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Detonate: Epilogue


3 weeks later

Sweat beads on my forehead as I stare at the entrance of the barn.

In just three weeks, Maddie managed to pull this masterpiece off. She hired a barn that is now filled to the brim with every shade of pink flower you could imagine, even across the beams on the ceiling. Fairy lights twinkle through the flowers. My best men—Keller and Luca—are next to me.

It might be cold outside, but I am on fire. I don’t know why I’m nervous. I know my Sunshine will be walking through those barn doors in a few minutes. I bet my life on that.

We wanted to keep it small and intimate, but I was clear I still wanted her to have the lavish, princess style wedding she always dreamed of. That was never up for negotiation. Mrs. Russo is busy cradling Darcy, and Keller hasn’t taken his eyes off those two. I just fucking hope I can even be half the father he is, to our little one.

Hell, even my mom and dad made it. They were pretty shocked when I phoned them to tell them the news. I’ve never been particularly close to them, not since they sent me away as a teenager. But I don’t think that relationship will ever be the same. I do want to give them a chance to get to know their only grandchild though. So who knows.

Maddie’s mom scowls from across the room. Perfectly seated right at the back so I can’t fucking see her when I’m saying my vows. If it was up to me, the bitch wouldn’t be here. She might have apologized to Maddie. She’s just lucky her husband, Robert, is a good guy. I can tolerate him. He loves Maddie unconditionally. I swear to god, if her mom makes my wife cry one more time, she’s gone.

The barn doors open, and I suck in a shaky breath. Heads turn around to the entrance in anticipation. Frankie walks in, looking slick as anything. “Sorry, had a few things to take care of on the way,” he says, slipping into the first available seat. I shoot him a look, and Luca chuckles behind me.

Yep, the guy who held my soon-to-be wife hostage is here. Turns out, he and Maddie struck up quite the friendship, and technically, I guess he is my boss now that he and Luca have joined forces, planning a new world domination together. So I can’t kill him. He knows where he stands with me. I’m not entirely convinced about his new arrangement with Luca. I’ll just be there to pick up the pieces if it goes to shit. I have other things to concentrate on now, anyway. Things that are far more important to me.

The room goes silent as “If I Ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys fills the room. Tears well up in my eyes. A smiling Sienna, wearing a full-length deep pink dress, holding a matching bouquet, starts to walk down the aisle. I can hear Keller muttering behind me. A smile creeps across my lips. Her eyes never leave her husband.

The second Maddie walks through the door, it’s like I’ve been sucker-punched in the gut. I can’t take my eyes off her if I wanted to. Her long blonde hair is curled and flowing over her shoulders.

She is simply the most beautiful woman I have ever come across.

Her white floor-length gown fits snug against her changing figure. It shows off that tiny little bump she has with a plunging neckline that has me licking my lips at her now fuller breasts. A pregnant Maddie just knocks me out of the park. Fucking perfect.

Her sparking sunshine necklace sits between her collarbones. It matches the little sunshine tattoo I’ve had done just behind my ear. I had it done the same time as getting my wedding ring tattooed on. A thick band with an ‘M’ above it, now permanently brands my ring finger. I want the world to know I’m hers forever.

She flashes me a bright smile. Warm tears slip down my cheek. I wipe them away with the front of my hand. She makes her way down the aisle, smiling to our friends and family. She nods to Frankie, and he gives her a grin back. Once she reaches the third aisle, she flashes me a mischievous grin, before hoisting up the bottom of her dress and running down the aisle toward me. She launches herself into my arms. I wrap my arms around her waist as she loops her arms around my neck.

The room bursts into laughter.

“You couldn’t wait just thirty seconds,” I tease.

She brings her nose to mine, her eyes full of love.

“I don’t want to wait another second.”

“I love you,” I whisper.

“Now let’s make you my wife,” I growl.

She slides down my front. I steady her on her feet and press a soft kiss to her cheek.

The officiant clears his throat, pushing back his glasses. Sienna rushes over, taking Maddie’s humongous bouquet out of her hands.

I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.

I can finally be the person I was meant to be.

No more hiding.

The wedding party is in full swing. Maddie set up a marquee outside, decorated to the brim with fresh flowers, fairy lights, and lanterns on the ceiling. And let’s not forget the glittery dance floor in the center of the room.

Everyone is seated at their tables.

I turn to Maddie, who’s busy staring out at the room, smiling to herself. Her engagement ring is now complete with a matching black and silver diamond-encrusted wedding band.

My fucking wife.

“How long have we got to stay here for? I really want to rip that dress off and fuck my wife. I’ve been a good boy to wait this long.”

“One more hour.”

I can do that.

Her hand trails up my thigh under the table. “But there are some pretty secluded places out in the field. I could think of a few ways to see you through the hour.” She bites her lip, her eyes twinkling.

I grab her hand and stand. She giggles and joins me. I’m a man on a mission.

“Hey, Grayson, Maddie, over here!” Luca shouts.

“Eurgh! For fuck’s sake,” I mutter. Maddie laughs.

Reluctantly, I walk us over to their table. Sienna, Keller, Luca, Frankie, and Enzo are all silent, watching us approach. Keller is particularly frosty-looking. I cock my brow at him, and he shakes his head.

Luca stands as we reach the table. I rest my hand against the back of Sienna’s chair.

Keller pipes up first, “Here, have your ten grand and shut up.” He throws a large wad of dollars at him. The little shits.

“Thanks, brother, and congratulations. Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride—” He smiles at Maddie.

He opens his suit jacket and pulls out some white cards, throwing them into the center of the table.

My eyes go wide as I read:


You are officially invited to the wedding of Luca Russo and Maria Capri.

Written in black script, with two wedding rings pictured beneath.

“You fucking idiot.” Keller seethes, tossing the card on the table.

Maddie snatches the invite out of my hand and gasps, looking at Sienna. I shoot Luca a questioning look. I can’t help the guilt that rips through me. This must have been the deal he made with the Capris in return for them searching for Maddie in Europe. I glance over at Frankie, who’s smirking, taking in our reactions.

“You don’t have to do this, Luca. We can find another way. What about Rosa?”

I know how much it hurt him to set her free.

Luca shakes his head. “I need a fucking drink,” he announces, before storming off in the direction of the bar.


This is a dangerous game to play.

It’s a good job we’re ready.


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