With all that said and done, I took my dress off the hanger and finally slid it on. It fit perfectly and hugged my body in all the right places.

“Char, you look like a goddess. That shade of green is beautiful on you.”

“It’s emerald green, actually,” I pointed out, happy to find a dress that I loved. It was a beautiful off-the-shoulder design. The satin clung to my body, which I had to thank my lucky stars looked reasonably good considering I hated sports or any form of exercise. It flowed down to the floor with a slight train. Simple, yet classic.

“It reminds me of something, but I can’t figure out what. So, anyway, you and Carter, eh?” she teased.

“No. I agreed at the start of the year to go because I needed his notes for geometry, and he agreed to give them to me if I went with him. End of story.”

“I don’t know what it is about Carter, but he rubs Alex the wrong way.”

I quietly sat there trying my best not to show any emotion because I knew why Alex hated Carter. It had been a week, and we hadn’t spoken to each other. It didn’t stop the fact that I was missing him like crazy and going insane not speaking to him, but I was born a Mason, stubborn as a fucking mule. It was in my blood, and I wasn’t giving in. He was being a jerk about Carter, and to top it off, he went home to his wife every night. Nope, I wasn’t backing down in this fight.

“You should have seen him this morning at home. When I showed him my dress, he ranted on about how Carter’s a jerk and to warn you to watch out, and I’m like ‘bro, if she wants to fuck him, then let bygones be bygones.’ Seriously, Alex lost it and smashed my mirror.”


Shocked, I turned around to face her as she nodded her head. I couldn’t believe he had done that in front of Adriana. What if she suspected something? I suddenly felt self-conscious and chose my next words very carefully. I couldn’t let on.

“He said the jerk keeps talking shit, and he didn’t want him to hurt you,” she rambled on.

“Well, your brother is one protective guy. He grilled me about you and Elijah, and I’m like ‘take a hike, dude.’ Seriously, what’s his problem, anyway?”

Playing it off, I was hoping she’d believe me. “I don’t know, he’s always on edge. Something’s bugging him, and I think it may have to do with Samantha. I overheard her saying something to my mom, and well, it was kinda gross.”

I didn’t know if I wanted to know what it was, but curiosity got the better of me. “What could be that gross, Adriana?”

“Oh, some shit about how she wants to try for a baby, but Alex doesn’t, and she says he won’t even have sex with her. I told you, gross, right?”

I did my best to hide the smile that was dying to burst out of me along with the internal happy dance. My inner self somersaulted across the room.

“You know what?” I laughed, trying to disguise how happy I was to hear he wasn’t fucking Samantha. “It’s like when you talk about Elijah and shit in front of Alex, and he does the exact same face, it’s quite funny watching him cringe. You can so tell you’re related.”

Adriana finished up and headed back home to get ready. As I sat there staring at myself in the mirror, I wondered how tonight would play out. This wasn’t how I envisioned senior prom, going with some jerk when the man I was so desperately in love with sat at home with his wife. Several times, I wanted to back out of it, but I was so frightened someone would catch on. No, I needed to go tonight and act as if there was no Alex, pretend I was an ordinary girl participating in the normal rituals of being a teenager.

I walked down the stairs slowly and found my dad sitting at the dining table with Debbie, his girlfriend, although he loathed that word. He turned to look at me and did a double-take.

“Wow, Charlie. You look beautiful,” he said, followed by a scowl. Debbie slightly smacked his arm as he pretended to smile. “So, this Carter kid… I’ve heard rumors about him.”

“That he has a small penis?” I joked.

Debbie laughed out loud, much to Dad’s disappointment.

“Dear God, no! But shame for the boy. I heard he has quite the reputation.”

“Please, Dad, this was strictly a business deal. He helped me out with geometry, and I agreed to go to prom. Don’t worry, I’m not the slightest bit interested in him. Plus, Finn will be there.”

“What about that Edwards kid?”

I froze, not expecting him to bring up Alex.

