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Detonate: Chapter 53


As soon as the elevator doors slide closed, his muscular frame cages me in.

I squeeze my legs together. I can’t remember the last time I went this long without sex. He takes a step toward me, so our bodies are flush. His erection rubs against my hip. I bite my lip and look at him. I stroke along his jeans, all the way around until I cup his cock. He groans and tips his head back.

“Fuck, my dick might explode.”

I go still as I realize how long it’s been since we were last together. Shit, he thought I’d broken up with him. What if he—

“I would never let anyone else touch me. I’m yours and will only ever be yours.”

“But I left you. I wouldn’t blame you.”

“Baby, look at me.” I lift my head back up to his.

“I never believed you left me. I never thought we had broken up. The only thing I have focused on for the last six weeks was finding you.”

The elevator pings and opens up onto the same suite we stayed in the last time we were here. My luggage is still next to the bed where I left it earlier when I checked us in. I spent most of the afternoon in that freestanding bath that overlooks the skyline. God, it was perfect.

He pushes off the wall behind me, grabbing my hand and leading me into the suite. He chuckles as he walks us through the living room as he spots the mountain of shopping bags filling the room. “You really did have a spend up on his card!”

“I mean, I think he owes me one.”

He stalks toward me like a lion hunting his prey. He unbuttons my coat, and I shrug it off so it drops to the ground.

His fingers trail down my knitted black dress all the way to the hem.

“What did I tell you about wearing tights?” he mutters, shaking his head.

He pulls the dress up and over my head. I lift my arms to help him. I look down at my body. My boobs are a little bigger than they once were. My stomach kind of looks like a bit of period bloat. It definitely doesn’t look like a proper bump, that’s for sure. I just look like I’ve eaten a few too many take-aways.

I also don’t particularly feel sexy right now either.

A thud steals my attention. Grayson is on his knees, pulling my tights down over my stomach.

“Beautiful,” he says, pressing a soft kiss in the center of my stomach.

I smile down at him. With just one word, my insecurities don’t feel anywhere near as bad. When he looks up at me, those icy blues meeting mine, I feel sexy.

“God, woman. You are so fucking perfect.”

He starts to pepper kisses along the inside of my thigh as he rolls the tights down my legs. Each kiss sends tingles throughout my body. I lift one leg up and then the other. He slides my boot off and then the tights are gone. He throws them behind his shoulder, kissing his way back up my legs.

Until he reaches right where I need him.

“On the bed, those sexy legs spread as wide as you can get ’em. I want to own every single inch of you tonight, Sunshine. And that starts with you coming apart on my tongue. I’m a starving man, Maddie. And the only thing I want to eat is you.”

“Mmmm, yes please,” I moan, staring into his eyes. “Sir.”

He growls, launching himself at me, lifting me up by the waist and throwing us down onto the bed. I wrap my legs around his body and pull him closer to me. His breath hits against my cheek. His suit rubs against my naked skin. As soon as his fingers swipe up my dripping seam, I can’t hold in the moan. “Jesus, you really did miss me. I love how you soak my fingers,” he says as he slips them inside me.

I tip my head against the mattress, arching my back to give him better access. He licks along my jaw and down my neck, fucking me with his fingers. My hands find the buttons of his white shirt. He goes still and grabs my hand. “No touching.” He leans back on his heels and undoes his tie. I sigh in frustration as he removes his fingers, my pussy now throbbing with need. I cock my eyebrow at him.

“You can’t be trusted not to touch.” He grins, pulling his black tie off.

“Hands above your head,” he commands, and my arms move before my brain even catches up.

He leans over me, wrapping the tie tightly around my wrists.

The bed dips as he gets off. His hands grab my thighs as he pulls me down the bed toward him.

My legs rest over his shoulders as he kneels on the ground.

“Oh my god,” I scream as he licks me all the way from my entrance to my clit.

He slides his fingers back in, sucking on my clit, as he picks up the pace. I writhe on the bed, my whole body on the edge of an explosion. He pulls them out and trails them backward toward my ass.

Oh, fuck yes.

He continues to lap me up, using his other hand to spread my cheeks. One finger slowly rubs around my back entrance, and I thrust my hips down so he finally enters me. It stings just for a second as I adjust since it’s been a while. That is completely counteracted by the pure pleasure as he lifts my butt up and pushes his tongue inside my pussy, all the while fucking my ass with his finger.

“Grayson!” I shout, gritting my teeth. My legs shake like a leaf around him. I try to pull my hands apart to touch him. Every cell of my body is screaming at me.

“Come for me, Gorgeous. I want you all over my face.”

And that’s all it takes. An orgasm rips through me like never before. I scream out his name, my body convulsing, as he sucks on my clit. Literally sucking the orgasm from me.

“That was so fucking hot,” he says as he stands, his face glistening with my wetness. He doesn’t even wipe it. He unbuttons his shirt and shrugs it off, along with his black suit jacket. His tattooed, ripped body makes me lick my lips. I squeeze my eyes shut as I spot his scar just below his ribs. My mind flashes back to that day. The day that ripped us apart.

“It’s okay, Baby. It’s just a scar now. It’s a reminder that I would literally die for you, Maddie. For you and our children. I will take all the pain to keep you safe. I promise you.”

I wince as it comes flooding back to me like a living nightmare. The way my heart was ripped from my chest when they pulled his lifeless body out of the car.