Why the fuck would he bring up Alex? I panicked, trying to find my words.

“Who, Adriana?” I answered, playing dumb.

Debbie made a slight snicker and bowed her head to hide the smirk that formed on her face. Fuck! She must’ve known.

“No, her brother. The other Edwards kid.”

“Why would Alex be at prom? He’s twenty-five, not a senior.

“I thought he might be chaperoning Adriana.”

I snorted, amused by the image. “Yeah, Adriana would die attending prom with her brother. Besides, she has a boyfriend, Elijah.”

“Oh yeah, the Morrison kid. Good. Never liked that Edwards boy.”

“Why on earth would you not like Alex, Dad? You don’t even know him,” I said defensively.

“Well, Alex, as you refer to him, was quite a troublemaker back in the day when he went to Carmel High. Got into all sorts of trouble.”

“How do you know that? And what trouble?” I asked.

Alex never came across as a law-breaker type, but then again, he also didn’t seem like the I’ll-have-an-affair-with-my-sister’s-best-friend type either.

“Oh, you know, the usual… reckless behavior, drugs, and alcohol. Your sister used to talk about him all the time to your mother…” he trailed off.

“Drugs?” I repeated, surprised how raised my voice was.

“Geez, Charlie, would you keep it down? Yes, caught smoking marijuana at a local party.”

My sister spoke about Alex? I didn’t remember any of these conversations, but this was years ago and most likely I also didn’t give a fuck, but talking to Mom? I wanted nothing more than to call my sister and ask her about him, but then I remembered she was traveling in a remote part of Africa, so there went that idea.

“Honey, I think Carter is here,” Debbie said as the doorbell rang.

Thank God for the interruption. Alex smoking pot wasn’t something I really cared about, unless he was still doing it, which would be hypocritical since he was an intern at the local hospital.

Making my way to the front door, I pulled it open to be greeted by an enthusiastic Carter eyeing me up and down. Gross.

“Charliiieee…” He whistled.

My dad cleared his throat, and immediately Carter regained his posture and extended his hand for Dad to shake. He put on his fake smile, not that it went unnoticed by my dad. “So, anyway, I was thinking of driving you guys to the prom.”

“Seriously, Dad?” I groaned.

Like I’d fucking let Carter feel me up in the car.

“That’s fine with me, Mr. Mason,” Carter agreed.

What a fucking douche.

Dad kissed Debbie goodbye and headed to the car. Just what I had always dreamed about, rolling up to my senior prom in a pickup truck. The drive was in an awkward silence, the arrival even worse. Kids were pulling up in fancy cars, limos, the works. To add insult to injury, Dad spoke to Principal Sinclair to double-check there was no alcohol on the premises. After their combined search came up empty, he decided to leave, but he couldn’t resist warning Carter where his hands should remain for the rest of the night.

The gymnasium was immaculately decorated. Adriana was part of the decorating committee. Actually, head of the committee as she referred to herself. The theme was ‘A Night in Paris.’ The room was strung with fairy lights that sat amongst the artificial trees creating a warm glow. Street signs scattered the room replicating famous Parisian streets. Parisian paintings covered the walls—the attention to detail was astonishing. The most impressive part was the Eiffel Tower. It looked amazing, drawn to perfection. Spotlights were positioned in front of it highlighting its beauty. They did such an amazing job, and for a moment, you could easily forget you were in the gym, not roaming the streets of Paris, the most romantic city on earth.

I sighed as I watched couples entering the hall, carefree, enjoying themselves and probably here with someone they actually liked, while here I stood wishing I had my prom date, my Prince Charming to dance and be silly with, to create memories that would last a lifetime. That’s what prom was, right? But instead, I was here alone, not even on good terms with Alex after our huge fight. I was determined to have a good night. One day I’d look back on this night when I’m old and senile in a nursing home and want to smile about it because it was a night to remember. How I’d make it a night to remember was beyond me.

I was minding my own business and enjoying the fashion parade surrounding me until Kaley, the school whore, decided to grace me with her presence. She stood before me dressed in a pale pink ruffle strapless gown. Her boobs barely covered as they popped out and greeted me hello. Her makeup was overkill, but at least her hair looked decent. Yeah, decent for a five-year-old practicing on her Barbie doll.

“So, Charlie, where’s the love of your life tonight?”

“I really hope you aren’t referring to Carter because I heard you claimed him in the restroom at the truck stop on the interstate,” I sneered.

“Funny, Charlie. No, I’m referring to Alex Edwards.”

Oh God, why would she think that?

“Um, loser… Alex is Adriana’s brother and a good friend. Don’t go spreading shit around town. I’m sure your mouth has better use like giving that Ukrainian exchange student a blow job in the janitor’s closet.”

“You’re a bitch, Charlie.” Storming off, she walked back to her friends only to trip on her dress. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad night after all.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was a little after seven. Where the hell was Adriana? She should have been here an hour ago. I started to worry, but being a typical girl, my damn phone wouldn’t fit in my purse, so there was no way I could even call her. Impatiently, I decided to have some punch while chatting with Finn, Jen, and a few of the girls in my class, including Heather, a new student.

Logan and Jen decided to hit the dance floor as Bobby Brown blared through the speakers.

“Oh my God, he’s so fucking hot. I can’t believe she brought him. Oh my, Charlie, seriously, look at him,” Heather gasped.

The other girls in the group were also fluffing their feathers. Who the fuck were they going on about? I turned around and was met by those hypnotic emerald eyes, the ones belonging to my Alex. His eyes were already on me, and I had no doubt that I looked just like these girls—jaw-dropping with drool dribbling out of my mouth. He looked like a fucking male model sent from a GQ magazine in this flashy-looking black suit and white, collared shirt slightly buttoned. His hair looked different, a little shorter and actually styled with a freshly shaven face.

I couldn’t ignore the smile which radiated from his face as soon as his eyes locked with mine. I tried not to smile back only because I didn’t want anyone to notice, which only confused him, as the smile faded followed by him whispering into Adriana’s ear. Adriana, of course, looked stunning in her short ballerina-style dress matched with an extremely high pair of heels. Her face looked somber, and unfortunately, I had to ask her what happened to Elijah, which meant I needed to be physically near Alex. Restraint had to hold my hand right now because I couldn’t go it alone.

“Hey, Char. Sorry I’m so late.”

“Um… never mind that. Where’s Elijah, and why are you here?”

“Thanks, Charlotte, nice welcome,” Alex answered, sarcastically.

“I didn’t mean it like that… I uh… was just surprised to see you here since you aren’t a senior.” I stumbled on my words trying to compose myself as all the girls kept gawking.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Kaley with her big fat you’re-in-love-with-him-and- I’m-going-to-spill-it-to-everyone face.

“Elijah came down with that bug that’s been going around. He puked up twice before getting in the limo. He looked awful, and he didn’t want me to miss out, so he suggested I take Alex.”

“Well, you could have gone dateless,” I blurted out.

“Wow, Charlotte, anyone would think you didn’t want me here,” Alex deadpanned, his face annoyed by my hostility to his presence.

Shit! This was all playing out wrong.

“I didn’t mean it like that—”

“What the hell’s wrong with you two? Oh, that’s right, Samantha told me about your big blow-up over covering for me. Well, big bro, since my man is incapacitated, you guys can kiss and make up now. No harm, no foul. Oh my God, someone knocked that street sign over!” Within a flash, she had disappeared, so I stood there, uncomfortable with her suggestion to kiss and make up. If only she fucking knew.

“So now you want to tell me why you so desperately don’t want me here?”

“Look, Alex, I just wasn’t expecting you.”

“No shit. And it’s a problem because?”

“Because after a week of you not speaking to me, I’m afraid that people will catch on to the fact that we have some beef with each other. And that beef can be misinterpreted as a lovers’ quarrel.”