“I can’t lose you, Grayson. I can’t live without you. I don’t want to bring this baby up without a dad either. I’m not asking you to give up your job. All I ask is you be safe. And come back to us.”

“I promise.”

“Now, do I get to make love to my fiancée now? I’ve got six weeks’ worth to catch up on.”

“I don’t want you to make love. I want you to fuck me.”

“The princess likes to be fucked rough and hard by her villain. I remember.” His dick presses against my entrance.

“You aren’t my villain. You are my everything. I love your darkness. But I also love your light. I love every single part of you.”

With one swift move, he slides into me and groans.

I’m finally home, back where I belong.

“Now fuck me like the pretty whore I am, Grayson,” I whisper, biting down on my lip.

A darkness flashes across his eyes. Then he leans down, taking my lips with his and hooking my leg around his back, pushing it all the way in.

“Oh fuck, Maddie. I almost forgot how good it feels to sink inside you.”

His lips crash back over mine before I can respond. Sweat beads on my forehead as he thrusts in and out of me, his finger circling my clit at the same time. He grabs my hips and flips me over, my face squashed into the mattress, my arms still tied above my head, with my ass in the air.

He lets out a hiss as he shoves his cock back inside me, his fingers digging into my thighs. I bite down on the mattress to muffle my screams.

“I want to hear you scream for me, Baby.” His deep voice sends pleasure straight to my core. His finger circles my clit, smothering himself in my juices. He then guides two fingers into my back entrance, at the same time fucking me with such ferocity my entire body slams forward.

I scream out his name as stars fill my vision. He swears over the heartbeat thumping in my ears.

I shoot forward as his palm connects to my left ass cheek, the pain rippling through me only intensifying the pleasure rolling through me right now. Hot liquid spills into me and runs down the inside of my thighs.

He stays inside me for a while. It’s like I’ve just run a marathon. When he eventually pulls out, he drops a kiss to the middle of my spine. Then leans over to untie me, rubbing my wrists after.

He flops on the bed beside me, and I cuddle up into his chest, lightly tracing around the red scar.

“I can’t wait to marry you,” he says, fiddling with the engagement ring on my finger.

“I can’t wait to be Mrs. Ward.”

“You know, I had that ring made here in London. The same time I had your necklace made.”

“You wanted to marry me even before the baby?” I can’t hide the shock from my tone. I’d just assumed that was why he proposed.

“Maddie, I knew from the moment you kissed me, if I was going to ever marry anyone again in this lifetime, it would be you. That’s why I stayed away, why I let you keep pushing me away. I knew once I had a taste, I’d never want to stop. So yeah, I was always going to try to make you mine in every way possible. Baby or not. That’s just a bonus.”

“I was so worried that would be the last thing I ever said to you. I’m so sorry, Grayson. I thought, after all, I didn’t need the big fancy wedding, because I didn’t have that stupid fairytale dream being forced on me anymore. But actually, I do need it.” I take in a deep breath. “I need it with you, and only you.”

“I’ll give you everything you’ve always dreamed of, including the wedding, the kids and the house. I can’t ever lose you again.”

“You won’t.”

“Now, how long do I have to wait for you to marry me?”

“Well, we either do it soon before I get massive, or we wait until the baby has arrived—”

“Nope, too long. How about three weeks? We’ve got an unlimited budget. I want you to have everything you want down to the very last detail. I imagine you have a mood board or some shit ready to go, right?”

I smack him on the chest. “Hey! Doesn’t every girl have a wedding pinboard?”

“Fuck knows. You’re the one obsessed with weddings. I’m just obsessed with you.”

“Aww, that’s cute. Now when you say unlimited, how unlimited do you mean?” I ask, biting down on my finger, batting my lashes at him.

“I’ll give you five million, but my only request is I want an exotic honeymoon on the beach. Somewhere with a private villa so I can fuck you wherever I want, whenever I want.”

“Five million is ridiculous!”

“There isn’t a price on that smile, Baby. You spend whatever the fuck you need to, to make sure we can get married in three weeks. Okay?”

“You are going to look so fucking hot with a wedding ring on.”

“Actually, I was thinking, I might get the ring tattooed on. I’ve been married before. Rings can come off. Tattoos are more permanent. I’ll wear the ring on a chain around my neck instead.”

“That’s so sweet.”

I swing my leg over his body to straddle him, his eyes roaming up my body.

“Three more weeks,” I whisper.

“I can’t fucking wait, Sunshine.”

“Now, we need to sleep. And then tomorrow, you’ll finally be back home where you belong.” He rolls me off him by my waist. I turn my back to him so he can spoon me. His dick settles by my ass. His arms wrap tightly around me.

“Sweet dreams. I love you, Baby.” His hand strokes my lower belly.

Our family.

“Can we get a dog?”

His laugh vibrates against my back. “Not a small fluffy one. I need one that is manly enough to take to work with me.”

“And yes, we can look for a big family house as soon as we get home. The dog needs a garden, anyway.”

I shake my head, biting back a smile. Right in this moment, life is perfect. It turns out, I had it all wrong. I was never a princess in need of a prince to whisk me away. I’ve been reading the wrong books. It wasn’t a fairytale I was after; a dark romance is where it’s at.

I craved to be worshiped by the villain for the rest of eternity.

Would a prince burn down the world to keep me safe? Or take a bullet for me? No.

I needed the darkness to set fire to my soul.

That’s why we fought this for so long. Our love was never going to be easy. It’s intense. All-consuming. It’s everything.

That’s our happily ever after.


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