“Well, I didn’t see you pick up the phone to text or even email me.”

“Maybe because the last conversation we had, you had your wife all over you reminding you of the fantastic sex you were going to have that night!”

Okay, so that was over-the-top melodramatic Charlie at her finest. It didn’t erase the hurt I felt that lingered a week later. His silence felt like an admission of what I said. I felt a stab in the heart, a punch in the gut. What did I honestly expect?

“Charlotte, please.” He extended his arm to touch me but retracted it almost immediately, aware of the watchful eyes that preyed on gossip. “Samantha was being ridiculous.”

“Probably, but for all I know, you welcomed the ridiculousness with your pants down.”

“Charlotte, I told you I haven’t touched her since we started, nor will I for as long as we’re together.”

“What does that even mean, for as long as we are together? How long do you expect us to keep up this charade without getting caught?”

I knew there were too many questions in that one sentence, but now they were the burning questions, the ones I had avoided with a passion. The ones I knew had no answer that would erase the ache in my heart. His silence was enough to aggravate me. Thankfully, we were interrupted by Finn and Jen because I was ready to have it out there and then.

“Charlie, you gotta dance. It’s prom!”

I laughed at my best friend. “Jen, have you spiked Finn’s drink?”

“You know how crazy he is when it comes to music. Sorry, as his best friend, I think you’ll have to take over soon. My feet are killing me.”

Jen was wearing killer heels, and I didn’t blame her. I’d only been standing around, and even my feet hurt. This was why Converse were made, and heels were for the Posh Spice wannabees of the world.

“Edwards, what are you doing here?” Finn asked while placing his arm around Jen.

“Long story. I’m sure Adriana will be more than happy to retell the story of Elijah’s sick ways,” Alex answered lightheartedly.

I had to admit it was kind of nice to see them getting along, but that wouldn’t last. Finn would beat the living daylights out of him if he knew something was going on between us.

The silence became awkward even amid the loud music. If I thought that was uncomfortable, I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for the shitstorm that was Carter walking my way. His arrogant smirk was enough to make you want to hurl, and on top of that, he had to be the biggest jerk in the world by putting his arm around me in front of Alex like he was trying to stake his claim. I gave him my no-fucking-chance-in-hell glare but, of course, he just laughed it off as usual.

“Wow, Charlie, could you surround yourself with any more losers?”

“Seriously, Carter, grow up.”

“What? Edwards and Rodriguez can’t speak up for themselves?”

By this point, both Alex and Finn were glaring at Carter. The fuckwit was going to get beaten any second now, and although I’d be more than happy to watch him take one, my dad’s voice rang in my head. I couldn’t afford to be grounded again. Alex was barely keeping it together.

I made a mental note—he doesn’t like anyone else touching me.

Okay, yeah, so making him jealous was kind of fun because there was no way he could even let on right now.

“Back off, Reed, or it’ll be my fist surrounding you,” Finn threatened.

“Fuck you, Rodriguez. Welfare bums like you aren’t welcome here. Neither are medical dropouts requiring Daddy’s help.” Carter snickered as he walked off.

“Charlie, why the fuck did you agree to go with him?” Finn hissed as Jen placed her hand on his chest to calm him down.

“Because I was in shit with my dad for skipping school and missing geometry, and I needed his notes. He may be the biggest douche, but he aces geometry.”

“Next time I’ll lend you mine,” Finn offered.

“Did you not hear my story? He aces geometry. I don’t need help in flunking, I was managing that just fine by myself.” I rolled my eyes, and Finn waved me off before swaying his body to the beat of the Jay-Z song that came on.

Again, I was left alone with Alex.

“You’re awfully quiet,” I mumbled.

“You’re stunningly beautiful tonight, and I have to stand here and pretend you mean nothing to me and allow that lowlife to put his hands on you.”

“Alex, I’m sorry.”

I ached to touch him, but there was no way.

“No, I’m sorry for not trusting you with that jerk-off. Anyway, from what I’ve heard, his dick is so tiny he couldn’t even get Kaley off.”

I laughed so loud. It was true, and there was nothing I loved more than seeing Alex smile, even if it was about Carter’s tiny dick. “That’s the rumor. Even my dad has heard it.”

“Wow, even Mr. Mason is in the know.

“Sadly, yes. I didn’t mean to be so cold back there, but people are catching on. I don’t know why but Kaley made a snipe, and I told her she was an idiot, but she’s obviously got the impression somehow. I don’t know where this is going or what will happen in the future, but I know that right now, we can’t be caught.”

“We won’t, Charlotte. But tonight, I need to get my hands on you somehow, just leave the brainstorming to me.” He winked.

It wasn’t long before Adriana returned. We danced to a few songs and enjoyed the typical prom fest. An hour or so later, the ceremonies began. In true Carmel High fashion, Carter was named prom king, and Kaley was named prom queen. Of course, she gloated, waving like the fucking diva she was. We all clapped giving her the moment she wanted. I didn’t really care because I had no feelings for Carter. They danced the traditional prom king and queen dance. It was all one big hilarious show. It couldn’t have been any more stereotypical. They only lasted a few minutes before Kaley stormed off annoyed with something Carter had said.

Walking over to me only moments later, I shuddered at the request I knew was coming.

“Dance with my date?” He held out his hand.

My eyes pleaded with Alex for him to understand why I agreed. Almost like he understood instantly, he stood there with a satisfied smile on his face.

“One dance,” I warned him.

We danced for a bit before I started hearing gurgling sounds. I wasn’t hungry. I had become BFFs with the waiter who served the mini corn dogs. Strange, I thought. Again, I heard the sound. It was quite loud. Carter had this uncomfortable look on his face. I turned to look at him but was distracted by Kaley’s interruption.

“You’re such a slut trying to have Carter and Alex. Why don’t you go fuck them? Hey, have a threesome,” she shouted.

The gurgling sound erupted, but this time it was louder. Both Carter and Kaley stood in front of me. Carter immediately excused himself as I watched him run across the gymnasium with his legs squeezed together. Oh! I couldn’t help but laugh. He must’ve caught Elijah’s bug or something. Totally gross.

“Seriously, Kaley, get a life. I’m not the one flashing my flaps like a winning lottery ticket all over town.”

“No, just to Alex?” she asked mockingly.

“What exactly is your fucking problem with him?”

“I have no problem with him, and clearly, you don’t either. Otherwise, the two of you wouldn’t have been seen fucking on the hood of his car,” she sneered.

Oh, holy fuck, so someone had seen.

With my heart pumping loudly in my chest, denial would be my best friend for now. “Yeah, nice try, Kaley. I warned you, don’t go making shit up about my friends.”

We were both standing there folding our arms in a face-off. Adriana, Alex, Finn, Jen, and a few other guys came over to stop what I thought was just about to happen.

Kaley pushed me back.

So, the little bitch wanted to fight.

I was just about to return the favor when I heard that sound again.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked, looking at Kaley.

Her face contorted as the sound intensified. She hugged her stomach attempting to run off, but her heel was caught on my dress trailing on the floor. She tugged on my dress with force, attempting to untangle the fabric from her heel.

“Ow, Kaley. Stop fucking moving, you’re stuck on my dress!”

“Charlie, let go of me,” she screamed.

“Oh my God, Kaley, let me fucking get your heel off.”

It was too late.

She covered her face, and the gurgling stopped.

There was a massive eruption of laughter around me, and it was only moments later I realized what had happened. The corners of my lips curled. I fought hard as my cheeks swelled momentarily with the pressure, but it was no use. My laughter erupted, echoing through the crowd as I bent over, slapping my knee repeatedly. “Did you just shart yourself?”

Shut up! Shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch!”

Alex leaned down, unable to contain his laughter as he undid the heel from my dress. A mortified Kaley lifted her dress attempting to cover the brown spot that had formed against the pale pink fabric. The group of us fell to the floor in hysterics.

“Is everything okay?” Principal Sinclair asked.

“Yes, sir,” we all said in unison.

We leaned on each other to stand up.

This was a night to remember, all right.

“Char, that was hilarious! I’ve no idea why she’s making up stuff about you and Alex, though?” Adriana asked, looking confused as she attempted to catch her breath.

“Please, like I’d touch this jerk with a ten-foot pole.” I chuckled, punching Alex in the arm.

I was worried he’d take offense, but he caught on quickly to the game we were playing.

“Nice, Char,” he teased, mimicking Adriana’s nickname for me.

“Oh my God, you guys!”

Our heads turned to where Adriana was looking. Standing there at the entrance of the gymnasium was Elijah in his crisp baby blue suit with a black shirt buttoned down. He looked like he belonged in the 1960s, but he rocked that suit. It was a modern take, and no one could have pulled that off except Elijah Morrison.

“Babycakes,” Adriana screamed, pulling Elijah into an embrace. She chatted animatedly to Elijah explaining every detail of the night so far. Their long reunion gave Alex a moment to whisper something into my ear.

“Now,” were the only words he spoke.

I followed him to the punch table conveniently located next to a hidden exit. Slipping our way through unnoticed, he pulled my hand, and we ended up in a corridor not far from my biology class. “Is this your biology classroom?

“Yes,” I answered, unsure of where he was going with this.

He pulled me to the door and turned the handle. It was unlocked. The room was dark, except for a slight hint of the moon. “Which one is your desk?”

“The one at the back by the window,” I responded, still baffled.

He led me to the desk and cupped my face, kissing me hard, our tongues in a frenzy after being apart for a week. I missed him. God, I fucking missed everything about him.

“Charlotte, you look so beautiful tonight, but I need to do filthy things to you right now on your desk.”

His lips brushed along my neckline, arousing every inch of me. Running my tongue along his jaw inhaling his scent as I went then closed my eyes losing myself in this moment. He lifted and placed me on my desk. Spreading my legs wide open, he stood between them, then tilting his head slightly he placed his mouth on my chest, lavishing it with kisses. Hungrily, he unzipped me, exposing my bra that formed no barrier as he pushed it up baring my breasts. Taking each nipple into his mouth, I groaned. This only added to the intensity as he sucked them harder. I arched my back, begging him to enter me.

“You want me to slide my cock in right now?”

I nodded, unable to speak.

“No, Charlotte. You’ve made my life a living hell this past week. You sent my mind on the wildest goose chase possible, imagining the worst between you and Carter,” he continued, taking my nipple in his mouth harder.

I wanted more—his anger was only adding to the pleasure. Sliding my leg up and exposing my ass, he grabbed it tight. Leaning forward, he opened my drawer fumbling for something.

What would he need from my desk?

A ruler.

Exposing my ass, he gently slapped the ruler against my skin while he tugged on my nipples with his teeth. I arched my back, the balance between pleasure and pain overwhelming me. Holy shit, this was so fucking hot. He was spanking me for being naughty. I secretly got off on shit like this.

“Don’t ever do that to me again, you understand? You’re mine, and I’ll not share you with anyone.”

I felt the slap of the ruler again, slightly harder this time but even more pleasurable. It may have been dark, but it was impossible not to notice the fire raging in his eyes. This Alex was different, he was possessive, wild, and dirty, and I fucking loved it.

“Harder,” I moaned.

The sound echoed through the room, and I pulled his mouth onto mine to muffle the groan that I let out. He pulled his cock out with no time to waste and slid it inside me. I ached for him, every part of me ready to explode into a blissful orgasm.

“Now, every time you sit here, I want you to remember us and how we are right now. How I’m fucking you. How I am making you feel. How no one else has ever made you feel this way or will ever have the chance to make you feel this way. Nobody touches you but me. Only me…” he faded into a whisper.

I pulled him into me and bit on his shoulder while I rode it out. His body soon followed me as he shuddered, releasing his cum inside me. Our sweaty bodies held onto each other, unable to comprehend what had just happened here, on my desk, in my biology classroom.

I straightened up my dress and attempted to fix my hair as best I could. Alex zipped up his pants before leaning in, this time kissing me softly.

“No podemos estar separados, Charlotte, nunca. We cannot be apart, Charlotte, ever.”

There was clear desperation in his voice, pleading with me to feel what he felt. There was no doubt in my mind I felt exactly as he did. I understood, but I didn’t understand how it could ever be just him and me one day. I nodded before telling him I loved him. The moment was so overwhelming.

“Charlotte. This dress… your beauty… I can’t believe you’re mine.” His eyes never left me, the emerald green matching the shade of my dress.

“It’s my favorite color,” I added, still holding his gaze.

“Why, baby?” he asked, nibbling on my collarbone, distracting me from the question.

“It’s your eyes, Alex. They do something to me. I can’t explain. It’s almost like they’ve cast a spell on me. You must know that since you use them to lure me in anytime we’re within a foot of each other.”

He lifted his head to face me once again, his face serious. He looked like something was plaguing him, like something he needed to say was on the tip of his tongue, but he didn’t say a word until minutes later.

“You’re blonde,” he said, running his fingers through my hair. “I like you as a brunette.”

“Thought I’d change it up a little. Why? Scared you won’t be able tell Samantha and me apart?”

Oh, my big fat fucking diarrhea mouth.

His cold stare made me nervous. It didn’t last long before his face softened. “I love you, baby, so fucking much I can no longer think straight. I can’t live this shitty double life anymore.”

He lifted my dress and took me one more time on my desk. This time slower, more agonizing, but it was there staring us both in the face—the love we had for each other. I wanted to ask what that meant, but he was inside me and this wasn’t a question and answer time. No, it was time to enjoy my man for a moment, enjoy his touch, and the weight of his body on mine.

Fifteen minutes later, we made our way out separately to the gymnasium. It was nearing the end of the night, and Kaley and Carter were nowhere to be seen. Thank fuck. The lights dimmed further for the final song of the night. I stood there dateless as Adriana came to me, dragging Alex with her.

“Okay, can you guys get along enough just to dance one song? Char, you’ll never forgive yourself for not having that final dance, even if it’s not with your Prince Charming.

How ironic, I thought.

She quickly darted off into the arms of Elijah, who thankfully was at the opposite side of the room.

“Sister’s orders.” He smirked.

I reached for his hand as he pulled me in, trying his best not to smother me or allow our bodies to touch. The music played allowing me to think too much—about tonight, about us, about our future.

“Are you okay? You’re kinda limping,” he teased.

“Nice one. At least you don’t have cum dripping down your leg.”

“If I did, I’d want you on your knees licking it all up.”

Oh fuck, now it was worse. Why did this feeling not ease? We’d fucked twice already.

“Thanks. I think I just squirted more out after that comment.”

“Wow! You sure know how to make a prom dance romantic.”

I grinned and kept my mouth shut. It was time to enjoy the moment. This was the end of an era, time to move on and live life as a woman.

To new beginnings, I thought.

I watched the lights flickering against the Eiffel Tower, my mind lost in the lyrics that consumed me. There couldn’t have been a better moment to bring up the question that burned within me, the one question that would make or break us.


“Shh… one day, my Charlotte, we’ll be in Paris dancing with everyone watching. I promise you, one day it will be our turn. I meant what I said in that room… we can’t be apart, Charlotte. Never.”

And so, in that moment, he promised me a life together, promised me the world.

I closed my eyes, imagining it was now, that people around us meant nothing, and we were free, free to show the world how much we loved each other and that nothing could tear us apart.


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